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Hey I've been on this lifestyle for a year now, only downside is that it's been lonely as hell. I lost all my old "friends". Currently saving up to move out of Scotland to Thailand and hopefully I will connect with some people there but in the meantime...Yo

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Hey Lisa! Hope you're doing well, despite being lonely. I'm here to be your friend! :)

Thanks Alex, Im getting there working towards so many things. Where are you from?
Hey Lisa :) friends come and go, to be honest I'd rather have no friends than have to explain my motives for being a hclf vegan and constantly be under their scrutiny! I'm new to this forum by the way, and I noticed Thailand is a wildly popular choice to relocate for hclf vegans. I don't understand why though? Is it because of the more accessible prices for fruit and the variety/good weather?
Hi :) I agree with that but having friendship, love and support is so important, just hard to find. Yea a lot of people live in colder climates where the fruit quality is terrible! Like here in Scotland so Thailand seems like heaven... And yea the prices are insanely cheap compared to here. I've heard Costa Rica is good too. The heat is going to kill me for a while though!

I hear you sister. Believe me I have tried compromising in jobs and social scene, even friendships with neighbours but it never works out well. Recently I had a career change just so I wasn't forced to be preparing and cooking meats and generally feeding disabled people dead flesh and total junk. I have taken a major risk moving out of a stable job and returning to a coaching career, however I could not in all good conscience continue in the industry I was in that clearly needs one hell of an overhaul.

Harley himself generously gave me counsel in July 2015 to quit but still I returned to the industry in a different role, but still what is set in concrete as far as crap diets for residents of disability houses. Of course I cried out and protested to all of the managers above and even just went shopping myself to stock the house with fruit and veg. Nonetheless still I was condemned for spending a whole $50 split between 4 people for a week's food intake.

Now I am out and have also ditched wasting my time associating with anyone not on this path. Why? Because through experience I have worked out people who are still eating dead flesh as just plain dull company.

So where I am at is that I have set a goal to Leave Oz in May 2018 to live full time in India as well as travel teaching this lifestyle along with pleasure healing and 'Play it Forward'

Always love your comments :)

We have given up too...it is just too hard to hang out with meat-eaters. They are MEAN! My brother (also vegan) works on a farm where he constantly cops abuse from them telling him he won't be able to work as hard and that we need meat etc etc. The propaganda and indoctrination is strong with the general populace. How come some people, when faced with the truth, can see it with an open mind and accept it, while others ridicule and brush it aside? It never ceases to amaze me that seemingly intelligent people in other areas, are so utterly blinded by flesh and dairy O_o 

Wow what you're doing is so inspiring! I've vowed that I'll never work in retail/customer service job again... It drains your soul. I know where you're coming from, I've tried many different approaches to make people aware but I've realised that they need to come to some sort of personal breaking point before the message will sink in. Doesn't stop me cause I'll come across people who are ready to hear the truth. I don't know if you watch Tannyraw on YouTube but she says "don't try to convince just shine your light of health and happiness and people will be curious". Amazing woman.
I dont completely understand how people are moving to thailand. Is it that easy? Are decent jobs that easy to come by?
You can make a living online, YouTube/coaching and other options I'm currently researching. Definitely won't be easy but it will be worth it

I should try Thailand too. hahaha

I'll be travelling there hopefully next year, it would be good to join some people cause I've never travelled alone before

You should check out Taiwan! It's a great place to be vegan :)



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