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I found out in June that the reason why I have always had issues with my period and acne for the past 10 years is that I have cysts in my ovaries. My acne over the past year or so has gotten progressively worse. Soy, nuts except almonds, and any oils have always triggered acne on my face. I now do not eat any of those. My acne is still pretty damn bad. I've had multiple say "I've always wanted to ask you about your acne since veganism usually cures it" after I voluntarily bring up my acne to them. It's on everyone's mind - mostly mine - and I'm at a loss for answers! My gyno who I saw back in June told me I can go on a low dose of estrogen since my levels are low, but the idea of being on BC turns me completely off. I did a trial run of one for a few days in June and HATED it! I was a hot mess! Crying over nothing, being upset with my parents for stupid things, and I wanted to remove myself from my body. 

ANYWAY! Is there anyone out there with cysts and/or hormonal issues and acne from it, and did you get rid of it? How so? I'm 22 and am tired of having the same acne now as I did at age 13!  I feel like the "special case" person who not only permanently gains weight (trying to be patient) but also has permanently imbalanced hormones and unattractive zits evvverywhere!!!

*help* <3 christygee

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Im sorry to hear you're still having acne issues! I also suffered from ovarian cysts and one of them ruptured once and I had to go to the emergency room. so horrible. since going vegan my cysts have stopped forming. my pimples have also cleared but I never had that many so it wasn't an issue then. Last year I ate some dairy and guess what, cysts came back. back on LFRV now and no cysts or symptoms of cysts. All I can tell you to do is stick with this because it will clear up, it just takes time for your body to heal.

Wow, that is waaaaaay brilliant that you got rid of your cysts because of FOOD!! How flippin magical is that. I used to get really bad tonsil stones when I cheated on my vegan diet by eating frozen dairy yogurt. I never made the connection between the two until I was 100% vegan and realized I hadn't gotten a single tonsil stone since I changed my eating habits! I'm so thrilled that there is hope out there for me after hearing your story. Thank you for your input, I know I can only get better from here :)

Funny! Whenever I'm 100% raw after a day or two, I start getting tonsil stones. They appear every 3-5 days while maintaining raw :)

No way?! That's so trippy! How do you deal with them? I used to have to pick them out with all sorts of pointy things - I've tried tweezers, toothpicks, everything, until I landed upon a cuticle remover! How embarrassing. They also smelled terrible, and apparently it's a common thing - my best friend and sister would get them too and none of us ever shared because we were so embarrassed! 

Honestly, I only found them because they'd be in my mouth as I'm about to spit out my toothpaste.. Like they'd just come loose and be ready to leave, after a gargle lol. And yeah they do smell horrific! My boyfriend was surprisingly not as fascinated as I was with them... :/ Haha

so maybe that's the difference in our stones being a tox vs detox symptom?

Heyy!! I'm 22 and I have PCOS as well.  This diet definetly works for PCOS.  I've reversed pretty much all my symptoms on this diet.  However, my acne really disappears when I add more flaxseed or chia, especially flax though.  I originally became vegan when I was doing Dr. Fuhrmans diet, and that's when it cleared up within a few weeks.  It was really bad (cystic) everywhere.  Eat lots of broccoli and other green veggies along with fruit.  Fruit during the day and green veggies with flaxseed sprinkled on top at night.  

I went on BC when I was 16, and then after that is when I got PCOS symptoms.  I went off of BC and got all the acne, etc.  The pill also made me gain 20 pounds within 2 months.  It's a hell pill.


Hmm...I didn't know that!  interesting.  thanks :)

WHAT. That is ridiculous!!!!! Not in a "you are lying to me" way, but in a "I didn't even know veggies could trigger acne!" way. Holy moses. I know what I'm researching the next time I get a big chunk of time on the internet! Thank you so much--never would have imagined that was a possibility! 

Hello Kris! Ah! That's so good to hear. I have some flax in my fridge that I've always neglected, but now I have an excuse to use it. :) I will definitely take your advice to eat lots of broccoli and greens! I LUUUV broccoli...but I must admit I've been stingy with buying good quality greens, so I haven't been eating enough of them. Maybe my problem lies right there -- not enough greens? Always a possibility! Your BC symptoms sound awful. Just like my symptoms BEFORE going on BC about 3 years ago. Isn't it the worst?  Dang. Writing this makes me want to make a youtube video about my symptoms hahaha. I feel like so many of us are out there who are dying to get some answers!! Thank you for replying!! :D


Have u ever had ur TSH levels checked ? (thyroid levels) or even Ft3, Ft4. 


@ Krissy   Broccoli is also goitrogenic and inhibits the absorbtion/usage of Iodine in the body. 

I am not sure actually! I'll have to look into what Ft3 and 4 are. I had a blood test done last month and was told that, aside from low vitamin D, all of my vitamin levels were good. Thanks for your response, it's always nice when people suggest specific things for me to check that I would never have otherwise known even existed! 



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