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During the week I go to bed pretty early like 8-9pm because i feel amazing doing it. I end up sleeping anywhere from 10-12 hours, 12 more often than not. Anyone else sleep this much and feel a bit guilty? I enjoy it but sometimes i feel like you miss out on alot of the day x)

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I do it on occasion, but only if I've gone a night or two with little sleep previously. I'd recommend setting an alarm... surprisingly, it's not healthy to sleep more than 9 hours a night!

I just love the title of this discussion!!! Because it's just what I should be doing right now!!! When I can do it, it really sets me straight. And no, no guilt.

Thanks i really should drop the guilt and Its a sign maybe. haha get to it(;

Dude I've been struggling to get where you're at for years; you are WINNING

Hahah thanks i understand man its hard to get to that sweet spot but when you're there you are laughing. Whats holding u back?

Most of us are running extreme sleep debt. Enjoy your current lifestyles ability to get a normal amount of human rest because most likely one day you won't have the lifestyle that will allow for proper rest and recovery.

Extreme sleep debt is an accurate assessment and we're paying a high price for it.

Keep enjoying the rest while you can and lose the guilt.

Yea this is exactly how i've been looking it at it. Like why not do it if i currently have the ability to. Thanks And also the sleep debt is something I've been aware of about myself and people in general. I was thinking maybe sleep debt is why my body needs this much sleep right now. Because even tho I'm going down with the sun, i wake up hours after the sun has come up. Is that natural or should we be getting up exactly as the sun rises like early, early morning?

I feel guilty for not doing that.

This night was the first where I finally had a longer sleep (8 hours) compared to the three nights before where I massively underslept (4-5 hours each).

@Kara Marie: Do you have anything to back up what you said? Why would setting up an alarm be a good and sleeping more than 9 hours be a bad thing?

The only time when I slept that long was when I was hospitalized.

So my conclusion is: I definitely feel that I should sleep more but somehow being awake is too addicting. ^^

Background: There is uncertainty about the relationship between sleep duration and stroke risk.

Aim: We aimed to clarify the relationship between sleep duration and risk of stroke by using epidemiological evidence. Methods We searched MEDLINE and EMBASE to identify all studies that might be looking at the association between sleep duration and stroke, including both cohort and cross-sectional studies. Pooled hazard ratios ( HRs) and odds ratios ( ORs) were calculated through a random-effects model. Results Our study included a total of 12 cohort studies and 6 cross-sectional studies. Pooled results from the cohort studies showed that short sleep duration was associated with a higher risk for stroke [ HR, 1·13; 95% confidence interval ( CI) 1·02-1·25], and that long sleep duration also increases the risk of having a stroke ( HR, 1·40; 95% CI, 1·16-1·64). Results from cross-sectional studies confirmed the relationship between stroke and inappropriate sleep duration, either too little sleep or too much. For short sleepduration, the OR was 1·71 (1·39-2·02); for long sleep duration, the OR was 2·12 (1·51-2·73). Conclusion Both short and long sleepdurations have a significant association with higher risk of stroke.


Ge, B., & Guo, X. (2015). Short and long sleep durations are both associated with increased risk of stroke: a meta-analysis of observational studies. International Journal Of Stroke10(2), 177-184. doi:10.1111/ijs.12398

I also want to add that there may be other reasons for one sleep that long....it may be due to poor quality of sleep. Sleep apnea? Depression? Hypersomnia? Stress? Everyone is different, but I know I feel groggy during the day if I sleep more than 10 or so hours. 8.5-9 is my body's preference. Some feel great off of 7. Ian, were you chronically sleep deprived in the past?

@kara. Yes i have. Years and years of 6 hours of sleep a night. A lot of those nights getting 5 or less. And Just sleeping late in general. Its weird because before i was vegan a little more than a year ago, and specifically like a year before that i was really into researching sleep and getting good sleep. So i would make sure to get quality sleep and sleep at least 8 hours. I noticed my body would wake up pretty much after 8 hours every night and i'd feel very well rested. Even despite going to bed at like 11-12ish (before i knew early sleep was important). But now If i go to bed even like at 8pm and sleep for just 8 hours i wake up tired still and my body is like "no were not ready to get up yet, lay tf down". But to be fair, my activity level now is way more than what it was a couple years ago, mentally and physically, so idk.

sleep can be pretty tricky... even the studies surrounding it sometimes leave us with more questions than answers... 

Generally, on a personal level, I think the golden number is 8+ hours... However if you're really active and whatnot, as high as 15 hours isn't out of the question... look at what some of the top athletes in the world, esp. in the cycling world are doing...they get tons of great sleep and they have hyperbaric chambers and sleeping masks and the whole nine... So, yeah, never let anyone tell you sleep isn't important... It is..and don't feel guilty... Make others feel stupid for sacrificing their health in the name of whatever bullshit they think is more important... 



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