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Ever since FL and DR went back to cooked, it seems everyone else is on the RT4. I'll admit, I miss the promotion of fullyraw and it's becoming more rare to see among the forums. Where are all of my living-food-only people at? :) I'm feeling alive and feeling happy!!

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I'm here! I respect everyone's path and I feel no need to change mine:)

 I am still 100%  over 15 years. I miss the old days but just happy this board is still vegan. I have never followed anyone. I became vegetarian over 28 years ago when I was a kid then went vegan before the  internet and before you could get vegan food everywhere. It is funny to see all these so call raw gurus on you tube I remember when they came on the scene. Some came just to make money some are still around.

Many people spend their lives comparing themselves to the people around them, rather than trying to be the best version of themselves they can be.

If I run a race against 1000 people and finish in last place, I don't care, as long as I gave 100% and did the best I could I will be happy. Likewise, if I finish in 1st place, but my finishing time is slower than I am capable, I am very disappointed and will push myself to train harder and prepare better. This type of thinking is very foreign to most people I encounter. 

  • In my opinion people should do whatever makes them personally happy
  • But encourage other people to "do what makes them happy" also, and don't argue with people to be just like you, I don't want to live in a world where everyone is just like you, or just like me, I want diversity. Seeing posts everyday saying "I eat big bags of rice everyday so you should to", "I do lots of yoga so you should to" "blah blah blah so you should try to be like me" gets annoying after a while
  • The main reason Freelee and DR "gave people options" is because in some countries a 100% raw diet is extremely expensive that you'd have to be rich to afford it
  • If you live in the USA like me, then 100% raw is very affordable (bananas are only $.5/lb people, a fraction of what they cost in other parts of the world, same with other fruit)
  • So if you think raw till 4 is as healthy long term as 100% raw, go for it, I personally believe I am very lucky to live somewhere that I have access to high quality raw food, and I would feel foolish not to try to eat 100% raw food

My goals are LONGEVITY and OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE. I want to live to be 150 years old. Or at least be doing marathons and triathlons in my 80s (I train with people who do this).

I wish there were more people interested in these two topics, and with these types of specific goals, but I'm okay going it alone for the most part. Time will tell whether or not my theories about diet and fitness are right. I think in about 40 years from now, a lot of the people who see my lifestyle as "extreme" or "weird" will probably be dead or knocking on death's door. I plan to be back in Hawaii surfing by then, so we'll see.

I sometimes eat cooked food like potatoes, usually when I"m out of fruit, working 60+ hour work weeks, and the weather is foul (I ride my bicycle everywhere and don't drive) so rather than go to the store I'll eat some rice or potatoes and get an extra hour of much needed sleep. But I am still on a mission to be as close to 100% raw as possible. To each their own. Be happy. Live passionately.

@BananaStatesofMurica! RAW OR DIE

This post was awesome. Seriously effing awesome.



$.5/lb for bananas!?!?!?! I want to move to where you are because that's like heaven. The cheapest I can get my bananas is $.29/lb >./p>

I think there is a typo/misread in here somewhere since $.29<$.50...You have cheaply priced bananas my friend. I can't get organic as cheap as either of those prices but I won't complain. USA does have cheap food prices compared to many places.

Yeah Brandon pays even less for bananas than I do. 29 cents to .49 cents per pound for bananas is EXTREMELY cheap compared to some other countries ($.29-$.49) . I hear in Europe you can easily pay 5X or 10X as much for bananas. 

The minimum wage here is $8 an hour. So even if I work as a janitor, or unskilled labor, I can stil buy 16 POUNDS of bananas for every hour that I work. That's a huge amount of high quality food. WE ARE SO LUCKY!!!

In a few years I'll probably be moving overseas again, trying to eat as much fresh fruit as possible now because some of the places I'll be traveling to it will be extremely expensive so I won't be able to afford it!

Omg bananas are really that cheap!?? I'm in rural northern California and the cheapest I've ever seen them are $.58 for conventional! And that was at a huge bargain warehouse thats an hour away! Normally in town bananas are around $.80 a pound for conventional :/

Didn't realize how hard I was getting ripped off up here lol

I wanna live to 150 also! When people hear that they say I am crazy ;/ I don't get it! Life is such a gift and why would you not wanna get as much out of it as you can??? Nice post BSoM :D

How much is $.5/lb for a medium size banana or large banana?

Last I weighed it on a scale, 3 bananas are roughly 1 pound so for $20 you can buy approximately 120 bananas. Maybe someone with a case or scale handy can "weigh" in.

I want to be fully raw but at the same time i have so much fun making recipes and converting my old fav meals to homemade plantbase whole food like wonton soup, wheatball subs, dim sum. Grrrr

I grew up a cook and its part of my identity. One day though....



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