30 Bananas a Day!

I'm currently my first year in college, and I want to know how I can fully make 811 work. Does anyone have a tips or tricks that may help a college student on a budget?! I would appreciate it! (:

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Hey I'm in college too, also in a small town, I'm currently transitioning to 811 and this is what i'm doing... 


-frozen bananas, lots! --- check if your dorm has a community freezer! i just blend a smoothie in the morning and take it to class 

-salads for lunch --- i just buy romaine (cheap), cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and bell peppers 

-some snack type fruits if your on the run, like oranges, plums, grapes 

- and for dinner i eat at the dining halls --- they have salad bars and fruits 


hope this helps! 


<3 jaz 



p.s. its really convenient to use a filtering pitcher --- you can get one anywhere really --- in college, cheaper and less of a hassle than water bottles 

im in college too, get a crate of bananas. every day i blend them into smoothies and put them in ball quart sized jars (those jars everyone buys to put sauces in or fruit jams). i just blend, pour into jars, pop them in a lunchbox just to make sure there are no spills, and into my backpack they go :) and a crate of organic bananas cost me 30$ and get dats from 7hotdates.com! i have yet to do that, but dates can be really expensive and i think this site sells them cheaper and definitely in bulk.
Thank you guys so m ugh for your replies! This is so helpful (: i'm glad to see that i'm not the only one in this fruit boat!
how FUN would it be if like a bunch of us fruity people where going to the same college together? aww
RIght?! I think it would be awesome if we could all meet up somehow!

One thing I would really recommend is to be very prepared! I still haven't managed to handle this, somehow. Fruit hunting can take up so much time, especially since most stores around campus don't have very many edible fruits...you know what I mean. ;P Fruit cups and conventional gag fruit just aren't my thing sometimes. There's tasty conventional fruit, possibly, but not at campus stores. :D


Find some time every week to go to the store and buy enough for that week! :) If you're on a meal plan, talk to your dining hall services about ordering bulk fruit such as apples or bananas or oranges ahead of time. Those are usually tasty, because they haven't been out sitting under direct heat lamps yet. ;P What stores do you have nearby? Check out flyers for cheaper fruits and buy what's on sale that week. You should be able to keep a crate of bananas for the week without needing to freeze or refrigerate them, but you can try this and see if it works for you. 

Hee all,

I'm also going to college at the end of this month and I really need some help for food ideas. Like ideas for smoothies on the go or something else. Please email me or something.

Peta's Vegan College Cookbook is amazing I think I got it for less than 20 bucks at B&N. Its super quick, easy, microwave friendly, college meals :)



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