30 Bananas a Day!

Im starting to get weird cravings for what we in sweden call "barbacue spices"/"grillkryddor.


I was fruitarian for months and months and didnt ever think about those spices and now my mouth is craving for that taste very much weirdly enough. Not all the time but vey intensely just now when i was in the store for example.


An hour ago i got it too. Im not really hungry, i just crave spices or salt or whatever it is im craving. I dont feel like eating more of the fruit i allready had today so i shouldnt be hungry. Its kid of frustrating, cold dead birds in spices seriously looked good to me back there hehe. I dont want to think that that looks good so any help is appreciated.  Ive been feeling this every second day or so lately.


Ive been eating this today and something similar yesterday:


30 or so kind of small ecologic bananas, ripe and prickly but "western ripe" of course, picked green and ripening here or on the boat.


5-6 or so Mangos. Ripe enough to be fairly soft but not very sweet at all unfortunately.


7 or so unripe crunchy persimons. The soft ones were out.    


1 galia melon. Fairly ripe but not the best..


Maybe 2,5-3 litres of tap water. Possibly more but not less.


Could the craving come because the fruit is western quality, didnt get ripe on the tree and therefore didnt have some of the minerals that come late in the ripening phase or is it just to little sugar in all this unripe fruit so my body is getting frustrated and craving other stuff?


The only fruit that sounds fairly good to me right now is water melon so maybe thats an argument for being "full" enough but still craving sugar... Ill try the ones i have but they are not so sweet so ill probably be dissappointed.


Ive been sitting still a lot for different reasons. Anyone hadweird effects like this from that?


Gonna youtube some bird factorys now to try to get that craving out of here, but i think its the spices im actually craving now. Wanting some strong taste sensation.




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ok, watched some movies and compared to that suffering i feel stupid to whine over cravings...

I know you said you were a fruitarian but I think Victoria Boutenko addressed a similiar situation involving cravings and found that by adding greens and green smoothies, she was able to get rid of all the cravings. Could it be that your body is wanting some of the minerals and nutrients found in greens that you are not getting from the fruit? If the fruit is not ripe or of low quality then you are not getting all that you need from it. The quality of your produce doesn't sound optimal. 



Get boxes of organic dates so you get enough calories. Many fruits simply dont have enough sugar. Who just eats birds with no sauce? I dont know anyone! My raw meat eater mates soak their dead birds/flesh in honey or follow the murder meal with milk and honey.


Go to KFC and ask the servers how many people order a murder burger with no sweet sauce or soda?


You want carbs, if you underate just 1 day last week, then you will still crave untill your eating enough consistently. If your craving cockatoo's you need more carbs. Go eat a bag of rice with sauce and see if you want birds after that. You wont. Go blend up a kg of dates and drink it slow and see how much you want to gobble a budgie after that.


Hungry cows eat ducks says youtube. Hungry humans will eat anything says McDonalds. Health experts are promoting the same nutritional content as big macs as healthy. Its easy to be confused. Follow your heart and carb up so whats in your heart reflects whats in your cart.

That was lovely :) Probably the best post I've seen from you so far. I especially enjoyed the last sentence; rhymes are always nice (not to mention catchy).

i wrote chicken factory on youtube and this was the first one i clicked. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpbtBgLfl90&feature=related 
I dont even have words for that and even so im sure its very far from the worst meat factory video.


I remember seing one with cows way back when i was a meat eater but as with most people seing that wasnt enough. Its to easy to make up excuses and the fear mongering and complication of non meat diet and hiding of what is real food is to massive so people just consider that its probably better with "swedish meat" or that we are meat eaters by nature or whatever excuses one can make up based on media and meat promotion.  

Great post, DR!!!  You are one clever guy!


Yes, "craving cockatoos" and "gobbling budgies" shows how ridiculous the whole thing is.


Thank you for all you do!


Thanks for the replys folks!

Josh, well, i know a mouth cant crave so its mor of a sloppy way to say it than a misunderstanding. I tried to really analyze just what my brain was longing for and my brain was longing for that sensation you get in your mouth when eating that spice. :)


Laura, Sidea, you might be right but if it was possible i would love to get those minerals from some fruit. One reason is that i have only seen sprayed sallad and leafs here and since leafs are so thin its easy to imagine that the amount of toxins per gram leaf is pretty big. I did eat roman lettuce and celery doing raw food before becoming a fruitarian but warning signs on the lettuce package that it "must be rinsed" and a calmer stomach on the fruit and feeling an easy detected drawing to fruit made me decide to only eat that except for when none is at hand in a restaurant for example. I might try some again though. Celery was good for salt cravings so i might get some.   


DR, i would like to think you are right as i like the idea of eating more sugar.. ;) I have avoided dates because the strong sugartaste makes it hard to spot "mistastes" from unhealthy fruit or toxins and because of sticking to teeth and i have a feeling dates are semi-dried/semi-dead because of the drieing wrinkles, long storage, looks in general and so. I havent seen any organic ones around here but i will be happy to look around a bit and see if it helps cause i like sweet stuff.  I have also avoided it because i used to eat kind of disorderly my whole life, for example if being at my grand mothers i could eat a lot of food (4-5 big portions) and then desert (3 portions)and then 30-50 or so cookies on one sitting and then obviously feel like crap. Luckily i have some kind of skinny genes i guess or i would have been pretty obiese. Since i cant stop myself from eating sweets sometimes i probably couldnt have a pack of dates at home and just eat some now, some then, i might just eat the whole pack at once. That behavior got better the last 5-10 years though, so maybe. With other fruit its no big problem because i feel it naturally tells me when to stop, when it doesnt taste just as good any more, around the 8th to 12th banana if im hungry. :) 


Also, i did undereat at least one day this week in the way of eating a lot at noon and a lot at eight or so but nothing in between because of concentrating on other stuff and forgetting. That was three days or so ago though. If the whole last week effects the craving, are you basing that on own experience, testimonys, logic, litterature or all of that? Id like to read more about it, find it interesting.   


Im looking to leave the country in a few weeks and might bring 801010 and some other books and read but now i just want to get done and go. :)

Could be but not necessarily. Its hard to explain if you never had an addiction or a food addiction but ive been so "full" and not hungry that my stomach hurt severely and i couldnt even walk and still kept eating hehe. I can laugh at it now.. Geralds reply and my new one describes it more.


"Dr. Graham says you cannot be successful on this diet without greens".


Tord Lyseving in sweden has been thriving successfully on just fruit for 25 years (if he is not lieing) and Mango Durian 12 years or so  so even if Graham knows a lot of a lot i dont think anyone should be attributed to knowing all. I also know Graham "made a pro skateboarder up", "Ador Lazar" (me and my friends "lived" skateboarding and skateboard media for 23 years and there has never even been a well known skateboarder AMATEUR pr SKATEBOARER at all with that name) and Grahams crew published a "testimony" in this non existing pros name about how good Grahams sport book did for "Ador". That ruined my trust in Graham, especially when i pointed it out and asked them to remove it and not try to score points on made up persons and on the activity we skateboarders love and Grahams employees kept lieing about it to me, claiming the person sure existed and maybe retired from proffessional skateboarding and other dumb stuff that is just plain lieing. There is probably not even a person in the world with that name and sure not a pro skateboarder.


I have promised myself not to tell others about that lie because it might be like dissing someones god or something and it probably makes me a lot less popular here but there it went... I have a serious problem with lieing and i was rarely the person keeping my mouth shut just for fear of getting impopular (if i knew i was right) and if anyone wants to hate me for it, go ahead i guess. Extra problem with lieing to sell health stuff, we have enough of that from the medical proffession and fda and natural medicine branches and so on.


Isnt graham also the one who claimed lots of years ago that one would DIE if eating only fruits back in the day before some people showed him wrong? Thats not a fact but a question from me. Anyone know? :)


Ok, that was off topic.


Fat question. I ate 1 avocado a day for maybe 1 week starting 15th of janary. Then 2 a day knowing its to much. Then i ate maybe 10 in two days and then i made myself read the part in 801010 that explains high fat problems and then i stopped avocado til now. I tried one the other day but it didnt taste that good so i made myself throw it away before the addictment could come back.


I actually never crave anythig but sweet fruit, avocado, and that barbacue spice killed bird. I can walk through candy isles, eat with my family when they eat all kinds of foods, sausces chocolates, cookies, cakes, muffins, ice cream and the only thing i ever crave now is dead birds and barbacue spice. After a long night of dancing i can like the idea of meat too, but its easy to say no.


This might grose you long time vegetarians out but im honest with my weaknesses and thoughts... I ate meat all the time until april. I think one reason is that chicken appeals me (besides possible calorie/nutrition craving) is that chicken thighs have a soft fiberish feeling that isnt like a "block" like other meat from big animals, it comes apart in pieces like a banana would if you pull it gently, or like some other fruit would. I myself should be grosed out considering pulling an animals leg apart but im just so indoctrinated through my whole life that the thing i ate is one thing and the live animal another, so its hard to put them togethet even if i try. I think thats why most meat eaters dont understand vegetarians, they cant put the live, thinking animal together with that piece of "food".


Also, i dont have cravings for other processed stuff because its so easy to think "we havent eaten this garbage for more than some hundred years and its not human food" while we have eaten burnt animals for thousands and thousands of years and meat eating animals thrive from it (with a different stomach) but it can therefore appeal mor to me in a logic scense than any processed food.


DR talked about that i would never eat just meat without sauce and rice and so on but the matter is that i actually would. I dont miss that other stuff and before i became fruitarian i would love to eat just a grilled chicken as it was. Or chew on a piece of meat (smoked or grilled with spices though). I would love to eat just salmon with nothing else to it.


Fruityartist, I love blueberrys but guess the corporat stuff we have here are not so benificial. I love kiwi but the ones here mess with my teeth a lot so i quit but miss it. Even the milder yellow ones.  sunflower seeds i like, but i hear they are mostly dried/rpocessed at some extent and are to fat to eat limitlessly and i have a harder time seing our ancestors eat it so i would prefer fruit. Figs i dont know what it is. Will google :)


Pica i would have to google too. :)

Carrie, first off i didnt mean to be offensive towards you in any way and I can very well se how there could be benifits with high mineral greens. Especially if eating fruit picked unripe. I would prefer if i can live on fruit though and will go somewhere with fresh fruit. And yes you are right abut your father, the idea of thriving varies a LOT. :D


Yes, lets skip that discussion as you say. :)


I do believe you are right that i get way to little vitamin d but i didnt know it was common in flesh. Holiday will be taken care of withn some weeks :) but i did actually order some pills recommended by Don Bennet along with the b12s he recommend. I dont like the idea of eating pills though even if i can see the benefit so ive only had 2 so far in 2 weeks but probably could use more, one every third day or so.. Any personal experiences?

Somehow it wants that, so why fight mother nature haha. Thanks for the clip!

Wow, thanks for the long and valuable reply Gerald.


Of course, the most likely is probably that this craving is a combination of more than one thing (considering bad quality of my fruit and hardly any  sun for months sincs ive been working and hanging indoors since november). That said, i think parts of your theory was right on target and some parts of it i have been thinking about myself as pieces but not put together to "a whole". Ive known since i was 12-13 and started skateboarding that i was a "kick addict" but liking it. Even before then when i was skiing that "was boring" if i didnt fly/jump and so on.


when almost giving in I have been thinking "why deny myself what i crave, why not live a little, we are not talking heroin here" and i think "even in the years when i ate whatever crap i was hardly ever sick, i was in fairly good physical condition and so on" (all photos on this site is from before my SAD diet period).


But then ive also been thinking that its kind of sad to me with people whos thrill in life is eating different food and drinking different whines and whatever things like that that is meaningless to me (or was before i started with fruitarianism).


I want my thrill in life to be like it has sometimes been for periods of life, travelling, seeing new cultures, bonding and learning interesting things from people all over the world and making exciting progress and sometimes also "shallow/dumb but fun kicks" as skateboard progression and flow, driving very fast, skydiving, sex or whatever, but not as a base, only as a 10-15% fun addition to the stuff that i think "matters more".


The best and longest lasting thrill for me i realised some years ago and realise more and more as i go is the kick and happy excitement of doing good things and making good change for others.   


So those things i just described is what i want to focus my life on from now on but its hard to get out of the system and my old life cause it keeps dragging me in (company, ongoing projects that needs to be finished, paper work, getting rid of all belongings that keep me in sweden and so on). I have been planning the trasition and postponing it year by year and this was the winter it was really really really gonna start ;) by me getting out of here and im making progress but I am feeling frustration and worry right now about how time is going by and about wondering if when i leave (hopefully in a few weeks) i will have to come back in spring and i might not have the tools to stay out of one of my projects that takes a lot of time and energy. Its in that mood the craving sometimes is extra strong.


I also fantasize or "plan" a lot lately looking upp all kinds of countries to choose from like Kenya, Brunei, Thailand, uruguay, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Argentina, Indonesia instead of just travelling and checking things out and taking it from there like i think i should. My hanging on forums instead of getting ready to leave asap is also a kind of uncontrolled fantasizing which i have reflected over tons of times the last 4 weeks. I do all kinds of things instead of getting done and leaving. :)


Another example is that i usually dont have that much need to act out while driving but there has been a lot of fast accelarations the last few days.


So you were pretty much right on and i want to thank you for taking the time. When it comes to grieving that has been true when i was little and then i healed that stuff ok but ive been having a couple of new loads this year that i didnt have time to think of and have been knowingly postponing and blocking out to deal with it once i am abroad in some nature environment since i just didnt have the possibility or time the last year to unblock it cause regular work was almost burning me out completely so one more thing would be to much.


Years ago i did read quite a bit of psycology and thats when i sorted a lot out but a lot has been "falling into forgettness" as we say in sweden. I look forward to get more into it again for a while.


I dont know if i wrote this but i have also been thinking "would i crave this if i was skateboarding or having fun in asia right now?" and come to the conclusion "probably not".


Whats your favourite studies/books on addiction psycology and its treatment? One of my griefs is actually "the civilized worlds" addiction to (what at least i consider) bad stuff , bad news, bad habits, bad politics and what they never realize because of it. So one dream is to help more people "snap out of it" so any studies on that would be interesting.


But then there is always the question that i keep coming back to. If one is very used to living on illusions of all kinds and kicks from non existing or non relevant things then maybe snapping out of it is not always so pleasant to all, so unless people want to them selves it might be wrong to snap them out of it even if they are walking with blindfolds towards a cliff so to speak. That is another one of my griefs. Knowing i could help some people that dont want to be helped.


And when i say griefs i dont mean im unhappy, just that i have some griefs mixed into all the good in life. Well, interesting stuff but now i should get stuff out of the way for travelling then i guess. :) And every time i have a craving i should do something really exciting hehe. Whatever that can be when you are in a store. Hmm, well i have some ideas. :)



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