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Hello, I was wondering if anyone on here is from the same area? As I have very few friends that share the same (vegan) values. It would be interesting to see if there is. :)

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Hey, I know your post isn't all that recent, but I'm studying in Southampton, probably not far away from you :)

Hi, thanks for the reply, i'm actually quite close to Southampton. What are you studying? :)

Hi, I study European Studies and Modern Languages :) 

That sounds cool, i'm at college doing biology and psychology. Do you know of any good places to eat out in southampton? I've been there quite a few times but can never seem to find anything good.

Hmm, I don't actually :/ I haven't been out eating much, I don't know which offer vegan foods. I personally quite like Ghandis (from when I was vegetarian) but haven't checked it's vegan friendly yet. But they're a great sushi bar in West Quay, but only open for lunch though.

I don't eat out much either, oh and i just remembered this burrito place in west quay. If you ask them for a vegan burrito they'll know exactly what you mean, which is great because a lot of places don't even know what a vegan is haha. (:

Yeah exactly !

Hello, nice to meet you :) I come from the isle of Wight but my boyfriend lives in Southampton which I go to visit often. If you don't mind me asking how old are you? You seam so young which is amazing to have already begun a vegan diet :D. 

Lots of love, aisha

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Hi, well I'm 21, not all that young :)

Hi, it's so great to know there are people in the same area that are into rawtill4/vegan lifestyle. :) I'm 17, i became vegan when i was 16 (pescetarian for 2 years before that) and thank you, i'm just really grateful to have found out about it now. :)

I'm 21 too :) So what's your story from being pescetarian to vegan? What made you change? I don't eat out much either as even when they have vegan options allot of the time it isn't high carb low fat. I like to make different things at home and my boyfriend eats pretty healthy which is nice :) x x 

Cool, well i've always been sort of aware of the fact that animals are killed for food. I never wanted to eat lamb as a child because i knew it was a baby sheep, and i think it started from there. I started to eat less meat at about 12 years old. I developed anorexia at 13 and i'm almost fully recovered now but during that time i became a pescetarian, i'm not sure if it was because of the eating disorder or despite it, all that matters for me is that i did a lot of research about the ethical side of veganism. After educating myself i decided to transition slowly so it wasn't such a dramatic change. I still made excuses to eat fish (for example, they don't feel pain - i know now that they do) and honey and things with dairy/eggs in them. Now that i'm doing raw till 4 i've realised how easy it is to be vegan aha. How did you become vegan?

I've noticed that too, it's so difficult to find low fat vegan food, except rice and veggies. I think wagamama is a good place to eat out as they do a tofu noodle soup that you can ask for less oil/salt in. In general asian places tend to have more options.

:) xxx



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