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So, I am in the position of being in a job that I hate.

I have been looking for work for a very long time and have been lucky enough to get employed around 6 weeks ago. The thing is, I am working in a kitchen, mainly as the "pot wash", and I HATE it. I only do 24 hours a week, more when I can ((need the money..)), but it's 24 hours of standing hunched over a sink, scraping meat, cheese and egg off of plates, pots and pans, and washing them up before putting them through a dishwasher. The smell is disgusting and so much gets thrown away, it angers me..

I'm in a bit of a situation as I have NO IDEA what I want to do in life, what type of career to pursue, and I really need the money to help out my Dad. We are 3 people living in a 2 bedroom house, my partner and I are saving up to get our own place and we are struggling, so I am basically applying for any job that I can at this point ((I'm in the UK and jobs are very far-and-few-between.. I was lucky to get this one..))

Is anyone else in the same situation, or does anyone have any advice, please?? Sorry for the rant, feeling fed up and today my boss really pissed me off..

Thanks anyone for your replies!!

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Honestly the jobs that I can be ethically proud of are very few.

I worked a dishwashing job last year, at least I was able to stay carbed up throughout my shift with as many potatoes and pasta/tomato sauce as I wanted, (only low fat vegan food they had).   The smell was very greasy and yeah a lot of food waste.  I don't get how people can order a 10$ plate of food and barely touch it.  I wasn't in a position where I had to work it though.

I dunno how to find a better job, I've been applying and my god when you see realize 100+ people are applying for the same minimum wage position its demoralizing.

I am almost in that situation, I am unemployed since march and have to rely on my parents´ money. I have been applying for adventure instructor jobs since october,had few interviews, but didn´t get employed. 

I have one more interview as environmental instructor planned for 31st may, if that doesn´t work out, I am gonna take a break by WOOFING in Spain. They provide vegan foods and organic fruits and veggies (don´t know how much thou) 

Also if you don´t wanna do Woofing you can pay agency 200 euros and go work as a waiter to Greek hotels, have done that nothing special though.

Check out the Landmark Forum.  It has helped me tremendously!

I highly recommend that people start thinking in terms of self-employment.  The internet has made it amazingly possible to become a "business owner" by selling a service with no worries of inventory or employees.  Check out Udemy for low-cost courses (join their newsletter - they have $10 sales all the time). 

Build an app for a local business.  You can build it for free online, sell it for $$$, then charge a monthly fee.

Find and sell stuff on ebay. Learn about dropshipping.

Write books for Kindle.

Find out how people are making money with webinars.

Check out hardtofindseminars.com for 100s of other ideas.

Yup, it's harder, initially, than finding a job.  But the long-term gains, even if you suck at it for a while, are amazing.  You learn to think on your feet and can literally learn how to make money anywhere on the planet.  Not being dependent on a job market or having a boss is amazing.



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