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I have a quick question for you?! I have been putting on workshops in my local area, on the benefits of eating raw vegan and how to succeed exc. (My last workshop was on transitioning)  I have somewhat of a "purist" approach toward food since I have read 80/10/10 and have been on 30BAD. However I get some 'negative' feedback from people who are not ready to hear what I have to say. They find it oppressive that I have such a sturdy, simple approach with food and find it "unrealistic".

I do understand that these people are just coming up with excuses so they don't have to take responsibility for the crap they put in their bodies.

So my questions:

How to do you approach people that don't/ arn't ready to hear the truth (when they are paying to come to a workshop). I find it shifts the energy of my workshops because I am 'cleaner' and more clear minded that most people who attend.  

I find it a very fine line to walk and apparently my recent approach which is promoting a pure, simple high fruit diet has not been working and people are dissatisfied with my advice as they are looking for goumet / "normal" suggestions. It is becoming a little bit frustrating for me.

In my heart I feel to stay true (obviously) to what I know, because in the big picture these people will benefit.


I am just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to approach standard eaters who are attending my workshops.




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Thank you very much for the response! It helped :) -- I guess sometimes the way I word things or the tone of voice I use can be offsetting to some people. When I get caught up in the moment and speaking from such passion people can take things personal when it is directed in a "in general" term not at them.


All we can do is keep speaking our truths and people can take it the way they wish too! 

Know your facts and smack 'em over the head with the science behind why regular "gourmet" raw isn't any healthier for you than cooked.  The mainstream tends to accept anything that can be explained with science.


I would also provide transitional recipes and close the gap between their current diet and 801010 - some people are too afraid to make the leap.



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