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Hi everyone, so i live out in the bush in Tanzania where my NGO is based... i live on a high carb diet, lots of fruits, but i do eat cooked maize (ugali) potatoes, rice casava etc and all my greens are cooked too as you just cant get safe salad greens here.

So last year I contracted amoebiasis, and other parasites and it was awful! It left me in agony and irritable constantly. After a long try to do it naturally with garlic and cloves etc I took antibiotics... Several strong ones to clear the parasite. Metronidazole, Tinidazole, Secnidazole and albendazole mebendazole...... I actually handled them quite well at the time, and was just so happy the pain had gone from my stomach.

Now i have an issue, I cant eat fat at all. This is my problem, amoebiasis symptom is the inability to digest fat, so they want me to take more meds......... Problem is Colitis people cant digest fats either, and Metronidazoles are known to cause IBD.
Anyone had any experience with IBD, Colitis Crohns and fat intake.......???

I rarely eat fats anyways, although avocado here are amazing! But now i dare not eat even a little for the pain and following toilet issues that come with it....

Any help much appreciated! 


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I have Ulcerative Colitis. Are you bleeding? I never had a problem with fat digestion during a flare. I was high carb vegan for 8 months before I took a different medication, remicade, that put me into remission. Do you have UC?Crohns or do you think this is related to the parasites or do you have both UC and Parasites? Food alone could not put me into remission. I went gluten free for six weeks with no changes. I have never eliminated legumes but I have often through about trying it.

No blood no... thankfully! 

I just read on Dr McDougalls site about colitis and fat mal absorbtion, so thats whats got me wondering........ I dont want to take meds for amoebiasis and make any inflamation worse if thats what it is!

 It could be both i guess, but i hope not! 

Colitis can be caused by a bug bacteria virus parasite ext. ulcerative colitis and crohns are autoimmune diseases.  Ulcerative colitis the person bleeds a lot with   crohns may or may not bleed. As soon as you can I would seek MD to properly diagnose :) Hope you get well

Oh man so sorry for your pain!  Hopefully this can be a lesson for us all, wash your fruits and veggies people!!!


We have a member here who went on vacation and got medically confirmed parasites. She was already on 100% HCRV for some years and tried a few alternative treatments as well as prescriptions to get rid of them.  Her family also got them. She found something that worked for her and it worked for her SAD family.  She has been making videos for a long time and been a member here for many years.  I trust her judgement.  See her story here:  https://rawsynergy.wordpress.com/2011/03/31/18/


Anti-biotics are more harmful than I ever knew, they probably ruin the sensitive eco-system in our body forever, killing some bacteria forever, see this interesting article here: http://drsuzanne.net/dr-suzanne-humphries-antibiotics-antivirals-an...

Iv seen these Zappers, no way i can get one out here though sadly.....
As for antibiotics, I'm with you, but they are also a gift to humanity believe me.... 1 in 5 children here die without antibiotics when they contract typhoid for example... and when you've got amoeba's etc you are happy to take them to break the fever! 
 In an ideal world I'd never take them, but then I couldn't live in east africa! With all the lovely mango's! ha
 Its not washing fruit thats the issue here i am careful with that, the locals showed me all the tricks, its been a newbie that first got me infected!... you cant live raw here, unless you have controlled environment (poly tunnel) for your salads! 

Thanks for the reply Endshell :)

Do you not get mail there or is it an issue of affordability with regard to the zapper?  From what I have read Vitamin C would be much more effective than anti-biotics with no bad side effects and it would be much cheaper. The same site with the article on anti-biotics has info. on that. My guess is vit. C would work for amoeba's too.

From another site:

Typhoid Fever


By the strict use of control measures, such as improvements in methods of sewage disposal, protection of communal water supplies, pasteurization of selected foods, and exclusion of typhoid carriers from good handling professions, good protection against typhoid fever is obtained.   However, sproadic outbreaks do occur in spite of continued alertness:  for instance, the 280-cse outbreak in Zermatt, Switzerland, in 1963; the 400-case epidemic in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1964; and the Atlanta, Georgia, episode in the same year involving 15 cases and 1 death.  In the United States,typhoid vaccine inoculations are ordinarily given only to members of the armed forces and to persons traveling abroad. [learn about vaccine fraud here]  The home folks, not in the armed forces are left unprotected against this serious disease which, even with the newer antibiotic treatments, has a mortality rate of 4.5 percent and a relapse rate of 15 to 20 percent.


In 1937 farah (25), in England, reported outstanding success in reducing mortality and duration of illness in 18 cases of typhoid fever treated with ascorbic acid and cortin.  Szirmai (19), in 1940, used ascorbic acid injections in sever cases of typhoid fever, 300 milligrams a day, which completely prevented the intestinal hemorrhaging.  In 1943, in a comprehensive paper, Drummond (25) published the very successful results of his treatment of 106 cases of typhoid fever with 1,200 milligrams of ascorbic acid dailly, 400 milligrams by injection and 800 milligrams orally.


The results obtained in these early tests warrant the further exploration of the use of the necessary high doses of ascorbic acid in the prophylaxis and treatment of this and related diseases, either as the sole medicament or as an adjuvant with other antibiotic therapy.  While the incidence of typhoid fever, caused by the bacterium, Samonella typhosa, has been declining in the last twenty years, other related diseases caused by similar species of Salmonella have shown very sharp increases.  These are the typhoidlike food-borne infections commonly regarded as "food poisoning."  The Salmonella organisms are the type that secrete poisonous toxins which are in part responsible for the virulence of the infection. f Ascorbic acid, at the proper high dosags, should be particularly valuable in these Salmonella infections becausde of its antibiotic effect an it stoxin-neutralizing powers.



I could try high Vit C doses... I can get post to my po box in town, but 70% of mail never makes it! 
As for typhoid, I wish i could have hard evidence and a means that absorbic acid works.... until then I'd rather give them anti biotics than risk watching the fever take them.... Typhoid is awful! Had that too from water! ha not selling the tropical paradise so well here ;) ha

Thank you for the input :)

70%, that is bad!  Ya hard evidence with C is hard to come by because there is no money to be made off of it from big pharma et all.  But very credible docs and scientists have done lots of research and published their findings on C.  I'll keep a look out for more on typhoid as I read up on C.  Dr Suzzanne's site has a wonderful link to a list of things treated with C.  There is not one for Typhoid but probably many other similar diseases if you get time to look.  If you have access to vit. C you might find a way to experiment with it to find your own results.



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