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Hi, just wanting to chat to any type 1 diabetics doing 811 or something similar to heal their diabetes and how that's working for them? One of my best friends is type 1, and she's trying to go raw to heal but I think she's going about it a bit wrong so wanted to ask you some questions and hear your stories. And any diabetics who have given birth especially, as she's 32weeks pregnant and I'm her birth support person.

Thanks xo

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Thanks heaps for the links! Mika, can u pls tell me more about giving birth as a diabetic and what the doctors did and how your baby was? Thanks xo

My bloodsugar was very stable and in the low range during most of my pregnancy, though I didn't go to great efforts to keep it so. 


The doctors kept close control over the weight of the baby, and in week 36 they said it was around 3800 grams, and they didn't want it to increase more so in week 37 they started it.  I gave birth to a baby girl, who weighed 4600 grams! (I don't know how accurate their weighing-instruments were, this was 13 years ago)

Since she was so big (and I wasn't :P) she did get stuck with her shoulder for a minute too long, and lost her breath. They had to revive her instantly, and after that she was fine.

That did cause a minor injury to the nerves in her right shoulder though, so she couldnt bend or stretch her right arm out all the way. She also didn't use her right arm (it's still a bit weaker today, 13 years later) as much as her left when she was little, might have caused her to become left-handed too. 


Next pregnancy I will definately ask the doctor keep an even closer look on the baby's weight before giving birth. 


My baby was also very tired when newborn, I hear this is common when the mother is diabetic, because the baby gets a little too much insulin from the mother in the belly and comes out with low bloodsugar.

Because she was so tired I had to struggle to get her to breastfeed, and I managed three days, but she just wouldn't suck hard enough and fell asleep instead, everytime. So she was bottlefed with formula. I didn't like it, but had no choice. 


She's a beautiful, smart and healthy teenager now though :D

I am not diabetic, but have suffered with hypoglycemia for nearly two decades. Eating high fruit is the only way I can avoid low blood sugar crashes. If I try and eat grains/beans, I get low blood sugar shortly after. I tried protein/veg one time, but had TERRIBLE results (low blood sugar all the time).

I had aweful dizzy spells before doing this diet. everyone said it was low sugar i didnt believe them it didnt make sense I could eat a banana 30 min later dizzy spell how could that be low sugar?

fast forward to this diet. I dont have dizzy spells anymore i feel fine better hten ever all the time.

Yes yes yes!!! I am type 1 and have been for 15 years. 80/10/10 is the best thing I could have possibly done for my diabetes. I did it overnight!!! cold turkey, completely 811 overnight. best part is, I went from taking 1 unit of insulin for every 10g of carbs to taking 1 unit of insulin to every 25g of carbs!!!!! I have GREATLY reduced the amount of insulin I take and am still amazed at all the carbs I'm eating (only fruits and veggies of course) I used to eat one piece of fruit per day and now, well, it's limitless! Before 80/10/10 I was ALWAYS hungry, now, I'm 100% satisfied and so friggin happy I can't begin to tell you. I am also losing whatever weight I gained in the beginning. As far as your friend being pregnant, of course she is high risk and must monitor herself closely and work with her endocrinologist but I strongly recommend 811, it's a lifesaver, literally. I hope I've been somewhat helpful...... Let me know if I can help in any way, I am more than happy to be there for you and your friend.

I know I'm quite late in replying to this comment, but wow, you give me hope! I'm a type 1 diabetic and I have been so afraid that because of my condition, I would not be able to shed weight on this diet like everyone else. Would you, by any chance, be able to give some input on my latest question?



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