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Anyone have any natural treatments for acid re-flux?

Anyone know of or have tried something natural that works for treating acid re-flux? 

After years of bulimia, I am paying the heavy price. I do not want to go back to taking pills. Some days are worse than others. Today is particularly bad and I have been drinking plenty of water and no caffeine. 

I have found some relief with ACV and water drink. Also, baking soda in water. I find baking soda a little irritating after a while.

I am all ears to suggestions! 

Peace and blessings :)

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Suffer no more. You have entered a realm where acid reflux does not exist.

Simple: Eat alkalizing foods.

Sweet starches are alkalizing (sweet potato, as well as squashes...) so eat those for your starches.
Green vegetables are the most alkalizing food group.

All fruits are alkalizing.

Grains, nuts and white potatoes are acidifying, so if you're going to eat them, always eat greens with them. I have weak digestion so I don't really eat these foods except occasional brazil nuts for selenium.

Animal products and very hot peppers are very acidifying. Although there are pros and cons to the hot peppers, they don't help with GERD (Gastro-esophagal reflux disease).

There you go, the medically factual program. You should be done suffering in a few days to a week.

I used to have reflux pretty badly. Try eating smaller meals, especially at dinner, and sleep propped up on a pillow. I don't have to sleep on an incline anymore, but it helped in the beginning. Smaller meals was a big key for me.

Look at food combination and, for instance, don't eat bananas and oranges at the same time.

You can also try mono-meals for 1 of your daily meals.

With time on a HCLF diet, things will improve.

Aloe vera juice (Lakewood or Knudsen brand) is an absolute godsend for this.

Consider doing Freelee's all raw challenge on Facebook -
"Banana Girls! BG Diet Challenge". I am a moderator there. If you post a daily diary I can give you daily support.

If you do join our group to check us out, read the pinned post at the top of the page. You can also be in the group without doing the challenge as long as you follow our guidelines which include no discussion of cooked food.

Hi Luna,

I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering with this. I drank alcohol heavily and smoked heavily in my late teens and early 20's and, as a result, subsequently suffered from YEARS of terrible acid reflux which could only be remedied by ingeesting multiple chewable calcium carbonate pills. Since my late teens, the first time in my life where I experienced no heartburn was my first couple of months into a high carb raw vegan diet. Unfortunately, I am not qualified to speak on the level of damage you have done to your stomach and esophagus through your long term practice of bulimia, nor can I predict how long it may take for your symptoms to diminish and eventually dissapear. I hope you are able to acheive the results that I was able to acheive through clean, low fat, whole food, vegan eating. Even now, as a RT4 vegan, I RARELY experience heartburn, provided that my cooked meals are simple, low-fat and healthy. The only time I might get a tad of reflux is if I'm super tight on time and a have a gigantic meal of pasta with red sauce or something(the crappiest meal I'm willing to eat). I do think that if you eat a diet where the majority of your meals are sweet ripe fruit, and your cooked meals are limited to simply prepared potatoe/rice n veg at night time, that you will eventually heal your condition.

I know 30bad is going to get angry at me for this next part, so, to those who I upset, I apologize in advance .... In the meantime, if the pain is too much, which I know from experience it certainly can be, I would suggest maybe taking some food grade calcium carbonate(active ingredient in antacids) mixed into water, or even a vegan antacid chewable from say Wholefoods or something. I remember the pain of really bad heartburn could literally put me on my knees choking and crying for relief. If you get months into clean vegan eating(hcrv/RT4) and you still have painful symptoms, it may be a good idea to schedule an appointment with a gastroenterologist to assess what physiological damage may have been done to your stomach/esophagus/epiglottis due to your past history with bullimic behavior.

I feel for you and I hope your body heals quickly as possible. I can atest to the hcrv/rt4 diet's ability to heal acid reflux, and I wish for this healing to come for you soon.



Hi there Luna! 

First off, I hope you know how far you've come and give yourself credit over this victory! Bulimia is a hard battle, one that I overcame as well.

 I'd like to just put the seed in your mind that sometimes, what may seem like too much stomach acid may just be the opposite...too little.  There's a test that doctors and some natural healthcare practitioners can preform called the Heidlburg test, which can determine where your stomach acid levels are at.  I'm not saying this is your problem, but it's definitely something to consider.  A less expensive way to determine if low acidity might be an issue for you is if you drink about a tablespoon of vinegar or cold-pressed lemon juice and see how you feel after... if you don't feel anything, it might indicate that your acid levels are low where as if you feel heat, you know that your acid levels might be too high.

I'm just speaking out of personal experience, I'm not a medical practitioner but I thought I'd share what helped me!


I agree with Bananatalie - it seems counterintutive, but acid reflux is generally caused by low stomach acid.  When the stomach is not acidic enough, foods are not broken down properly and start to ferment in the stomach.  The fermentation creates the belching and reflux.  So taking antacids is not the direction you want to go in - they give immediate relief of the acidic media that has refluxed up (that burning sensation) but neutralize some of the hydrochloric acid in the stomach (thereby increasing the pH instead of lowering the pH)

Taking some vinegar/lemon/lime before the meal (or as a condiment on your salad for example) to increase the stomach acid (and lower the pH) is the direction you want to go in.  that is the short term solution.

The long term solution is to increase your salt (sodium chloride) intake - one of the major reasons why the stomach acid may be low may be due to insufficient salt intake.  The chloride ion from salt is necessary to maintain proper stomach acidity.  A lot of vegetarians/vegans almost completely shun salt which can create this low stomach acid/acid reflux problem.  It doesn't need to be a lot (say a 1/4 teaspoon before every meal), but this should help if the problem is indeed low stomach hydrochloric acid.  One more thing - use Celtic sea salt or a product like Redmond Real Salt - these contain not only salt but small quantities of other trace elements required by the body, and don't contain crap like sodium ferrocyanicde (a poison!)/silica (sand)/dextrose to make it free running.  You will notice that these "real" salts are off-color, they don't look pure white.  The normal crap salt has had all the beneficial minerals removed and is bleached to look pure white.



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