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Hey Guys!  So three "major names" in the raw food world, Boutenko, Love and Sarno just wrote a book together saying that nuts and seeds have to much omega - 6 fatty acids, and that they are harmful to your health to eat in high quantities (nah, really?!)  Now they recommend a  "high raw" diet, that is low in nuts, seeds and oils and incorporates more cooked foods, like steamed veggies.  


Anyone else feel like this is just so frustrating?  But also that it is good that what we have been saying for years people are starting to sorta, kinda, almost get?

What do you think?


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wow. that is SO dissappointing. Victoria had a HUGE influence on me when I first went raw. I read all of her books. It is kind of disturbing to see people moving away from a raw diet, even though eating steamed veggies is of course superior to eating all raw nuts. The obvious decision is to replace the nuts with raw fruits and veggies though...right??? Why choose cooked?

Also, I'm not sure what is more disturbing, raw foodists that are incorporating cooked foods, or animal foods. I think it is more important to stay vegan. Liz Crotts recently made a video about how she's not 811 anymore, and she said she's eating "lean protein." I'm assuming that means meat of some sort. I think out of the two choices, I am losing more respect for Liz if its true that she's not vegan anymore. 

Wow. You mean this video? What a cowherd, not only can she not tell people the reasons because they are "private" and "personal" but she has to dissociate (and degrade) and call it "lean protein" ANIMALS ARE MORE THAN JUST PROTEIN THEY ARE LIVING SENTIENT BEINGS. She always seemed a bit fake to me anyway. 

I was SOOOOOO sad to learn about that....I loved Liz....I just watched some of her new videos and you can see the puffiness in her face...not the same girl....

everybody is a biter not fully developed making excuses zapping one ones

I totally agree Dot.  At least they are still vegan.  It is SO awful to read about people who go from raw to meat or dairy.  I wish people would just jump on the fruit wagon!  Even just to give it a try.  Sad.  And it is really disappointing that they are toting that an all raw diet is not optimal or possible.  That is what is really sad.

lolz.. these people don't know about fruit? WTF??? :)


I KNOW!!!!!!

I'm very appreciative of Victoria for her work on promoting green smoothies.  Before reading one of her books, my dad used to scorn such drinks; how they're a staple in his diet.

I actually suspect and hope that these three authors will notice a dramatic improvement in their health by dropping those excessive overts.  Maybe over time, as they're more committed to a water oriented plant diet (despite the fact that they cook it to death), they'll swing back toward the juicy sweet side of life.

Well, that's a bummer.
I'm seeing something weird here... She's comparing the nutritional value of steamed asparagus to raw cashews... Now there is the flaw already! If she had said steamed vs. raw asparagus, that would have made sense. But comparing nuts to a veggie is a different thing entirely...
God, are they that desperate to sell books?

I'm part way through the book now.  Victoria even states that she's shocked reading that these three authors are writing recipes for "some cooked" and "cooked" recipes.  There is a heavy focus in the book about geting a more balanced ratio of omega 3 to 6.  Of course that means drastically cutting down the amount nuts one consumes and adding more fruits and veggies (surprise, surprise).  Victoria even got to the point where she would occasionally vomit after eating nuts.  The recipes do have more veggies, but most of the dressings still have nuts and/or oils and many of the deserts have nuts and processed sweeteners.  Also, the recipes are very light on fruit.



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