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Anyone Else Share My Same Dilemma on LFRV? Caution: Bit of Mature Subject. (Not Graphic)

(This is deeper (non-nutritional- I aplogize) subject and I would not be surprised if most people did not comment let alone read this).

Okay. We all know that it takes a special effort to get sufficient calories from watery sweet fruits, etc. This diet changes your life and your lifestyle. The "original sin" of our previous habits will always be sleeping giants, haunting us to go back. A "stronger" will is needed to do this right, and thrive in this society. Yada yada yada. Most can. Okay done.

But remember that phrase "It's lonely at the top?". Well while I AM alone in most of what I eat and do other than sharing this lifestyle with my closest family (my mom), my best friend and assistant and clients (but that's business). That is not a problem since I never feel "lonely"... in fact I grew up with Socrates in my head reminding me "If you want to be wrong then follow the masses" and have always been comfortable and sure-footed in all social interactions with those less fortunate to be on my path of peace & purpose. 

The problem arises when tempted to enter into sexual relationships. Now I have always felt that women were the most evolved and wonderful creatures- always the perfect compliment to any situation in life, which is why a man and a woman together is the most powerful force. And I have never had any difficulty accelerating any woman's journey to ultimate health and appreciation of her God given potential through sharing my diet and lifestyle. Sure it takes work but I know how to care-take. It gets old after a while, since Who wants to put so much time and effort into people.. sometimes you wish you could just get one "delivered" with the proper lifestyle already installed!" so save all the effort on the teacher's part- but that is another subject lol!)

What I am talking about HERE is the precious enjoyment of the "sensuality results" of this diet. I am sure most of you have noticed huge (ahem) improvements in not only your actual physical libido, but in your total body-and-mind-and-soul- erotic energy consciousness and appreciation ...this is the only way I can get away with describing it here and still call this a family show!. Put it this way: I have yet to find a woman (God bless them) with even half of my creative sensual erotic body-celebrating sexuality. I know this sounds terrible but where are the truly sexy women? I do not mean just the way they look!  I mean the way they ACT. And communicate. I know I am going to get hate mail for this, and please do not get me wrong, I LOVE women. I never made an enemy with anyone I dated or was married to (once I was married yes when I was younger lol). In fact my ex wife and I still "saw each other" for a few years after the divorce since we were so used to our "sensual" time together and we just were not ready to be in another's "arms".... but I only say this to give you a little perspective (just a little... I will never reveal the FULL details  lol)

But I will say this: Romance is not the problem. Getting them "interested" is not the problem. Maintaining a relationship, even when I eat this way, is not a problem. In fact it is only a good thing. But then, when the "emotions are disrobed" (*which is the most imporant and deliciously welcomed time of communication between two lovers* and INHO should be not only welcomed but celebrated fully), this is where most people fizzle out. And if I encourage them by stepping out of the moment and into "teaching mode" which I hate to do since it can ruins the moment of course....then their lack of sensuality even comes more to the surface... and it is not even that they "lack" anything but the "KUNDALINI" energy that this diet provides!!!!! (Paradox: the poor diets made their bodies unaware of how great they can feel and celebrate, so it is a vicious cycle....not even their own fault.. but why must we pay for their sins of missing the mark?)

Seriously, this lfrv diet has given me so much. I thought just being raw for a dozen years or vegan for 25 was a big change. THIS after a few years just literally catapulted my sensuality (that is the only way I can get away with saying this) of the charts. And like I said, not just actual body-part-centrically, but my whole attitude and experience and creativity and appreciation- yes-worship- of the body. Most women do not like their bodies. I have always striven to change this. But the entire sexual sensual experience it seems, for most, is "whir blur thank you sir". While I kwikie is okay, I do prefer to build it up and build it up and then when it is simmering ready to explode, the goal is to "harness and tease" the experience out bit by bit to truly celebrate the event so that both people can really enjoy it"frame by frame". Most cooked women seem to get embarrassed easily. I mean... unless they are younger and have more "silly confidence". But I much prefer an "older" partner in crime who is well preserved!!! There is no comparison. The ones in their twenties and thirties BETTER look and feel hot! I mean, geeeeeeezzzz! But then they have not seasoned their "mental emotional sensual loins" long enough to create any real substance in the bedroom.

So my question is this. With all this wonderful energy going around. With all the great health that you are cultivating and FEELING. With all the great feelings that you have. And all the healing on so many levels... Are you truly finding counterparts to share the most wonderful of all moments- the mental emotional physical personal sharing union of pleasure? Or just settling for "release"? I mean, my right set of filangies and my imagination is ten times better than most counterparts if all I want is release lol! I was just wondering if all this is worth it, since the healthier and more aware I become, and the higher I climb on this fantastic lfrv mountain, the less prospects are around to truly enjoy the cream of the cream with. I don't know about you guys and gals but I would rather go without than to have anything but what compliments my own sensuality and desire to celebrate...

Life is too short to be with any people who are not as full of life (Again, this is the only way I can describe it on this family channel) Do you find cooked majority people just too boring to even consider being with for anything but the most mundane tasks? And do you find sex boring with these people? I met a woman a while ago who said she was raw. Lfrv in fact! But I was fooled again! (The body and breath odor gave it away tsk tsk..ewwwww.. I should neve doubt my olfactory sense but I just feel sorry for these people...) Her intentions for health were all messed up. I find that many people (not those here on BAD!) love to wear the raw or lfrv badge in order to seem "enlightened" or something. But as you know, the proof is in the pudding! One cannot fake super sensual health and communication. It just cannot be done. There is nothing like a genuine article. 

As DH Lawrence described, most men and women live by "social scripts". That they can live together- be married - for 20, 30, or more years- and still be strangers in the most intimate ways is not uncommon. THIS has haunted me since I read Lady Chatterly's Lover when I was 12. Madame Butterfly gets that point across minus the eroticism. But my point here is that we all know how distant most couples become. I never let that happen. If it happened after 2 years then that was time to break up. If it happened after 15, like in my marriage, then that was the time to break off. It was always mutual. But now, after getting so "ridiculously healthy" after so many years, and life has never been more wonderful on all levels... the only question I have is... where are the others at the top? And are you bored to tears with the majority? Or do others view you "in your glory" similar to the guitar-weilding character in that scene in Back To The Future when Michale J fox blew the audience away when he got caught up in the celebration of ahead-of-its-time guitar jamming? Heck even the musicians could not keep up. I've experienced this for years. It is as if I have to "tone" down and lower my standards of enjoyment... but is not that the antithesis of life? Of course it is.


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Hi there... how about putting all of this extra energy into writing a book on helping people

to get muscles and great stamina, so there'll be more such women around? :)
I'd buy your book!

I dont have much to add cause I've got nothing helpful to say on this issue...

all the best.

I think I understand what you're saying. Sex, however, can be pleasurable. Not to offend, but it sounds as though you are not "letting go" during sex. You mention that opening up to your emotions is one of the key parts of sex, which is true. But it's also about loving your lover and accepting them (and yourself) exactly as you both are. Sharing the most intimate parts of yourself with one another without any kind of expectation. It's a great spiritual, physical, and emotional release (and I'm not just talking about the end result, but the entire process).

It sounds to me as though you are not letting these women into your life. I know a number of women who are not just physically attractive, but also very deep, very spiritual, very connected, and vibrant, regardless of their diet. That's why we're friends and acquaintances- I'm drawn to their vibrancy, energy, and love of life. Personally, when sex isn't pleasurable for me, it's because of something I'M dealing with, and not because of my partner. My thoughts are somewhere else, I'm stressed out, I'm disconnected from Source, etc.

Hope this helps! Much love and luck, my friend!

Chris, you questions are valid and well worth asking.

In fact, as per guidelines, we've got a special group designed to discuss such issues:


Can you copy/paste your thread and the already existing answers into it?

That group's topics don't bump as fast, so you might receive even more answers than you might out here.

Thanks, mate :)



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