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So I've been sleeping on the floor for about a year now, with no issues I can really think of. I was inspired after seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger's character do it in the movie Twins.

I've noticed it's really only comfortable if I sleep on my back--or else I end up cutting off circulation in one of my arms, but I've heard sleeping on your back is optimal. 


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A couple years ago when fasting, I randomly decided to sleep on the floor because I couldn't get comfortable in my bed. I slept so well! I mentioned that I was fasting because my body probably needed more/better rest at the time, and I got better rest from sleeping on the floor. :)
I had forgotten about that, thanks for the reminder! I'll try it tonight. :) I'm actually about to go to sleep.

I sleep on the floor sometimes but I am having a bed. I am on the the way to move and consider to through away my bed. my question to you how sleep on the floor daily is do you have some blanket, yoga matt to sleep on or how do you guys do?

I feel really good out of sleeping on the floor, i sleep on my back the same as i do in the bed.

it feels really strange to sleep on the side.

I have a rug on my floor. So I just throw a sheet over it, and done :) When traveling, I use a yoga mat. I also like to put a pillow under my knees, it relaxes the back

I sleep in a bed at home but I'm sleeping outside on the Colorado river a lot.  I like the elevation under my knees too...I use my pillow under my legs instead of my head.  Everyone makes fun of me.

Growing up, I would always sleep on the floor when sick--usually because I wanted to stay by the toilet in case I needed to throw up, but my sleep was always really deep on the floor.

This is so interesting - it seems, reading this, that those of us into this diet, gravitate towards other things that are closer to nature. 

I've never had pillows, and the last time I moved house, decided just to put a mattress on the floor, rather than get a bed. I've since put a sort of futon wooden frame underneath it (people said you should keep the mattress slightly off the ground). 

What I found surprising and interesting was that my bedroom doesn't depress me at all now - when there was a bed in it, it somehow used to signify crippling isolation and artifice and alienation from nature. Now that it's just on the ground - still no befriends - but no feeling of isolation anymore! Amazing! Somehow when I sleep close to the ground, I feel I'm being welcomed into the arms of the Earth for the night. (A little bit out there, I know, but it IS how I feel for some reason).

(The absolute best sleep I ever have is when there's a brilliant man next to me, which takes away all sense of wanting for anything, and really abstract and incredible dreams have the space to operate). (The man's fine with this, by the way. Well I assume he is. Well, I mean if he didn't WANT to fall asleep in my arms, surely he'd get better locks on his windows, no?) xx

Interesting discussions, don't want to high jack the thread to much, but I am trying to get used to sleeping on my back for more then four months, but it ain’t going so so well...

How do you guys learned to sleep on your back? tips and tricks? and how did it take?

Do you guys sleep with earplugs? and if so what type?

Do you guys also have an eye-mask to make sure its dark? what type?

Are you sleeping on your back in a bed or on the floor? I find it's more comfortable on your back on the floor than on a bed. I used to sleep with earplugs and I enjoyed it--I seemed to be getting much more vivid dreams, but I eventually gave it up, I think because they irritated my ears after a while. This was before I slept on the floor however. 

My best advice to get used to sleeping on your back is just to wake up early, manage some exercise during the day, and pass out on the floor on your back (with whatever padding you want.) You might toss around at night but I think you'll find that sleeping on your back is most comfortable.

Heck yes. I usually end up on my side, though. I love how much floor space it saves me, not having a bed :-)

I even sleep on the floor when staying in hotel rooms. 

If I do start by sleeping on my back, I'll put a pillow under my knees to make my back straighten out. I learned that in physical therapy, which I had regularly at the age of only 13 because of awful aches! Always poppin Ibuprofen's back then... but no more :-)

that's what I do now! I sleep on the floor and without a pillow, and use the pillow under my knees instead - super good for the back and very comfy!

i love a hard bed - sleeping on timber boards feels good so what i did was i made the floor come to me - i made my own bed out of australian ironbark hardwood flooring and put it on 4 legs like a saxon cremation platform - for extra comfort i have put a thin organic cotton futon on top - it supports my bodys bones, gives it lots of air circulation when its sleeping - under the platform i have a large quartz crysal the size of your palm.



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