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Anyone reversed diabetes type 1 through a 100% frugivore diet? 80-10-10 or 90-5-5


Anyone reversed diabetes type 1 through a 100% frugivore diet? 80-10-10 or 90-5-5?

if yes, feel free to share your story and the protocol you followed till a fully reversed diabrtes type 1 ?

I'm really motivated type 1 myself to reverse type 1...and I'M 100 frugivore.

I like so much this  healthy lifestyle...

Thank you

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Ty for the video. The center in this video uses high-fat raw vegan approach to reverse type 1. Do you suggest me to switch to high fat fruit like coconut?

Raw High-fat approach is the most near to fasting without calorie deprivation ..

I've been diagnosed type 1 diabetes auto-immune.. I tested positive to all anti-bodies including anti-gad anti-bodies.  My c-peptide  tested no detectable(zero)..

Now  I'm late-stage type 1.. 9 years since my diagnostic.

Late-stage Type 1 diabetic will  develop severe keto-acidosis without any insulin.  ( except if their pancreas is back in production)

I tested at several times to cut down 100% of my  basal insulin dosages.


First, I tested my ketone bodies  2 hours post meal.( rich meal high in carb with bananas) Null Result or trace ketone level..

Secondly, I did same test without any basal insulin before to go sleep.  I have been 10 hours without any basal and without any food.. I tested my ketone level and it was the same as 2 hours post meal.. ( null result or trace ketone)

I'm  really near..   I feel  I  just need the good timing and  insulin dosages schedule..

Do you know anyone that could provide  funding to develop a comprehensive methodology to reverse type 1  diabetes auto-immune?

I have deep experience in T1 and I  found the reasons why its so hard to reverse late-stage t1..  It would be easy  to develop a methodology with a good organization that has the funding..

I'm late stage diabetes type 1 auto-immune . ( 9 years since my diagnostic)

Yes  my pancreas is in back in production.. :)

No, I do not recommend a high fat approach.  I think it works for the patients in the vid, because now the body doesn't have to deal with all the junk that got them in trouble in the first place.  Even if their diet isn't great now, it's still much better than it was before.

But even "healthy" overt fats such as are prevalent in a raw gourmet type diet still clog the system, and should be kept to a minimum (certainly sub 10-15%) for anyone.  And for those dealing with blood or cardiovascular issues, diabetes included, strictly limiting any overts should be considered.  There just isn't enough dietary wiggle room for anything that doesn't support health.

look what you've accomplished already on low fat high carb, 100.  While they might admit to being shocked now, i'm sure you had doctors who told that one your pancreas stops producing, that's it--no hope.  We'll you're proving that outmoded medical concept wrong.  Your body is doing what it does best--heal itself.  There are no guarantees, and who know what the future holds, but even if you do have to stay insulin dependent to some degree forever, think how much you've healed anyway.  And how much the rest of your health has and will continue to benefit from your dietary choices.  

Sounds like this is a facet of health near and dear to your heart (and pancreas).  You're a perfect one to keep raising and seeking support so folks can know that Type 1 isn't a sentence of doom, but something that even if not eliminated doesn't have to hold back a thriving life.  

Were you ever able to contact Robbie Barbaro?


Ideally I would need to find some researchers   open to start a trial with fresh plants,fruits and vegetables only ...

I could help them. I have deep experience..and  i could say you with the funding and a research group we could develop a methodology that could cure t1 in majority of the cases...... It means millions of remission all over the world.

the issue we need to find to a country where pharmaceutrical industry dont have a lot of control and influence ideally.

Feel free to recommend any country. 

Hi !

Type 1 diabetic here. I didn't achieve a reversal (yet ?). How did you manage to get your pancreas to produce insulin again ?

Hi  Katrina

I eat healthy diet  mostly based on organic raw fruit and raw green leafy vegetable.

You need to eat enough green to balance your raw fruit. I know sometimes it could be hard to eat so much green.. You may try smoothie or green juice... made 100% of green leafy vegetables only.

Ideally, you should focus on young green leaves.  The wild young green  leaves are more dense in nutriment.. so if you have access to an unpolluted forest    and go there harvest ...

The wild young leaves are the most nutrient dense rich whole food.    if you are Lucky you could be near a permaculture farm.. it could be great option.  and if you live in tropic, check the wild fruits.... In other words, you should try to focus on the most nutrient dense whole fruit and green... ( permaculture or wild  )

The hardest part is insulin weaning ..  You should build a methodology that will help you to wean you from insulin. You need to act like a scientist mind .. Weaning protocol is not yet developped ..so you need to be very proactive and like scientist..

I could help you to build a basis methodology to start with.. It will help you  a lot.

A lot of variables could interfere.

If you have an organized mind and serious about it. I could help you to build a basis methodology .  It will not be not overnight  result but  you will have results long-term for sure.

I try to find interested scientists.. I could collobarate with them.. so we could put remission millions of people with a comprehensive methodology published in detail ..


Katharina, I recommend contacting Robby Barbaro, he is a type 1 and has been 100% low fat raw vegan for 6+ years.  He says that many people are diagnosed as type 1 but are not true type 1  because their pancreas is still able to produce some insulin.  So in his opinion when you hear of a type 1 healing their diabetes they were really a type 2 diabetic.  He has reduced his insulin intake by eating this way and received many other benefits eating HCRV.   He has done a lot of research into this topic and is eager to be of help to people.  He is a member of 30BaD but the best way to contact him is through FB. 

He also has two channels on youtube:




Robby barbaro dont know some details.. Yes some documented cases of type 1 auto-immune  tested posotive to all anti-bodies..including anti-gad.. put their type 1A into remission.

We have TYPE 1A and 1B ..  1a= autoimmune  1B= idiopathic.

Personally I tested positive to all the anti-bodies including anti-gad. and Im TYPE 1 auto-immne type 1A.  Its the way to diagnose type 1 auto-immune..or  TYPE 1A.

Katharine , if you never tested positive to any anti-bodies including anti-gad  .. You   could be TYPE 1B= idiopathic.

I cold help you.

and yes TYPE 1A is reversible in some documented cases... TYPE 1B is reversible too.. and TYPE 2 is reversible... but type 1A is more tricky to reverse..especially late-stage one.

Well, my test result about 5 Years ago said, I'm type 1A, do you think this can change within time ?

So if I get you right, I gotta eat raw and lots of greens to get my pancreas working again ? And how do I wean from insulin ?

Thank you for being there :)

Did you test positive to anti-gad anti-bodies?  I could help you.. but dont expect result overnight..especially if you are late-stage type 1A. :)

Thank you, ednshell :) I know Robby, but I think I'm getting a bit too big for my boots, I want to heal my pancreas, so it can start working properly again. You're right, I should contact him ...



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