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Hi guys, ever since embarking this journey I've been wondering of the weird things that would happen when I tell people that I'm vegan. I only have stories where I tell people I'm vegan and they look at me weird and when my friends say stupid things about eating meat like "oh people in China eat dogs so we can eat meat to balance out the ecosystem" 

That's the weirdest I've got. Any takers?

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I met up with someone from a dating site he said he was vegetarian, and when I met him, without him saying anything I could tell he ate meat and lots of spicey food. We got talking and he came clean on his little lie and told me he wasn't strict vegetarian because sometimes.. He ate a hamburger.

I have another one that is sort of weird.  When I was having acupuncture the guy went through his thing of asking what I was eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I told him, told him about diet changes having a positive effect on me and made a point that I didnt eat animals products.  He said (sorry my quote button is broken) So you are a vegan? and I said yes, and he said Alright, so where do you get your protein from.  And it was the first time anyone had said that exact sentence to me, so I burst out laughing and was just laughing at him quite loudly and for a while.. like hahaha good one.  Yeah, he was serious.   It took me a while to realise he wasn't joking with me.  He was like Why are you laughing? do you know? beans? lentils?  Im like, oh wow, this guy has a bachelor of science..  so even after saying Id changed my diet more than 3 years ago, he still thinks I could maybe... fat little chubby me.. be lacking protein.  He was good at acupuncture but you know, still like everyone else.  

After my last appointment I sent him a copy of the China Study :)

That's funny! I still laugh whenever I'm asked the protein question lol! I can't help it! Us vegans joke about it so much

It's important to joke about it. Sometimes it can annoy the living crap out of someone haha. But cool stories. 

adam, you and others may enjoy this thread by kelin:
What's the most annoying thing anyone has said to you about your diet?

it's quite a collection.

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