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Seems like a dying breed and second hand option to eat raw fruits and tender leafy green vegetables nowadays here, even in developed countries where they are readily available, since the last couple of years I've been off the internet in general. Quite unfortunate to see people just give up on it, while there's numerous debt filled college kids below the poverty line of income are able to afford simple foods from wholesalers.

Many of those who have been able to consume raw fruits and vegetables before on a regular basis have slipped to cooked food, and foods that wouldn't be regarded as to be eaten for a complete meal alone. What happened?! What in the hell did I miss?

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are not we all a little arrogant and purist both RT4 and 100% raw ?

we think we know and are super sure what the best diet (arrogant ) and we eat selective foods (purist)

 maybe its just matter of degrees ?

why should it bother anyone if does not apply or has no truth?

often the truth is upsetting at first  

No it's not direct insult. I didn't insult anyone.. one can choose to be insulted though.. but that's their choice.

"A purist is one who desires that an item remain true to its essence and free from adulterating or diluting influences."

"Arrogant = having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities."

We are all a little arrogant and purist BB.. it's not a big deal if we point it out sometimes.. some people here telling me to not take it personally and I don't but they do..

They have no problem calling me "incompetent" and "emotionally instabile" though..

"significant demographic" that made my day Pete.. :)

Yes 30bad supports both HCRV and RT4.

But while I accept the fully raw crew as you can see in this thread they don't do the same and keep chanting the mantra that the cooked potato isn't good enough and you can't perform or thrive enough  while eating cooked food.

This nonsense has to stop. The fully raw crew must accept those of us who chose not to be fully raw.

You will win the "word game" every time Peter, but we all know the number of people who can stick to the fully raw 811 plan is extremely low.

I said "Arrogant purist mentality". It wasn't meant personally.

I don't have a problem with anyone.

And Peter since we've been living together for the past 4 months you know damn well that I'm more competent and emotionally stable than most people.

yea let us not use labels , but lets talk about what people did and how it made us feel and the needs behind it . 

yea non-identity formulation if and when we stick to it we cultivate peace and clarity


Remember that my conclusions are not the same as my
inferences are not the same as 'facts' are not the same
as non-verbal experiences are not the same as
• Can I ever know what some event 'is' apart from even my non-verbal evaluating?
• What happens when I don't use the "is of identity"?
• Does what I do equal what I 'am' as a totality?
• Does what others do equal what they 'are, as totalities?
• How could I ever know what I and others 'are', as totalities?
• What differences will I experience when I focus on what I do rather than on what I 'am'?
• What differences will I experience when I focus on what others do rather than on what they 'are'?
• What happens when I don't put over-generalized, over-restrictive labels, like good/bad and smart/stupid, on myself and others?
• Can I ever describe anything apart from my evaluating?
• What happens when I don't use the "is of predication"?
• Can I ever know that something 'is' pretty in and of itself? x
• etc
• Where are the sights I see, the sounds I hear, the aromas I smell, the flavors I taste, the sensations I experience located? What happens when I say that something looks pretty to me?

• View formulations as hypotheses to be tested
• How can I test this out?
• How will .l know to what extent I've evaluated this accurately?
• Can I ever feel absolutely 'sure' of my evaluations?
• What does this suggest?
• Use quantifiers and qualifiers to express tentativeness
• How does this seem to me?
• What happens when I use the word "perhaps"?
• To what degree does this apply?
• What happens when I avoid the word "same"?
• What happens when I use "a" or "an" instead of "the"?
• What happens when I use plurals in place of singular forms?

what i saw was a generalization that it was sustainable easily fixed by adding a 'for me'   
sure i could sustain on it but i wouldn't have the pleasant body odor the product free life the mental clarity and the emotional poise and this super high Vo2max i do now if i didn't stay fresh .   for me

I'm not sure where then you've derived the comment that I'm arrogant. I don't have an intention of noting I'm more of a superior person for eating raw plants. In fact, I value many people who consume a diet very different from both of ours, lol.

The fact that I mention emotional stability is because it clearly was a emotionally disruptive social reaction in such a peace-friendly site, that did not seem to have a rational explanation behind it. Being emotionally unstable typically signifies incompetency to clearly reason.

I do wish you would understand however that my only message is that fruits and vegetables are far more suitable for the human body - therefore a much better regimen to follow than consuming cooked food as a dietary choice, and that I've noticed since coming back here (on a short break from usual daily life), that it hasn't been much of the message here lately.

yea superior optimal: the foods with more nutrients than toxins.  simple as.

if people want to do less than that it remains their choice and if not their choice i'd advise they make a shift to allow them to, as how could we live a life we don't want and find happiness? 

if i eat a high glycemic load or acid forming food  or above top limit phosphorus.  my body will tell me so i've choose to not.    

Nobody is "attacking" RT4, or plain veganism. The principles and ideas are excellent. Just like of McDougal, and just as from Neal Barnard, Rich Roll, and Brendan Brazier. But the fact remains, whether you enjoy hearing it or not, is that the human diet consists of raw fruit and foliage. Again, no one is or was ever attacking people or their diet. They're just noting what is better for the human body, which is their physiological diet.

The fact you say it's unrealistic speaks for itself. You've done it yourself before. And many people have. The idea that there are more people eating cooked food on here doesn't exactly mean it's the best way to be eating for your body, which is built to run on fruits and vegetables.

I'm sure that's why this site originally intended to be here. To help teach people how to choose and ripen fruit. To help them out on this lifestyle, instead of taking (or "preferring" options that are less better for them. People preferring to eat cooked food isn't a large surprise, IMO. It's addictive despite the lack of nutritional composition it has in comparison to fruits and vegetables, and accessible with its shelf life. Does not mean it's at all predominating g R811 (with the same other assets of health ie. sunshine, exercise, sleep, biophilia) with the numerous long term health benefits.

And I'm not particularly opting out. There comes a point where one side of the discussion realizes the other incompetent to reason alone, and is just responding out of emotional instability at a certain point. That being said, calling people who choose better for themselves and noting that consuming the human diet by the meal is "purist", "arrogant", and "elitist" is an action that doesn't justify your POV. That's just being complacent, and defying being a peacekeeper here in 30BaD - who's originally trying to provide a sanctuary for us raw fooders by keeping discussions away from insulting one another. Not that anyone in the right mind should take another individual criticizing their personality for making better options for themselves offensive, anyway.



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