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I have been an avid fan of releasing (as taught in the Sedona Method, Release Technique, ARC etc.) for a couple of years now and was wondering if anyone else on here currently uses or has used these techniques? If so, how has this lifestyle affected your practice and vice versa?

Personally, I have noticed that on this lifestyle, especially a in times of being all raw, my practice has become so much deeper and easier. At the same time, I believe that releasing helps me maintain a balanced HCRV lifestyle as it allows me to deal with emotions in a constructive way (instead of numbing them with unhealthy behaviours).

Would love to hear about the experience of others with this :-)

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Could you tell us more about what that is?

I'll do my best to explain, but it's really something that is best experienced first hand.

Releasing is a collection of techniques designed to increase awareness of one's emotions, either in general or on a particular issue, and then welcoming/allowing them and/or letting them go. The idea is that this way of dealing with emotions is more constructive for example supressing or expressing them.

The most basic way of letting go is the so-called kinaesthetic method were you locate a feeling in your body and then imagine opening a window over that spot and allowing that feeling to flow out.

The other ways of letting go are more 'intellectual' in nature and for example involve answering a series of questions or tracing a feeling back to the underlying basic want such as wanting to be safe, wanting control or wanting approval. It may sound complicated, but all the techniques are really simple to use. The goal is to keep letting go of emotions until one reaches a feeling peace. With regular practice, it becomes easier to achieve and maintain that state.

Releasing was originally developed by a guy named Lester Levenson (who died in 1994, I think). Today it's being taught by several different teachers who each have their own style, but the essence of the method remains the same.

The cheapest way to learn it is probably a book called The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin, but there are also various multimedia home study courses and live seminars available.

I doubt this intro does the method justice, but if anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to try and answer them!

Oh thanks for the explanation.  I was wondering what this was too but didn't ask.  To be honest my mind went somewhere else with that and I though maybe I didn't want to know, lol.  But that sounds interesting.  Thanks again for the explanation

is that like going into a cave and screaming at the top of my lungs or yelling into a pillow?

Not at all, lol. Releasing emotions happens quietly :-)

I've not heard of these particular methods before, but I'm probably doing something similar. I read a bit of the Sedona technique website, and I recognise the concept of 'releasing', even if I haven't called it that. I think Thomas Stone describes something similar in his book "Cure by Crying", and the process also seems to be a feature of Primal Therapy and other deep feeling therapies.

How has this lifestyle affected the process? Well, I've been raw for just over 3 months now. I find that it's much easier to access and release emotions, like you say, and also the process is indefinably smoother somehow. Before it was very stop-and-start, whereas now it seems to flow more, like a river, if that makes sense. It can make life difficult at times; you can get flooded with a strong feeling at an inappropriate moment, but I seem to be able to get by.

I feel a little frustrated that it's a scattergun approach, although maybe I'm not making enough time for it. You can't force the process, so sometimes you're just feeling uncomfortable with a feeling, but it doesn't resolve. I think I'll read more about Sedona to see if there are any techniques I can add. I'm also wondering if I should set aside some time in each day just to 'feel' what is happening in my body.

Thank you for your reply. I have not heard of the works you mentioned, but I'll check into them.For my consistency has been key to getting results with releasing.

Not sure if this is applicable to what you're doing but I'm working for at least an hour daily with a partner via Skype and our sessions just keep going deeper, even after three months of working together. I usually feel very light and peaceful afterward.

If you are interested in learning more about releasing, you can also check out www.releasetechnique.com, www.ultimatehappinesssecret.com and www.arealizedcommunity.com

Thanks for the links, I've been reading more about it.

An hour a day working with a partner sounds perfect!

My favourite exercise for achieving something like that is what is called 'Attachments and Aversions'. It can be done on any topic, for example: being HCRV, taking responsibility, prioritizing, being healthy, being patient, being all loving, etc. The aim of the exercise is to uncover (conflicting) emotions and the basic needs/wants they are connected to and to let them go in order to gain clarity and freedom on the chosen topic.

It's not so easy to explain to someone not familiar with releasing, but I'll try to give a brief overview on how the excercise is done. Attachment and Aversion side are done one at the time. So if the topic is 'being HCRV', you do both attachment to being HCRV and aversion to being HCRV.

First you do the stream of consciousness by simply taking the first thing that comes to mind about the attachment to the topic and writing that down (or tell your partner if you are working with someone). Then you ask: is what I just wrote coming from wanting approval, wanting control or wanting safety (some teacher add wanting seperation and wanting oneness)? You make a note of which want(s) it is and let it/them go. You repeat the stream of consciousness process on the attachment to your chosen topic until you run out of answers.

Then, you ask 'what advantage is it to be me to (topic)?', write down your answer, identify the want and let it go. You repeat that except now you ask :'what disadvantage is it to be me to (topic)?' You go back and forth with that until you run out of answers.

Finally, you imagine never even being able to (topic) ever again. You take whatever reaction is triggered, identify the want and let it go. Repeat that until you can imagine it and feel peaceful. To finish, you ask yourself: 'could I let go of my entire attachment to (topic)?' You take your answer, identify to want and let go. Repeat until you can say yes with 100% certainty.

That's one side done. The aversion side works in a similar fashion, but there are some differences. Stream of consciousness is still first, but you skip the word attachment when you ask the question. Then you ask what you like and dislike about the topic (instead of using the words advantage and disadvantage) and finally 'imagine always (topic)' and asking 'could I let go of my entire aversion to (topic)'.

Feell free to contact me if you want to know more!



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