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Any ideas how I could manage getting enough cals during the day?



I hope that you can help me. At the moment, I'm studying law and have quite a sedentary lifestyle because of sitting the whole day in the library. Doing sports works quite well for me, doing it in the morning or evening. My problem is the food I want to eat around noon.

Usually, I eat around 1.3 kg bananas in the morning mixed with some raspberries. Due to lots of books I have to carry around with me all day, I can't take 1-2 kgs of bananas with me. The other thing is, that I really don't like dried fruit anymore. It isn't good for my teeth (I feel them every time I eat dried fruits) and my digestion doesn't like them either.



So, do you have any ideas for me, how I can manage getting enough calories over the day.


I mean, on days I haven't eaten enough in the morning, I eat a lot of stuff in the evening, but that isn't healthy at all.


Or is it okay to eat around 2000-2500 cal in the morning? I mean, it's not the best thing, I know, but it's better, than getting not enough calories, right?


Or, a second thought is taking smoothies with me. But the problem is, that banana smoothies oxidate quite fast and they just don't taste good anymore. Do you have any ideas how I could slow down the oxidation process?


Thank you so much for your help!

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Ah, thanks for that. I really wasn't sure if I also could take the meal in the evening :) That helps a lot!
Oh, yeah, there is something like a tea room. I could ask them if they could store it in. That's a really good point :D
But yes, I live not that close to the library and there are no fruit shops around. Just some stores that offer you fried crap ;).
But I'll definitely try out the smoothies again! :)



I remember when I was eating 'other things' that my fruit got sensitive when I ate dates. When I stopped the 'other stuff' my teeth were fine. Just look at Sensodyne: Is that for people that eat dates as their staple? ;)

Oh, yes, you are right. In the last two months, I had potatoes a few times. I never felt as good as just eating fruit, so I'm back on 100% now. I've been on this for almost seven months now and I'm feeling really good! :)
Do you think Datorade keeps fresh for like 4 hours? Oh, and do I have to soak the dates before blending them into Datorade?


Thank you!

i've noticed that leaving the amount of dates i want to blend out of the fridge overnight helps a lot, but yes you can soak them as well.

I'm on the same boat as you, except I'm studying med. I also can't stand dried fruits now :P. The only solution for me is dates: 1 lb would cost me ~5$ and amount to >1200 calories --- that's enough to get me through half the day, and not impossible to carry around in the hospital (even smoothies are too burdensome for me). The only downside is that I've spoiled myself this summer with nutritious and colorful things like daily watermelon, mangoes, stonefruits, and the like... and it's really hard going back to dates after all those.


I'll be interested to see if there are any other ideas besides dates and smoothies.

Oh, that's funny because at the moment I'm thinking about switching to med! ;))


So, you also take the dried dates, not the fresh ones? Because the fresh ones are really hard to get in Germany.  But yeah, I know what you mean. At the moment, it's really good to get so many different kinds of fruit. I really fear the next winter. ;)


All I can say is.. DON'T SWITCH!! :P I'm pretty sure I eyed the law students with envy and then some back during anatomy.


These are the dates I buy:



It's a pretty good deal, but I'll probably try 7hotdates and rawfromthefarm sometime in the future too. And I guess I'm lucky --- Florida never has a true winter (maybe two weeks worth of cold weather? :D).

I just got 15lbs of Barhi dates for 35 bux.  Apparently they don't use pesticides.  I am soooo happy with these dates--they are soft and sweet and amazing.  


Yeah, I know it'll be hard, but I think I really want to be a doctor and help people. I've come to the point that law is not the right thing for me :)


Oh, so cool, I never noticed that amazon also sells dates :D. So cool, because they also ship to Germany :)


@Alexander: Do they also ship to Germany? I can't find it on the page. thank you :)

Sometimes the Turkish stores here do have some really good Medjools as well!

Haha, yes, I often dream about moving to a more southern country. It's really cold in winter here. :-/

hmmm... I'm not sure... You could call and ask them.  I'm sure the shipping price would increase substantially. It may be easier for you to get dates when they are in season which is all year round except for summer which you probably already know. :) cheers
Kirsten try this http://thenofrontiers.blogspot.com/p/products_12.html . Black iraninan are yummyyyyy!



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