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My job is driving me batty.  I don't know how much longer I can tolerate it.

Has anyone successfully left the 9-5 world behind?  Please post your inspirational stories.  Thanks.

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Hi there :-)
I to would appreciate some success stories and advice. My partner and I bought a house truck a few years ago with this in mind. We got held up a couple of years making renovations and having children :-) Now we are just about ready to get on the road. We plan on heading to Nelson (New Zealand) to do some wwoofing to begin with but our ultimate goal is to get some land, grow all our food, source our own power, sell crafts and produce at local markets and home school our kids.
I think if you know what you want and refuse to settle for less then it will happen for you/us :-)

Can I have your job now? You clearly don't appreciate it enough.

I have had so many different jobs 


video shop

singer in cover bands


office manager



payroll officer

Multi Level Marketing (working for myself)

then I decided that I wanted to make a career out of all of my passions so I went to work getting qualified and experienced, networking and finding clientele for all of the things I was good at and loved doing.
Now, I make a living out of

Holistic Counselling,

Teaching Reiki/energy healing/psychic development

I run Meditation classes

Personal training,

Group fitness (Boxing, Spin, Weights, Zumba, Circuits)

I run Yoga classes at Gyms


I love variety and I have been learning and doing all of these things for years in my free time (they are my passions), I was doing them for free, so I just learned to make my passions my business.

I'm not going to lie and say it is easy, I work odd hours and more hours than most, if something dries up I need to always be on top of it. Sometimes I subcontract out to gyms, sometimes I run my own classes etc. I have learned that everything ebs and flows. Sometimes I make a great wage, sometimes it's not so great. Clients cancel, classes may dry up, gyms go out of business etc...

I have learned though that whenever something dries up (it is meant to) that door will close but another will open and I'll recognise it and walk through it, I have learned to trust that if I follow my passions, my path, then I will never go wrong.
My new goal since I am a singer/songwriter is to work towards making a living out of sharing my music and I want to move my business to a more online focus (so I'm not driving around so much)...

This is all fun to me, I might work hard, but this is what I would be doing anyway for free plus working a full time job.

I believe that if you are passionate about what you do the money eventually will find you.

I also aim to live as simply and unmaterialistically as possible, another goal of mine is to get some land and grow most of my own food. I have heaps of ideas of things I'd like to do in the future and slowly I chip away in that direction and over time people go, wow, look what you've done... You're so lucky!!!... There's no luck to it... It's imagination, passion, focus, action, faith.

Also, once you figure out what you want to do, you need to start working towards it straight away, while you are still in a full time job, build it up out of hours, then go to part time work, keep building it up, then at some point you'll have to take a leap of faith and ditch the normal job and follow your passions full time. Make sure you have saved up about 3-6 mths worth of overheads $$$ to get by on as well. If you are strapped for cash and have to go back and get a part time job again during hard times then fine, do it, and then when you can take the leap of faith again.  

Success is not a straight line up, it is a messy ball of wool, just make sure you are working towards your goals. When there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you have a plan, your current job should be more tolerable. (N.B - and don't tell you boss and co workers what you are doing either, just say you are doing it for fun if asked, most bosses like to think that your whole world revolves around their business)

anyway, hope that helps

Blessings to you in following your passions xx


what a beautiful life change! congratulations!!

I am personally working on it. My goal is to be able to do it in the next 12-18 months. I'm more than slightly nervous: I'm senior level in a high paying IT job and have a mortgage, but I have a growing secondary income that with the careful elimination of as much overhead as possible (plus a refi of the mortgage when done) I can survive on MUCH less.

For the curious: I'm going to be transitioning into a career in fitness coaching/training.

If you need inspirational books on self development and managing finances, I've found some excellent ones. I highly recommend The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, good for MANY things in life not just business. 

Thanks for the book recommendation.  I've reserved it at the library.

I went from 9 to 5....... to 90-5-5! Booyah!

Your post is a great one for New Years...

I've done that forever...3 days a week I teach private music lessons, and do a bit of music production - out of my own studio - it ends up being half time work. That pays all the bills, and now that I've drastically lowered my expenses, I'm saving, too. I play gigs for extra cash and I have a bit of passive income from musical loops I recorded, itunes, an instructional video, etc.

I worked a year for a high tech music company. The politics were killer.

Here I have no boss, no politics, no bullsh*t. If 1 client ditches, 2 more come in.  I really help people. Pays pretty good per hour. I also learn a lot of tunes and more about my craft...

Its ironic though, I had a new student come over this week, look at all the wacky instruments all over the walls and be like "OMG this is the life, this is what I want to do."

Truth is at this moment, I'm frustrated, too...

I've been teaching guitar for 26 years. wow. I'm great at it-better than I am as a performer..

But I have a calling I can't ignore...

This New Years before I go out I'm making a plan...I LOVE my students, just got to having a waiting list after being in town for a year -- yet in my heart of hearts I want to ditch 90% of the private teaching and just focus on the artist career - and feel really free with it. I'm cool with the travel - whatever it takes...I have a music degree, Sony has released my loops all over the world, music has been my only source of income since college...

But getting to being a full time artist w/o a stable of local students has been a challenge that I'm about to face...I kinda had to get in to get out - build up my students so that I could have the stability to work on my act..trouble is, after 8 hours of lessons I don't feel like writing or practicing much...

So it may be a year or 2 of this before I feel ready to move on -- or maybe do tours and just teach privately as a break when I'm off the road...teaching is really mellow compared to the road!

Call me Half way there!

Takeways: anything you can tutor? It can be good money. Also, once you build something up, you may want to do something else!

Good luck on your path and let us know how it goes!

Good luck with your music!  I've just taken on my first client as an algebra tutor, my friend's 8th grade step daughter.  We'll see how it goes.

It all depends by what you mean with "successfully": happiness, money, time, sense of freedom?

For myself, I used to work at UC San Diego in research, in physics, but just couldn't stand the way science research were (and still are) conducted, how it is managed, how the science article journals work, basically, everything about the work, except maybe for the work itself. But since when you do research you actually spend your time searching for money to do something instead of actually doing something, I decided to leave, and so did my wife (also in research).

So we moved to a rural area, on a small farm in the South of Spain, 3 km (2 miles) down a dirt road from the main road, off grid, with stream water. We've been there for 5 years now, and I think I've never worked that much in my life before, because when you homestead you can basically forget about weekends and vacations!

We've built our house (a heavy timberframe and strawbale), are finishing restoring an old stone house, planted hundreds of trees, gardens, etc. Got two boys since we got there, growing happily on the farm with a few friends within walking distance (well our 3 years old can walk quite far actually...).

And now we are organizing a raw fruit festival in our area next september http://festival.811-friendly.net and will open a raw fruit fitness retreat soon at the farm (hopefully for this coming summer, if I can put all the work needed in...).

So it all depends on what kind of success you are looking for. If it's money-wise, well we haven't been very successful, but we didn't really try to be at all. Now regarding happiness and sense of freedom, we are pretty successful, even if it requires quite a lot of time, which is quite controversial because you get more freedom by giving up what' called 'free time' in modern world, but that's the price of freedom.

Yes, I do translations over the internet. My working hours are mine to decide and I only need an internet connection, can work from anywhere in the world. Since 2008.



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