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After reading many threads about toothpaste not being ideal at all and even harming the teeth, I want to find an alternative. I am impressed that Freelee has beautiful and naturally pearly teeth and only uses a soft-bristle toothbrush and water.

I'd like to try that too, but I am also interested in neem twigs and to continue eating my anise/fennel.

One thing I'd be conscious about (when I give up toothpaste) is how my breath will smell. Though what I eat now as a 811-LFRV is wonderful, I'm a bit curious if anything (811) that's eaten can leave a smell in the mouth afterwards.

Please share your knowledge and experiences. :)

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I can't use toothpaste because the water here is so hard and nasty that i still have plaque on my teeth afterwards and end up using a washcloth to get it off. haha. i don't know if it's a nono, but i use pure baking soda now and it works great! and the occasional oil pulling. also not sure if that's a nono here either :P

i looked into "toothsoap" but i really just don't have the money. might make my own in the future sometime.

Thanks Katie. Though just to point it out, water has nothing to do with toothpaste.

Yeah, some people here do in fact use baking soda. Though I've heard mixed comments about toothsoap. I don't have the money either and when it doesn't suit my teeth then it wasn't worth thought in the first place. :-p

What do you mean by "oil pulling"?

Baking soda is okay for a good cleaning once in a while (like a every few months or only a couple of times a year) but regular use is not recommended because it is abrasive and can wear down your teeth :(

Hi Athena, I love Freelee's teeth too! I sometimes use a natural toothpaste by Nature's Gate which has no parabens, flouride, colouring or animal products. It seems to be ethical and safe, and cleans as effectively as any toothpaste (if anyone knows a better option, let me know, thanks!). My teeth always feel glossy and smooth, with no plaque build-up.

Your breath shouldn't smell if you're eating well. As far as I am aware, bad breath is caused by poor digestion and since you're eating all good stuff and digesting quickly, you should smell great! Hope this helps a bit.

Thanks Helena McCann. :)

I believe I may have used Nature's Gate earlier. Kingfisher is also said to be good (vegan and no fluoride). Though it's always a plus when I can save any little bit of money, since my nutrition/health is the most important thing for me and not everything that contributes to that is free, if you know what I mean.

All in all, your post is very helpful, especially on the part about breath. :)

I just got some Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soap and was surprised to read, it works as toothpaste too. I tried it and it left my mouth feeling clean and fresh, but I don't know if it's a good idea long-term? Baking soda left my teeth too sensitive. I like LUSH's toothy tabs but they're quite pricey... :/

Grow yourself a small basil plant in a container. Pluck off a leaf and chew on it when you want to freshen your breath.  It's nature's breath freshener!

How can it?  It doesn't stick to the teeth themselves.  My teeth have never been better! 



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