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Im starting to get weird cravings for what we in sweden call "barbacue spices"/"grillkryddor.


I was fruitarian for months and months and didnt ever think about those spices and now my mouth is craving for that taste very much weirdly enough. Not all the time but vey intensely just now when i was in the store for example.


An hour ago i got it too. Im not really hungry, i just crave spices or salt or whatever it is im craving. I dont feel like eating more of the fruit i allready had today so i shouldnt be hungry. Its kid of frustrating, cold dead birds in spices seriously looked good to me back there hehe. I dont want to think that that looks good so any help is appreciated.  Ive been feeling this every second day or so lately.


Ive been eating this today and something similar yesterday:


30 or so kind of small ecologic bananas, ripe and prickly but "western ripe" of course, picked green and ripening here or on the boat.


5-6 or so Mangos. Ripe enough to be fairly soft but not very sweet at all unfortunately.


7 or so unripe crunchy persimons. The soft ones were out.    


1 galia melon. Fairly ripe but not the best..


Maybe 2,5-3 litres of tap water. Possibly more but not less.


Could the craving come because the fruit is western quality, didnt get ripe on the tree and therefore didnt have some of the minerals that come late in the ripening phase or is it just to little sugar in all this unripe fruit so my body is getting frustrated and craving other stuff?


The only fruit that sounds fairly good to me right now is water melon so maybe thats an argument for being "full" enough but still craving sugar... Ill try the ones i have but they are not so sweet so ill probably be dissappointed.


Ive been sitting still a lot for different reasons. Anyone hadweird effects like this from that?


Gonna youtube some bird factorys now to try to get that craving out of here, but i think its the spices im actually craving now. Wanting some strong taste sensation.




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Why do you think we have this 'gray zone', our shame-based self-statements, our distortions and illusions? Just curious.

Thanks Gerald. Much appreciated. Hope the broken relationship makes both of you stronger.


I have some related thoughts here, here and here.

Hey, i started a long reply on this before today but as i was almost ready my computer rebooted :( Now i have a friend visiting over the weekend so i will answer the first days next week. Have a good weekend!

Ok, back after a good weekend. In my eyes its just helpful and generous of you to offer some helpful words and being wordy could just as well mean that you are a creative non-lazy and open person with some extra time on your hands.

And i think that in one way or another a part of the deep down motivation for helpings others might often be that we feel that its good for us selves to help others but but that doesnt make it egoistic to help others as long as that part is more of a bonus and the main motivation is wanting good for ohers.

I also do the thing of "summing/figuring for myself" what im going through at least one time if thats what you mean by looping and then sharing with someone else i care about if i feel that it would be good. I think writing down the feelings is a really good way to neutralize them a bit too. Making songs out of the text and recording it has helped even more. I only did that once but hope to do it more in the future. I really recommend it for anyone whos sad or frustrated about something and the point is not if its gonna be a hit or sound good, the point is that the problem can turn into something theurapeutic and eventuelly even fun.

Its can also be fun to listen to that "problem song" 10 years later... :P

"When you are bored, you don't need stimulation from something else to prevent cravings. That's like using one escape mechanims to displace another."

Well, I believe that the craving was due to some different worries/frustrations in the present like for example not wanting to be in a city in the winter at all and i am allready deeply aware of the reasons why i dont want that and i have been feeling it. Sure, i could stop right there in the store and "feel my affects in my chest or face" and so on if i have the time and patience but i can also choose to temporarily fix the problem by giving myself a positive stimulation, like for example starting talking to some people and having fun. Knowing that it is a disctraction until i can be in the part of the world where i want to be.

I think i do see your point though, but all things have their time and place, especially if your  working towards a goal and the work absorbes a lot of time resources.

In other words, sometimes stopping everything planned to "feel" can be a good thing but sometimes it can create new problems that also has to be felt and so on.

If your on a leaking and sinking ship for example you can choose to temporarily fix the whole or  to jump into a life boat or to sit and feel your anxietys right there and then, but i would recommend to save it for until you are in a better situation. :)

Im sure you know all this but just didnt read it into my comment about the craving in my last message.

I dont know what Martin Buber quote you where thinking of but i googled "Martin Buber quote" and found a lot of nice ones.

Im gonna focus a lot on getting out of here now, thanks again and talk later!

Good ones, yes i will try, thanks! Take care for now and good luck with all!

The addictive mind has some very deep grooves because that record has been played millions of times.


And environment is VERY important . . . what and who you are around.  Seeing that food and smelling it triggered the memories and the needle fell right back into that old groove, still a bit there.


If you were on a tropical island with only fresh tropical fruits around, I doubt you would have any of those "cravings."   Imagine being here, how easy it would be:




Beware the addictive mind.  Put your mind in a better place, even if you can't be there physically.  AND eat more fruit!  ♥

im more interested in the skater graham made up than anything else you've said in this topic


source? or more info please :)

greens are ultra important

I dont want to make that a big discussíon thing here, I kind of regret taking it up once i managed to not bring it up for a whole year.


But heres the "testimony":

"Now my skateboard wears out before I do!" –Ador Lazar, professional skateboarder



If you have any questions on that send me a message instead.

First of all, you CANNOT be a fruitarian without plugging your statistics into cron-o-meter and making absolutely sure that you are getting all of your nutrients, simply because greens have such a high, balanced, and certain quantity of them, that it is dangerous to go without them, unless you plan for it well.


Also, I second the zinc and iron. Are you eating any fruits lately that are actually high in those two minerals? Double check everything! :)

Ok, seriously, the best way to make me do something is saying i "CANNOT". Thats kind of silly, how many wild animals did you see with a cron-o-meter and statistics? :)


We were once wild and sure, the fruit were probably more nutritious then but i know for a fact that i had more nutrition problem symptoms as a meat eater than as a fruit eater.

Ok, i was kind of stressed with someone waiting when i wrote this. Im sorry, i didnt mean that using a cron-o-meter is silly or that your are silly, only the specific claim that its not possible to be fruitarian without it which is obviously not true since there are hundreds of fruitarians without it. :)

And with the meat comment i ment that if i was able to live an active life of eating meat and have feel even better on fruit it shouldnt be impossible to keep doing so with or without cron-o-meter. That said i might check one out one day, might be useful.



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