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Seems like a dying breed and second hand option to eat raw fruits and tender leafy green vegetables nowadays here, even in developed countries where they are readily available, since the last couple of years I've been off the internet in general. Quite unfortunate to see people just give up on it, while there's numerous debt filled college kids below the poverty line of income are able to afford simple foods from wholesalers.

Many of those who have been able to consume raw fruits and vegetables before on a regular basis have slipped to cooked food, and foods that wouldn't be regarded as to be eaten for a complete meal alone. What happened?! What in the hell did I miss?

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Another way to look at the fat thing is it is just an average.  Whether one is 955 or 811, it more matters what the average is over days, weeks, or even a month.  

I am not sure of the story behind the pizza, but if someone did binge on a vegan pizza with some high fat soy cheese, or a salad pizza full of avocado, that would be ok once in a while.  The weekly or monthly averages almost always turn out, and our bodies clear away excess  lipids from the blood within 10 hours.  

I am not promoting binging here, but I also like to discourage freaking out cause someone at 3/4 of an avocado.  

We need some fats anyways for fat soluble nutrients from mouth, to storage, to elimination.  

Peace, PK

Hey dude, I haven't gone anywhere, still eating 100% raw.

I'm the guy who asks you questions sometimes regarding swimming advice, told you I was training for some triathlons, but trying to see what my body is capable of rather than just "running/swimming/cycling" to finish the race.

I've been on this site everyday for the last year. I have to admit I have mixed feelings about how the site has changed, please let me be specific so that you know exactly what I mean. 

Raw as a backup plan approach: Promoting a cooked vegan diet is obviously has the HUGE benefit of attracting more people to this lifestyle which will help many people's health and life, a great deal. I respect and appreciate this, because I have seen many people I care about getting sick and dying from preventable disease, so from this perspective this approach is casting a wide net, to help lots of people.

Raw or die approach: I want the best for myself whenever possible and I am willing to go to great lengths (I am American FYI). Three years ago I was sleeping in my car without a penny to my name. I have worked 60-70 hours a week since then, to build a career, save money, and radically change my life in every way you can imagine.

When I eat cooked food my body does not do well (I don't want to get overly  detailed here but yeah I get really sick). I am SO grateful that when I joined the site two years ago it was still 100% raw, because I really needed the encouragement from people transitioning to 100% raw, to get the results that I've gotten.

For the last two years I took on second job, working 60 hours a week to pay for fresh raw organic fruits and vegetables, to give my body the best available food source at all times.

It was the best investment of time and energy that I've ever made, and I wish that more people would find creative ways, or just work hard, to get the raw food, rather than selling themselves short. If you live in the USA and try to tell me that a 100% raw diet is too expensive for you, I say that you just don't want it bad enough, and aren't willing to work for it, but that is  your decision and I respect it.

Maybe after a few years, when my body is stronger and healthier I will be able to switch to RT4 to save a little money each month, but I'm not counting on it, we'll see. 

So yeah dude, in short, I appreciate the fact that the people who run this site are appealing to more people to have  a bigger impact, even though I understand that for me personally it would be advantageous if the site were still 100% raw. This site is free and has done a great deal for me, so I have nothing to complain about.

Seems like were on the same line. I would've noted that I've probably wouldn't have been able to transition as well if the advice is nothing but, "consume cooked food for dinner to stay lean".

I do see the positive and both sides and perspectives of the coin to promoting more cooked food to people of the mainstream public, but do see it equally disappointing when 80/10/10 now has on occasion become the purist, OCD, orthorexic lifestyle while cooked food is supported with a pride.

The backup plan is a wise option, but never have viewed it in a light where the actual "backup" plan (raw) is useless only when everything is absolutely perfect, the stars are lined up, in order to finally rationalize into starting a raw fruit diet. This is for the majority on here, even the ones who have been adamantly defending 100% raw and now eating cooked food. If I was living on the penny in a van, then rice would be wonderful. But with someone who has a computer, a small dorm, and a bunch of clothes and textbooks, raw fruits and vegetables are still possible with the right amount of intention and focus.

Kudos to you for keeping up with the benefit the 811 raw lifestyle has on your health, and taking good care of yourself. I do hope in the future you'll be successful with the endeavor you choose, BSOA. And please, if you need any swimming tips, feel free to ask anytime. (-; It's really been a lifelong passion of a sport here for a very long time.


Thanks bro.

In case you missed the WFF drama, this is Mike Arnstein's view on what happened:


In my opinion the truth falls somewhere in between what he says here and what Harley says.

Yeah I'm training for a full Ironman. I have great endurance and have already done all the distances, I'm just trying to learn how to go fast, because I run very slowly (6:26 is my fastest mile), cycle slowly until I get a more aero bike (I average 18MPH on a hybrid when I do olympic triathlons on flat roads the guys winning are going 20+ I believe I will wreck them once I get a faster bike because I ride more than them) and I am a slow swimmer (I have done open water races of up to 4.8 miles, but I am swimming 50 yards on 1 minute or something stupid slow like that).


PS: I personally don't get emotional about whether or fully raw kristina eats cooked beans or has a lawyer, or whether or not Harley is too aggressive towards other vegans...or anything like that. 

I only care about what the optimal diet is, I understand that everyone is imperfect, and I don't have time or energy to get emotional about a "vegan leader" being snobby and not replying to their fans, or other dumb stuff like that. I am here to improve my health, be helpful to other people, not to worship or serve anyone.

+1 BSOA,

Except for the training aspects or working extra, this seems to be my life story too, to a t as they say.  

As far as finances, I just had to make different choices, choices not always popular with my family and friends.  

I started raw back at the end of the housing boom when everyone was going for the bigger and bigger houses.  I stayed in my smaller one.  I got made fun of for my small house and my monkey diet.  

Well, I am also in the 40-60 age group.  Many of my friends lost those houses because they forgot they might lose their jobs, or the cost of maintainance.  Many of them are sick with their old age disesase and need bifocals and have arthritis and diabetes and thyroid disorders and some of the ladies need hysterectomies.  

I am steady as they come and some people say I still resemble my picture taken at 16.  I no longer wear glasses, and have healed or prevented the chronic degenerative disease my peer group now has.  

I even still have color in my hair lol!  

Peace, PK

I live in the us and I can't afford a fully raw diet, because having relax time and being able to eat out with friends is more important to me than working 60+ hrs a week just so I can afford to eat in addition to paying my rent & bills (even raw till 4 is still expensive- I basically run my bank account into the ground in between each check so I really have to be careful what I spend my money on). when I was eating all raw (that lasted like 3 weeks) I felt like my entire life revolved around planning out all my meals and trying to find the time to eat the volume I needed to was almost impossible. it was really stressful.

So, it's not that I'm "selling myself short" or "don't want it bad enough". I'm just not in a place in my life right now where I can devote that much time & money to food, and still take care of everything else I have going on. someday when I make more money and have more free time to just sit & eat, I would like to eat all raw. but for right now, low fat cooked vegan is the most practical option.

Sorry if this sounded defensive, I guess because I'm feeling a little defensive. I don't like being told that the reason I don't eat raw is basically because I'm not trying hard enough. That's not true and just because you are managing to make it work, doesn't mean you can apply your experience to everyone else. I would love to eat all raw. But that would mean making sacrifices that I can't really make right now. So I eat some cooked food, and there is nothing wrong with that.

You didn't sound at all too defensive. No worries and not a sweat. At least to what I've experienced, the major downside and pitfall for people who wish to consume raw fruits and vegetables is that they frequently encounter social opposition and disapproval.

If you wish to save on the bill, perhaps instead of going out to restuarants, have a hearty salad+some fruit mix at home might even out the cost in terms of expense? Obviously, I'm saying this only because you did note that you want to eat this way, to replace some cooked food. The social aspects will remain the same on raw 811, whether you wait a decade or for tomorrow - and the need to think too much about the plan will subside into habit after a while. 

Don't get a wrong impression of the people who eat all raw though. I'm not a crazy person who thinks about fruit all day. ;P Just studying , volunteering, and training 90% of my waking hours, and going out to the movies, iceskating, playing cards over a table, going to book clubs, performing at poetry slams, play/compose music with buds every night, and shop once a week.

It all really boils down to the idea of knowing and being aware there is almost always a choice and way around. But I do understand and emphasize why people are more drawn to cooked foods in general during evening hours.

I take a cooked lunch to work because I only get 30 minutes to eat, and no way am I eating a huge salad or like 10 bananas, or even a huge smoothie in 30 mins. My cooked food is usually potatoes or sweet potatoes, beans, roasted beets/carrots/turnips, tofu, spaghetti squash with a homemade sauce, and sometimes in a pinch I will have a bag of frozen stir fry veggies haha. I try to stay away from grains because they give me cramps and make me constipated, but do eat rice maybe once a month.

I guess my problem is that I just eat slow in general and it usually takes me AT LEAST an hour to eat a huge salad, or 10 naners, or whatever portion I need to hit my calorie mark. I seem to have really slow digestion and eating quickly messes up my guts. So between work, my commute, taking care of my dog, taking care of my garden, somehow finding time to exercise a lil bit, cleaning & housework (my boyfriend tries to help but we just... have different standards of cleanliness) and then eating for like an hour and a half, I just have like zero free time. And when I do get a break, like weekends, I do eat raw and I can just chill and take forever to eat and not worry about it. So I guess now that I think about it, it is more of a time issue and not so much a money issue, though money is definitely a concern as well.

I'm not super concerned about the social aspects, I just like to go out to eat once in a while, it's a nice break from doing all the prep work & cleanup myself. I don't eat out often enough for it to really impact my budget.

The other issue is that I don't have a car and the only wholesaler near me doesn't want me to buy from them apparently. I went through the hassle of getting a business license even though I don't own a business, just so I could get a ubi number or whatever to purchase from them, then I had to make an account with them and after numerous emails and unreturned phone calls I still wasn't able to create an account with them, so whatever. I typically go to the produce stand every day or every two days and buy just what I can carry on my bike.

Plus there's the $3000 I owe on my credit card, and the $1000 we owe the electric company... ugggh. Money sucks.
Quick question, you said you shop once a week, would you mind sharing what your typical shopping trip is like? What do you buy and how much do you spend? Do you buy a mix of ripe fruit for now and unripe for later? And how do you store greens for a whole week?


No problem. Maybe this might need a thread for others to perhaps post for support?

This summer, have been eating consistently and varying lunchtime. This is from the previous week - on Fridays when I shop, I do a one day banana island. This works out to be 5-6ooo calories per day on average.

3 cartons mangos. Would sort them out by degree of ripeness, and would get through one every two days. 27-30 mangos for 15 dollars at the wholesaler (the really ripe boxes they just give out for free, or they chuck it in the trash, I usually get one of them for free like in this case)

6 watermelons, large. 3500-4000g edible portion each. 5 dollars in my local Safeway at the moment, and 20 cents a pound in the local Asian market. 30 dollars total.

40 lb box of bananas, non organic. 17 dollars from Trader Joes (90 large of them in this box, 120-130 calories each). I just come to the counter and ask for one. Usually freeze the last half of the box and use frozen bananas in smoothies.

2 packets of figs, 7 dollars.

3 lbs of dates, 12 dollars.

4L of raw TJ OJ 11 dollars.

6 packets of lettuce and 6 packets of celery from TJs. 24 dollars. I keep the refrigerator at a very cool temperature, to almost freezing.

20 apples - 50 cents a pound, approx. 10 dollars.

Once a month I'll go get some flaxseeds from wholefoods for 5-10 dollars.

Total of 111 for this week. Earning 800 a month for living expenses, and freelance writing to pay for college tuition that costing me 25k a year here in Berkeley. This is a suburban environment.

Shopping takes around 3 hours every time. I ride a road bike with a trailer behind me that I got from amazon a couple years back. Could ask my roommate to give me a ride, but prefer the exercise. :)

Thanks for the tips. Yeah Berkeley is epic. I have been vegan for 6 years, but only "healthy vegan" for under 2 years...so I'm still new to all this stuff, and one day I look forward to trying to do "raw on a budget", probably in about 3 or 4 months.



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