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Anyone listen to Kevin Gianni's Healing Cancer Word Summet??


I just finished listening to the whole thing and I'm kind of disapointed. Every single person interviewed slammed fruit. The only person I really liked was Mike Adams...he brought some truth! I took notes on the things ppl agreed on. Coffee enemas come up with almost everyone, also pancreatic enzymes which I don't know much about...don't even know how to get them. I'm going to ask a Dr. trow about them. I'm not surprised that there was A LOT of contradictions...some "experts" were saying to stay raw/vegan others were saying cancer patients could eat red meat b/c of their "metabolic type"....wow.

Anyone else listen to it? Thoughts???

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Mango Mama, there are no experts, except for those who stick a self-produced label "expert" or "authority" on their website. There is no person who can claim they know it all and never make mistakes. "Experts" tend to advocate their opinions, not facts. So, do not worry about what they say.


You can be a real expert - Listen to your body. When fruit makes you feel good, this is your body saying that fruit is mighty good for you. :)

Yep listen to the expert : )

Too bad Steve Jobs didn't listen to there advice!

Another thing that kind of annoyed me was in the last episode he brought on "2 cancer survivors" I was super stoked to hear a good testimony of someone curing their cancer with raw food and natural methods...these 2 women (I use a lot of love when I speak here b/c we all have the right to choose our own methods of treatment) BUT....if this is a raw food/"NATURAL HEALING" summit....They get on and talk about how the BOTH had conventional treatment b4...when that didn't work, THEN they tried "natural methods" like shark cartalege, experimental drugs and what not....I was so confused when they were done talking...it all just did not resonate with me at all. I'm glad they are OK now, but they both did not sound completely healed to me. My question is why not interview real ppl who have healed their cancer naturally?! Brenda Cobb, Kris Car, Lorraine Day, Louise Hays, etc...women that Victoria Boutenkeu has worked with...THAT"S who I want to hear from...I think I'm going to email Kevin and tell him what I think now.
not profitable!

Kevin Gianni aint interested in sharing the truth. He is just interested in sharing what he can do and make a lot of coin promoting.


The dude has sold out big time. Heck, judging by his subscriber list on youtube and how many hits he gets these days, KG is on the way out.



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