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hey guys, this is my first post ^_^

i've always been a big eater, not leaving much on my plate.

when i was 16 to a few days before my 22 bday, i was a binge eater. massive binger and then faster. i'm talkin' weight gain of a pound of day minimum from fat (most likely) when i would binge. by eating 'disordered' i mean a 5000 calorie friday, a 5000 calorie saturday, and a 500 calorie sunday - monday - ... thursday, consistently. by binge i mean on junk. my friends would say i'm still bingin' today, but i would say i'm not. i haven't felt as alive and guilt free since i was 15 :-) plus a binge in 2006 would be a pound of cookie dough, a jar of peanut butter, a bag of salty chips and a bag of trail mix, for example.

between those years, i cycled between weights, with my lowest being around 98 pounds to my highest being around 185 pounds. my height is 5'3 and a half. 

my 22 bday, september 13 2012 was my last 'binge' on crap, and my last day of inconsistent eating. since then i haven't fasted or overeaten. from that day to mid june of 2014, i consistently ate ~1800 calories average, with a majority (save about 2 months last summer) of the time being high carb, low fat vegan. my sources of carbs were legumes, potatoes, squashes, all vegetables, all fruits, and on occasion fatty fruits.

starting mid june of 2014, i started to smash in the carbs i craved. 2500 minimum. i tried calorie restricting (sticking with 2000) in early july but quit that about a week later.

my appetite is large, like i said. i have no trouble getting 2500 minimum. 

but it seems that most high carb vegan women i have seen eat about 2500-3000 calories daily. these inspirational women, with high fitness, don't seem to eat past 3500. i'm talkin' freelee, emily from bite size, sasha from rice n raw, anji bee, kristina, megan elizabeth, rawvana...

for august of 2014, these are my stats:

eating between 2700-3000 cals a day: 4 times in august

3000-3500: 8

3500-4000: 8

4000-6500: 12

i eat a high carb low fat cooked vegan life style, some times raw till 12, and wonder, am i eating too much? i know they say eat as much as you care for, but maybe i over eat?

today i ate:

breakfast: a 5 banana + 1 T sugar smoothie

breakfast 2: 1 lb medjool dates (~30), small head iceberg, ~8 small stalks celery

lunch: 1lb medjool dates (~30)

lunch 2: small head iceberg with 2lb red potatoes (~10 small) (lil' sugar/cumin/cinnamon/paprika)

dinner: 3lb red potatoes (~15 small)

i am a full time graduate student alongside workin' about 20 hours a week minimum in an elementary school and preschool.

i cycle about 4-5 days a week, with some light calisthenics each day.

too i drink about 3 liters a day minimum, sleep about 8-9 hours a day minimum, and rarely sit on my bum. i have too much energy ^_^

yet i have gained about 10-15 pounds since june of 2014. not awesome, what can i do?

when i started mid june i was ~113 pounds. now i estimate i'm about 125, maybe 130.

i was ~115 before my bingin' started at age 16, and leveled at about 115 when i stopped binging ~2012-june 2014.

any comments would be helpful, or if not, that's okay too.

have a good one ^_^

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You're doing great Lauren! :)

I eat 4-6000 cals every day, 4k is minimum even if I don't do anything.

You're weight should be controlled by your body not your mind.. you know that' undereating isn't good for you so just rust your body, give it time and everything is going to be alright.

I meant *trust* not rust lol..

absolutely, thank u! patience patience, that's what i keep hearing

Same for me! I have eaten 7500 several times too. I can't go under 4500 either. I'm just so hungry. I think our bodies will adjust over time and require slightly more "normal" amounts (2500-3000) well that's my theory. If you feel you can eat it I think it's fine. Good luck xx

yeah I can't go to bed hungry.. I don't know how calorie restrictors do it..

have u guys eaten before bed?

I try to eat my starch+veggie dinner as early as possible, around 5pm and that's enough if I go to bed by 9-10; if I stay up a bit later I usually have some fruit or juice or a handful of nuts/seeds.

An important thing to consider is stress levels and eating your food slowly while staying as relaxed as possible, along with proper food combining (yes, food gets stuck in the colon and ferments this way, whether most feel like "it came just down fine" or not). A lot of this gained weight is from water retention with the additional fat gain.

That being said.. I also consume a large sum of calories (6-7k, depending on the training day) but from fruit, and have a massive vegetable based meal at the end of the day. But this is from swimming/lifting weights/commuting with cycling with a college team 4-6 hours a day.

I've realized the key to health, by my personal experience, is not about gorging and stuffing yourself while doing little to compensate and benefit from the nutrition. It's to move your body as much as you can, with the most nutrients/calories you can get. Only until I started training hard with a team again, and bumping my food intake from 3-4000 to 6k+ (measuring edible portion on a scale) that I found significant improvement in my vitality, mental clarity, and fitness. I don't restrict my calories, nor do I eat at all significantly more than my actual needs.

you train and cycle 4-6 hrs a day?

this is helpful, thanks, i find i rarely sit still or lay about. i rarely nap too, but i wonder if i'm eating more now (and hungrier now) due to healing, and may eat less over time.

eating slow as well, i've always been a faster eater (except in company of others), so i try to cut my food in smaller bites to take more time between bites

Typically have two swim practices a day, two hours each, with an hour of weights midday.. and cycle from class to class, and home to/from campus.

Chewing food until it's liquid has always helped. Usually carry a few water bottles filled up with smoothies (dateorade/banana) to sip on here and there during lecture/study sessions.

Gaining weight was a struggle the first year I started this about four years ago.. (went up about 40-50 pounds, much of it I needed.. before 811 was 150lbs and 6'2'' after burning out.. looked absolutely emaciated) .. but when I started to actually burn and use the fuel I put in my body, the benefits came, and my body composition/fitness significantly improved over the course of two years.

that's helpful and offers a lot of hope. it seems ur changes occurred at least 2 years in, do u ever limit your calories?

I try my best to consume the amount that I need. There really is no point in eating more.. seems more of a waste of expenses from my experience. Typically am planning out nutrition with cronometer once every Friday for ten minutes to see if I'm on track. Using a kitchen scale, measuring edible portion to be precise, and went through lab tests for BMR/energy expenditure along with the rest of my team.

I would perhaps say that my body composition, rather than just "weight" changed. Was gaining muscle and losing fat stores simultaneously after the first year. Took about middle of the second year until my body comp. stabilized around 170, 7-10% bf.

Really I don't consume more than I need. Just am staying within the range of my requirements. The only time when I over-exceed is 3-4 days of the month when I rest/study.. consuming 5k and cycling for 2 hours lightly.

Only if I was in a coma, then probably would've been fed through a tube 2000 calories a day haha.

That being said, I would not compare the length of someone's results with yours. You might even notice changes more quickly. My advice is to raise your activity levels and eat accordingly. There is a certain amount of calories you reach, about twice your BMR, where you feel satisfied and stable with your diet.



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