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My job is driving me batty.  I don't know how much longer I can tolerate it.

Has anyone successfully left the 9-5 world behind?  Please post your inspirational stories.  Thanks.

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It all depends by what you mean with "successfully": happiness, money, time, sense of freedom?

For myself, I used to work at UC San Diego in research, in physics, but just couldn't stand the way science research were (and still are) conducted, how it is managed, how the science article journals work, basically, everything about the work, except maybe for the work itself. But since when you do research you actually spend your time searching for money to do something instead of actually doing something, I decided to leave, and so did my wife (also in research).

So we moved to a rural area, on a small farm in the South of Spain, 3 km (2 miles) down a dirt road from the main road, off grid, with stream water. We've been there for 5 years now, and I think I've never worked that much in my life before, because when you homestead you can basically forget about weekends and vacations!

We've built our house (a heavy timberframe and strawbale), are finishing restoring an old stone house, planted hundreds of trees, gardens, etc. Got two boys since we got there, growing happily on the farm with a few friends within walking distance (well our 3 years old can walk quite far actually...).

And now we are organizing a raw fruit festival in our area next september http://festival.811-friendly.net and will open a raw fruit fitness retreat soon at the farm (hopefully for this coming summer, if I can put all the work needed in...).

So it all depends on what kind of success you are looking for. If it's money-wise, well we haven't been very successful, but we didn't really try to be at all. Now regarding happiness and sense of freedom, we are pretty successful, even if it requires quite a lot of time, which is quite controversial because you get more freedom by giving up what' called 'free time' in modern world, but that's the price of freedom.

Yes, I do translations over the internet. My working hours are mine to decide and I only need an internet connection, can work from anywhere in the world. Since 2008.

How do you get your translations orders? Any links? I'd love to translate too!

I've built up a client base over the years, mostly I translate for just one client. Medical stuff. Before I started, I got myself a translation certification - something you don't need an education for where I did it, you just need to take an exam, though one with a pass rate of about 5 %. It has been easier to get jobs with the certification as it serves as proof of skills which otherwise can be tricky for new translators. Certifications vary between countries but most have some kind of certification/authorisation for translators. Some require an education, some do not.


Apart from that, one can ask translation agencies (something like Lionbridge), some of which may ask you to do a proof translation and if it is good enough, they'll include you in their translator database. See if you know anyone with a company who might need translations, I've got a job or two that way too...


Depending on which languages, you could also try and contact translation agencies in the contry(ies) where they speak the language(s), see if they need a translator. It can be tricky to start with and many may ask you to own really expensive software like Trados, Adobe programs etc.... If you'd like to know more, feel free to PM me.

yes!  see my blog http://thegreenbeautiful.tumblr.com/  and youtube channel...  Billainthewild

It really is a process of slow or radically intense boycott of the system at the same time dreaming your biggest dream, revealing your highest gifts and watering them until they blossom into the true expression of who you were really born to be. The number one thing is to be able to live with MUCH less and take full responsibility for your role as consumer and slave  in a market economy, and the habits and coping mechanisms that go with that, and reclaiming your sovereign free-self and re-learning to co-create with the entire Universe.. 

I  co-facilitate retreats in Costa Rica and other locations that give you the opportunity to take a few weeks out of your life and radically change your reality through nature re-connection and body awareness and drug-free shamanic jouney -  freeing your spirit..  

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

What will you do with this one wild and precious life? 

This is a great New Year Movie:

I finally did it this year - gave up the corporate office job I hated and became a foster mum.  I look after a lovely 8yr old girl who has suffered every kind of abuse imaginable during those 8 years.  It's really tough sometimes as it's her  life experiences that are responsible for her 'challenging' behaviour but it's fantastic seeing her learn to love and trust.

Plus I get to play lots :-)

Beautiful... blessings to you on a special journey..   xxxx

Thanks everyone for posting!  All responses are greatly appreciated.  Given me a lot to think about.

I'm a self-employed translator/editor/proofreader/language expert for British English. I don't need to work much to get enough money for everything, and I work when I feel like working, with a deadline. I tend to have fun in the day and work in the evenings.

...At the moment I am a student, though, so I don't work as much.

Yes, midlife change at 40! What was the plan? Move to someplace where I could grow enough fruit and food all year, where I don't need to have heating or cooling...nearly two years now and counting!

Used to be a bartender. Paid the bills, but hated it. Wanted to be out in the sunshine, and to work with animals. Sold my little Miata sports car, and bought a van and put a magnet on it with my new dog training company on it........"Sit Means Sit Dog Training". 13 years later we are a franchise with over 70 locations. We've only been a franchise for 2 years and actually made Entrepreneur Magazine's "Top 500 Franchises" this month. Follow your dreams! Now I spend my evenings following all my new heroes on the 30BAD website and watching their videos!

that's inspiring!



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Rock replied to Victoria's discussion Info on the death of my fellow faster?? anyone know any details?
Rock replied to Victoria's discussion Info on the death of my fellow faster?? anyone know any details?
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