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Seems like a dying breed and second hand option to eat raw fruits and tender leafy green vegetables nowadays here, even in developed countries where they are readily available, since the last couple of years I've been off the internet in general. Quite unfortunate to see people just give up on it, while there's numerous debt filled college kids below the poverty line of income are able to afford simple foods from wholesalers.

Many of those who have been able to consume raw fruits and vegetables before on a regular basis have slipped to cooked food, and foods that wouldn't be regarded as to be eaten for a complete meal alone. What happened?! What in the hell did I miss?

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If i didn't have my organic only policy i would be fully raw.

If i didn't refuse to give my fingerprint for passport out of principle i would be in Thailand.

I think these inner principles are what keeps people from truly taking advantage of opportunities in their lives. And what keeps people rationalizing away from what may be best for them.

I think the lack of principles is what @#$* up this world.

It's more of value principles that are communicated to large sums of people directly with an act of diplomacy and negotiation, instead of keeping them to yourself. Otherwise you'd be living in your head expecting things to just happen for you.

I prefer the approach towards the world to be practical idealism of a vision turning into reality, rather than the dreaming idealism of someone's subjective, rather than objective, value system.

It's also weighing in what is more logical, and the pros/cons of both sides of the coin, being able to get an eagle's perspective, imo. A possible long lived and influential lifestyle for thousands of potential people in Thailand vs the expense of getting your fingerprint taken?

This lack of principles is what causes liberty to disappear. As humans we have the right to travel freely, but this right has been taken from us by our own government. I applaud your decision

If they were "positive policies" and made your life great, and were worth all the effort, and you never regret making them part of your life,,,,,you wouldn't start your sentences with "if I didn't".

I like a person who stands up for their rights and freedoms. Good on you.

still fully raw here... when price became an issue I started to grow my own food. You can also talk with farmers at your local farmers market to help them out with picking, weeding, etc in exchange for food and valuable growing experience! Adds more happiness and gratitude to this already wonderful LIFEstyle :)

Wow, nice! Growing your OWN food!? How INCREDIBLE would that be! I agree.

+1 thanks for sharing  passionateraw

wonderful i volunteer for food not bombs and we get so much food 10 people could live free off the stuff we can't use a week

also i forage more than 1/2 my food this year has been free of local trees

Well, hardly anyone ever stuck to just fruit and veg.  I do it off and on, and agree with Harley that lack of quality fruit (and variety) make it hard to get enough calories & nutrients.  I lose my taste for some fruits(especially the high-cal fruits).  So I eat 80% raw on average.

But as for the ratio 811, most of us stay in that.  We use potatoes and grains to stay 811 instead of resorting to fat (what we call "resorting" Liferegenerator calls bathing in it's glory).  That's still the biggest divide for raw-fooders.  I talked about fat % in my latest video, and one of my fans argues with me:  "not enough fat".

I guess Harley PIONEERED this - a few months ago he started recommending cooked over high-fat.  He has been eating some cooked.   And of course the high-fat side exaggerates that saying "he's eatin 4 pizzas a day".  Someone joked about changing his site to 30-pizza's a day.   Well, they're not 'real' pizzas and it's not every day.



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