30 Bananas a Day!

If so, please share your experience, strength and hope with regards to this lifestyle being, amongst many positive things, an alternative solution to alcoholism. ANY and ALL thoughts, comments, opinions and experiences welcomed. Thank you. 

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i'm addicted to running and strength training.  I have never been fully addicted to drugs or alcohol but I have familly members that are or used to be an alcoholic.  I do have an addictive personality though.  I used to be addicted to buying dance music on vinyl record singles in the late 90's and early 2000's.  Couple credit card companies made loads of money off of foolishly being singles i couldn't afford at $10 a record.

Durianrider has a great video on this subject. Put simply, alcohol contains a lot of carbs and our desire to drink is a craving not for alcohol but for carbs. So if you want a drink just drink fruit juice and your desire to drink alcohol will disappear.

It actually works....its the best and simplest cure for alcoholism there is. Just drink plenty of smoothies and fruit juice. You wont want alcohol any more.


I was doing a couple hundred quids worth of crack and heroin some days, drinking heavy and all that jazz. I was so close to death in the end I had to be hooked up to an I.V for antibiotics but they couldn't find vein because I had destroyed them all from mainlining and they had to use an ultrasound.

From my experience and from what I've seen this lifestyle is the only way out, it gives you a fighting chance, I don't know anyone personally that has made a full recovery from serious addiction through conventional means, they are all either dead or nearly dead. The most Important thing is to get the carbs in, I mean overeat, as many ripe bananas as you can get in for brek, potatoes/rice whatever, It will throw that switch off for a few hours and give you relief more and more so over time. I also found walking really helpful at first as I wasn't up to much fitness wise, I used to go walking for hours at first.

It's also incredible how much I've healed, I've got fat healthy veins, my trackmarks have all but disappeared, so much so you would never know to look at me about my past unless I mentioned it.

I wanted to survive, I wanted to live, and living as naturally as possible gave me a fighting chance, you have just got to fight for it.

Thank you for your responses, sextain, I'll have to find that video. However, my choice was heroin. I do know opiates deplete sugar levels as possibly do other drugs. Oliver, thank you for your honesty, I hope you're doing well. I'm hoping to get more people to speak up and I would mostly like to hear from people who have real life experience, not just opinion. Thanks.

In South East Asia Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a traditional remedy for curing people of opium addiction. It would probably also work for heroin.  In Thailand it is illegal and also in some states in the US. The Thais were refreshingly honest about their reasons for banning it. The government had a monopoly on opium and the tax revenue from this was an important source of income. So many people were weaning themselves off opium using kratom that the government outlawed it.

Depending on where you live you may be able to get some.

There are no remedy's or cures for opium addiction or any addiction for that matter, the only thing that works is natural living and hard work, exercise, a bit of meditation used to help me in the beginning although I'm to carbed up to meditate now days.

They may well deplete your sugar levels but that's a completely moot point, heroin completely robs you of your health by all accounts, the amount of energy and carbs it takes to bring you back to just a reasonable level of health is IMMENSE. 

Hello chap, was just wondering if you've made any progress, got yourself into detox etc?

hi there, i have been addicted to alcohol and weed for many years. 15 alcohol and weed a bit longer then that. I have finally managed to get clean on this lifestyle. I thought I would never be able to just feel good without any substance. But here I am doing beter each day. I also have done many cocaine and xtc , mdma. My life was a dark whole, the only thing that works for me is smash in the fruit and since ive started cycling regularly that has made huge progress in my mood. 

I m forever greatful to have found this lifestyle, or else I d be dead probably , if not from alcohol ,from disease. 

I drank like a fish and I swear the carbs help me maintain my sanity and stay charged up to run which calms me. Not to mention I think its gone a long way at healing me mentally and physically. I was a mess before.



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