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The 801010 diet combined with my full dose of meds seems to be a winning formula.

I thought I could come off the meds and have tapered my dose down to a very low 5mg citalopram.

I seriously don't feel that good. :*(

I wonder if some people just need the meds. I know these are frowned upon in this community, but I wonder if diet alone can cure depression and anxiety in all humans?

Any experiences or thoughts appreciated.

I'd love to not take them, but my mental health is very important and I don't want to mess that up.

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hey, I feel so much better on this lifestyle but am still taking 60mg of fluoxitine and am not looking to come of it just yet. I feel like my mental imbalance is far to large to be tackled by diet alone at this point. Everyone is different I suppose and 5mg is a really diddy  dose, maybe you could up it back up a little for a while- mental balance is such an unattainable state for some people and so important. Do what is best for you.

same here about the fluoxetine. it's really not something to take yourself away from all at once. just do it gradually with the lifestyle and observe change!! xx

Thanks Kat x perhaps I have whacked down the dose too quickly. Scary stuff this mental balance!! :)

Natalie the winning formula for me is 20mg citalopram and this lifestyle. I have Fibromyalgia, PCOS so I probably feel a bit lower than the 'normal' person, and this dose and lifestyle seems to have me functioning at my best. I just hate the side effects, i.e low libido and we are trying for a child!! First world problems I know, hate to whinge but sometimes things need to be addressed. x :) Thanks for taking the time to write.

diet and exercise go a long way for depression and anxiety etc.. But I think lifestyle changes also help keeping things manageable and such as well. Dont bite off more then you can chew and so on. that being said I'll still take a supplement called 5htp on my bad days etc..

But I think if / as i get more balance and order things will tame out more and it'll become easier.

Thanks Jim, hoping I can come off the meds and find happiness with this lifestyle alone.

I've had to learn to accept imperfection and realize life will never be perfect nor would I want it to be. That being said I also still have my ups and my dows and I do my best to accept those too. 

I dont know how great antidepressents are or not I've always been too worried to try them. I heard they can make you kinda flat and various side affects To me it sounded like I might have a new set of troubles if i take those pills.

For me I dont think I'll win either way so I gotta just find some middle ground that I can accept and be happy with.

I just took a full dose of 20mgs, and can feel the anxiety slipping away and calm returning. They dont make me flat at all, and seem to suit my temperament well. I have made a doctors appointment to discuss this with him. I dont like doctors but I have PCOS, infertility and Fibromyalgia so not easy things to deal with. What is awful is once you start taking them its nearly impossible to come off them! I wish I had been warned when I was originally prescribed them! Do you get depression Jiim?

What is awful is once you start taking them its nearly impossible to come off them!

Yeah thats what scares me. what you describe sounds desireable I have my battles and have come a long way in the last couple years but it is difficult. 

I had a doctor a few years ago when i was heavy and had just sobered up. Told me to go get on paxil or something I told him I dont know about that etc..  

then he told me there have been studies of people overcoming depressin with diet and exercise but he told me no way i'd win the battle and I should make life easy on myself and just get on the pills. I was angry that he discounted my ability to fix this myself!

I fixed my diet started to exercise lost the weight and here i am healthy as a horse etc.. But i do still have some issues. 

The idea of taking a pill and it all goes away sounds awesome to me. But Like you said it can be tough to get off them. I beat my chemical addictions a few years ago I'm afraid to start up another one. So I grin and bear it for now.

OH and I took a supplement 5htp for a while but have been off it for a bit now and I'm managing without it thankfully. 

Its a good supplement but You cannnot take it if your taking an ssri etc... it can lead to serotonin syndrome if you take it while on an anti depressent etc.. 

I  have also read a lot about how carbohydrates make people happy. and really go a long way at allowing people to feel good. that being said there is bound to be something to this diet. Also I read a lot about malnutrition leading to depression and what vitamin deficiancies lead to depression etc... having read all that one could reach for the supplement jars to help solve some of this or you can reach for all the fruits and veggies and get the same. Once your body is no longer depleted things do start to turn around but its not overnight.

Diet makes you healthy and can change your personality as a result but if your view of things are negative and you find life to be without purpose(not saying that's your case), then one would be depressed no matter what diet they are on.

Then you might also have a vitamin, mineral deficiency.

Thanks Alex, I had a very rough childhood so I wonder if my brain needs a lot of healing, without the meds I do see more negative in the world and in myself. I do find 20mgs of citalopram and this lifestyle makes me incredibly happy. Perhaps I should just accept I need the meds? yes, must look into the vitamin, mineral thing. :) thanks for writing. :)



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