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Any vegans who come from families who are against the lifestyle?


Just wanted to get to know the community better. I've been very very fortunate to have the resources to buy my fruits and carbohydrates and never had a problem of finding food or the time to do what I really wanted to do. Although sometimes I feel that my parents put a lot of pressure on me (being Asian parents) and seeing that they are always stressed out at work, they still manage to provide food on the table and eat with my brothers and I no matter what. But I know it will be a challenge talking to them about the lifestyle (They don't know about it yet) 

Just wanted to talk. Would love to hear any stories or any confessions haha!

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My mom was completely against me going vegan. She thought I was going to die without animal flesh and dairy. Proved her wrong. She wouldnt buy me vegan food at all (any little amount of fruit she bought was to snack on) , so I ended up on food stamps just to get food. Then i finally got a job after six to eight months of searching. When I first came across HCLFV, started drinking 8-10 bananana smoothies...again she thought I was going to kill myself with so much potassium. Again still haven't keeled over lol. My family thought I had an eating disorder for eating so many bananas. They gave up. Eventually moved in with my bf and some roomies. They were shocked at first, but knew it was healthy to eat fruit. My bf accepted my food choices early, but since he loves to cook, he uses too much oil x.x bleh. His vegan cooking is great, but I don't eat big portions due to his oil habit. I am still HCLFV, want to g o80/10/10rv eventually. Only hard because cooked foods and potatoes. Anyway, that's my confession lol.

YEHHHHHH. That was awesome. Definitely relate to the banana smoothies though. I have friends who say "you're gonna get potassium poisoning" but then chows down on a large pizza.

Exactly. Whenever my sister complains about her weight gain (she's only 116lbs), I stare at her while she drinks her constant milkshakes or dessert coffees and be like "You know...if you let up on those drinks..you wouldn't be gaining so much weight. It's annoying. My mom has fibromyalgia and she STILL won't go vegan let alone plant based for her health and expects doctors to fix her...and all they do is give her more pain pills. >.> yeah like my way of eating is soooo unnatural and unhealthy..

My parents don't understand at all. I don't even ask them to understand anymore, I just want them to accept and support like every parent should do. But no, they make me eat meat during dinner. Of course no one can be forced to eat something, but if I refuse to eat it, they just will not accept me anymore I'm afraid. Next year I'll be moving out, so I'm just going to have to stick with it. I do make all of my other meals myself and I buy most of it myself. I love to do that. I would even love to cook vegan for my family, but I don't think they have the tastebuds for it like me xd

Can relate on the force part. Maybe you can cook them some soy based meat and lie that you turned to a meat-eater again. When they eat your food smile and chuckle a little.

Other options would be have them try vegan butter, seitan/tempeh bacon and don't tell them they are vegan. I tricked my mom for about a week by using vegan butter on her grits each morning instead of the pus butter...and one day she realized it tasted different. I feigned "I was just trying to experiment and see if a non vegan could tell the difference...took you a week to figure it out!" She only realized the difference because the one day I was at college, she made her own breakfast lol

I was extremely upfront with my parents and gave them the cold hard truths, and still do every single day. I gave them a time 2 weeks in advance to when I was going to make the switch, and we had until then to prepare. I wrote down everything I needed (bananas, dates, tomato sauce, pasta, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, greens). I told them that that was what was going to eat with no oil and no salt. They were in shock, but they were kind of forced to support me or else I was going to starve and they wouldn't let that happen. Keep it strict, give them the facts, and get the job done. Do not let discomfort or a few lost arguments get you down. Just bring them up the next day and tell them that they're wrong.

That's an awesome way to do it. They can't handle the guilt haha. BANANAS AND DATES FOR THE WIN! #carbthefuckup

It is who we associate with the most is who we become. 

If you shared a house with me then automatically your youtube presence, fitness, health and vitality would increase massively. 

We raise to the expectations of our peer group. 

Choose wisely. If you want to fly like an eagle, we have to quit hang'n with turkeys.

Your book inspired me to take action. After reading it I started educating myself about being vegan, starting a Youtube channel, nutrition and been cycling everywhere. I would imagine sharing a house. ALL THE BANANAS AND DATES UNLIMITED SOURCE OF FRUITS AND SUGAR AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Thanks Durianrider!

When I told my mom and dad that I was thinking about going vegan, my mom was very much against it and my dad was supportive that I was taking control of my health. My mom at first thought that I was going to end sick, but overtime, this changed and she became supportive and found out that I am the healthiest person in my family. My dad on the other hand, was arguing with me about veganism and nutrition and saying that I was, in a nutshell, a fad, but still he doesn't realize that I am just trying to save him from killing himself and the planet. Whenever he is at my mom's house, he ends up bringing or buying protein smoothies and it really just seems strange since I have showed, and argued that I am not deficient, but at this point I really don't care as much about his comments about my diet.

The most you can do is lead by example. You can argue all you want but it doesn't matter if they wouldn't listen. If they see you living a healthy awesome lifestyle without eating meat and killing it at everything you do, they would hopefully change their minds. 



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