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Seems like a dying breed and second hand option to eat raw fruits and tender leafy green vegetables nowadays here, even in developed countries where they are readily available, since the last couple of years I've been off the internet in general. Quite unfortunate to see people just give up on it, while there's numerous debt filled college kids below the poverty line of income are able to afford simple foods from wholesalers.

Many of those who have been able to consume raw fruits and vegetables before on a regular basis have slipped to cooked food, and foods that wouldn't be regarded as to be eaten for a complete meal alone. What happened?! What in the hell did I miss?

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Nice. I need to get a trailer for my bike. Thanks for your reply!

I recall asking about trailers here a couple of years ago. When I finally got it off of Amazon, it really changed the way I shopped. :) No problem!

You don't sound defensive at all.

Eating a raw vegan diet isn't that expensive. I don't work an extra job to maintain a 100% raw diet. I work extra hours to stuff myself with super high quality organic fruits and vegetables regardless of the price. When I go shopping I don't even total up the price before I get to the register, I just throw it all in the shopping cart.

If you want to do it cheap, here are a few suggestions:


If you are feeling 100% awesome, healthy, fit, energetic, and happy with where you are at, what I am saying doesn't reply to you. I would mention though that after a few months, the planning, and stressing becomes minimal. It's like learning how to ride a bike.

Please try to understand my perspective. I am close with a lot of sick, dying, and dead people, so when I see sick and struggling people saying "I can't afford to go raw, and I can't find a way to go 100%, I read it online" then they keep getting sick, as a person who gets very ill on lots of cooked food, but feels amazing on 100% raw, it just hurts me thinking they might be sick for no reason.

I see what you mean. I feel good eating this way but i am almost constantly bloated looking... like I'm pretty skinny and bony but my gut is always puffy looking. I don't "wake up flat". Oh well. I think right now I just am not in a place to make raw work, but in the future I'd like to, when I have more money & free time... and a car... haha.

Yeah it sounds like you do better than me on the cooked carbs, that is a good thing I think.

Since I was a child, most people around me were sick, dying, on drugs, in jail, etc and that was supposed to be my future as well but I had other plans. I am constantly pushing myself to improve my life, and I only accept feeling my absolute best and nothing else is acceptable to me.

People around me, even people who don't know me well, are always telling me that I am unusually driven (I work 14 hours today and am still finding time to go train on my bike) but this is just what is normal to me and I've learned to love to work regardless of how difficult the job is,  and I'm always happy regardless of what is happening around me. 

So when I eat the cooked carbs and my stomach feels bloated its not okay if I feel I lose %5 or 10% of my energy. I think that after going 100% raw for a while I will try the cooked carb thing again...maybe it will work out better then, I am open to that...

One bad year I had when I was living in my car, I distanced myself from everyone who told me that "I was just having bad luck" and surrounded myself with people who LIT A FIRE UNDER MY ASS AND PUSHED ME CONSTANTLY. I am always seeking people to challenge me and tell me what I need to do to improve my situation.

When people tell me "WORK HARDER! PURSUE YOUR DREAM! HELP YOUR FAMILY! YOU CAN DO IT! DO WHAT I DID!" I do not run from that, shy away, or make excuses. I thank them, and ask them to please share with me their advice, please keep reminding me. I like disciplining myself and being pushed by the people I love most. If I am not the smartest person I can at least work hard...

Yeah...I should have said this before, but basically the problem I have with people saying "Raw foods are too expensive!" isn't that they have decided not to have raw foods. 

For me personally if I want to do, cooked vegan foods, that's what I'd eat, and I'd just encourage people to reach whatever their goal was. But when I see people who eat lots of rice, grains, salt, and random stuff, preaching to other people "Yeah don't bother trying to eat raw foods it's too expensive, just eat rice like me!" it bothers me. It bothers me because I don't think we should discourage people from going for the best when it comes to health. Just my opinion.


I definitely agree on this point. They should promote the raw till 4 diet as a transition diet and tell people that its fine if they want to stay on it but optimal if they go 100% raw. Now they just say fruit is best but they don't act like it is. There are also some people that cooked food just doesn't work for that may never realize their potential because they only hear "don't waist your time with 100% raw because its too hard."

For some background I personally eat raw till 4 and have been doing so before DR and Freelee started promoting it. I have done 100% raw a couple times for a few weeks but can't stay with it for a few reasons. I also have done long periods (a few months) of one cooked meal a weak. I don't have the money to buy whatever I want and I eventually get sick of eating only bananas and dates. Its also hard just to find quality fruit where I live when it is not in season. Lastly I am currently cycling 300 miles a week and would have to decrease mileage just to eat enough. I eventually plan on doing either one cooked meal a week or 100% raw, but am waiting until I can get some better fruit. 

My feelings exactly.  A lifestyle should float or sink on its own merit.  If people want to do RT4, then that is what they want to do.  Whatever.  It only bothers me when they say "Well, I WANT to be fully raw, but that is impossible, so I do this instead."  Like, don't throw my diet under the bus just to make yourself look better. 

Missimia, most of it to be honest, is acting on bad faith. I entirely do agree.


One someone gets to feel awful from eating any cooked food that you know that cooked food of any kind is not meant to be consume and no guru will be able to convince me otherwise. Weston A. Price, dr wilson, curezone, mark daily apple, SCD, GAPS. I don't care who you are and I don't care how many bedridden people who were on SAD diet who got cured eating cooked "wholesome" food, I AM NOT one of them. I will not be eating cooked food EVER again. I see it all the time, people eat raw then when they get healthy go back to cook food and wonder why they get back to their prior state it's because COOKED food is POISON! Oh sure you feel awesome when drinking alcohol right? Well its a poison, some goes for cooked food. nature did not invent oven and microwaves. I want to be as best as human is physically possible to be and no cooked food is worth my downgrade of health.



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