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I know cutting out meat etc will help A LOT but are there any vegan foods that you should stay away from? 'Healthy' vegan foods that actually could cause weight gain?
Besides nuts, anything else?
Much appreciated!

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Fats will sometimes cause weight gain.

Nuts, seeds, avocados, olives. Stay clear away from OILS.

Rice, cooked potatoes, and other cooked vegetables/starches will help your body retain water, giving the illusion that weight has been gained.

Processed "science-experiment" foods like vegan crackers sold in the store, "meatless" meats, breads..all of that garbage.

And of course...salt will make you APPEAR heavier.

Yeah i dont eat any nuts/seeds/avos'/oils - and i hate olives haha.
I've cut down on potatoes A LOT also. once a week now i say? I just stick to raw/semi raw salads (say if im stir-frying cabbage or something.)
Annnd yeah i stay well away from vegan treats like that as i know they're full of refined sugars, high in fat and sometimes high in salt.
Mhm, i need to find a recipe or something like a salad dressing thats low in salt. i dont use any but my salads are so bland sometimes

hey ive noticed youve posted multiple paranoid discussions about weight gain and gaining weight and wanted to be 'perfect' as freelee, and i just wanted to say if your gaining weight, then stop worrying so much and maybe the weight will come off! just have fun eating and playing and eat as much high carb foods as you want!

Yeah..haha. See i dont know if im gaining weight, maybe its just my mind thinking i've gained 10lbs. I do need to calm down a bit though. i hate stressing out and for me, stress is the worst thing if i want to lose weight. 
Thing is, if i eat a lot of carbs or a lot of protein or say idk a big lunch, i know i'd gain weight.
A good day for me and that i know im still slim at the end of it is:
Banana smoothie (3/4 bananas, 5 at a push.) with maybe a few dates, depends if i have any
then for lunch, 1 pear and a half chopped or chopped mangos..1 apple on the go or 1 pear on the go (if im at uni, id just eat the pear and be done with lunch) or 1 peach chopped or 2, depends if i buy 2
then dinner which is now, a raw/semi raw salad, containing just veg but no carrots/potatoes/corn (so no highy starchy veg)

A bad day would be
The same breakfast but with 6 bananas and more dates
Lunch of idk 1-2 bananas again and a few dates and making like a smoothie bowl with it and just having a lot of sweet fruit in the day
Then dinner, another salad i guess?

Im doing something wrong..idk. freelee claims she eats a lot but really..she eats a lot in quantity, not in meals whereas i probably eat more than her. then again thats probably why shes skinny and i, is not. haha. 

how am i not following the program?! if i ate twice as much id more than definitely put weight on

you really should eat more, do you count your calories? minimum 2,500 per day, that guideline is there for a reason, your body will hold onto weight if you don't meet or exceed that calorie goal.

i've read a lot of success stories where people eat too little and complain about weight gain then up their calories and the weight slowly starts coming off!!!

I dont, i dont like counting calories as it stresses me out and i over-think with foods. I just eat healthy foods but not overloading..if i do overload, i just work out after to use up the excess energy (like today i had more than i would, mulberries, so im gonna do a workout to burn that up)

I probably do meet that many calories, or roughly around that number, ive tried a calorie deficit before and its not worked for me so i wouldn't go down that route again but i wouldn't eat 3000cal if i werent doing anything in the day..you know?

I don't think you realise how little you're eating. You're hardly reaching the 1200-1500 kcal mark :/ 

The idea is :

1000 kcal for EACH breakfast AND lunch (so per meal, that's about 10 bananas or 50 dates or 15 oranges or 17-18 peaches, etc.)

1000 kcal for diner, starting with a nice big salad and then mostly potatoes, rice, pasta with some greens and other veg, for example 300-500 grams corn pasta with a tomato sauce or potato chips (1-2 kg) with pepper-tomato sauce, etc.

I COULD do 1000cal for breakfast (but that sounds so scary to do) but for lunch i couldn't. i know i dont consume 1000cal for lunch at all
and for dinner...? christ i couldn't do that either
isn't dinner meant to be the smallest part of calories? being that its the last meal, evening etc
any carbs i seem to eat just gain weight. thats why ive brought down my potato consumption and i barely eat rice. like once a month, if that? 

Then I'm sorry, but you are not following the lifestyle.

You know, at first, 1000 kcal seemed impossible for me too, but I worked on it, and now it's easy peasy for me and if I eat less, I get really hungry. I haven't lost weight yet (only been 3 weeks + I've occasionally "cheated") but I haven't really put anything on, so I'm giving it some more time to let it work its magic.

Your problem is that you are in starvation mode so your body is holding onto ANYTHING it can, so every time you eat, you will put weight on because your body doesn't expect to get a regular intake of food. If you embrace the lifestyle of healthy abundance, your body will get out of starvation mode, hence not needing to hold onto the foods. 

This video is a better explanation all together : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RehCW0KM8RM

This one from another thread is also very useful : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkcofqaEjUg#t=19

Hope this helps :)

but surely eating to many calories if you're not exercising one day, is pointless?
i know all about the starvation mode and i dont like being in that state but i also dont like gaining weight
okay thankyou:) x

Well your body burns calories even if you're just sitting down! And your brain uses up a quarter of your stored energy, so as a student, you need your brain food!

I was in a period of starvation in my second year, and I really struggled at uni (as well as being completely depressed), but this year, eating properly, I'm already getting much better results :)



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