30 Bananas a Day!



i think he's too zonked out to realize his argument makes no sense and despite what he says, his creativity and critical thinking aren't doing too hot... I hope he finds his way back to health

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i actually feel bad posting things like this... but he's putting people off of a healthy 8-1-1 lifestyle with lies and misconceptions, his rant is just chocked full of holes and fallacies... poor guy thinks he's making a point, but he's obviously not thinking too straight
Not to call you out on this but what holes and fallacies did he have? Maybe he had a b12 defficiency or something but I think besides that he sounded like he knew what he was doing.
measuring health and fitness by brain power?

haha just so everyone knows, i didn't call him a crack head, thats one of our mysteriously changing titles... but hey, it got a lot more attention!

@Hewie, some of the problems I had with this:

1) 30 miles a day walking/climbing?!?! and training on top of it?!? i call BS, and even if he did the 30 bananas a day he says he ate definitely wouldnt cut it.

 2)He calls out athletic ability and negates it as a standard of health. When my athletics improve and i can recover super fast that shows me that I am getting my body what it needs to thrive. If i wasnt getting enough protein from fruit, i wouldnt be able to go for a 6 mile group run 2 days after a 100 mile ultra marathon.

3) And he overgeneralizes that we think athletics are our most important drive in life which is certainly not the case. I think we may tend to really highlight our athletic acheivements simply because that it generally the first think a SAD/paleo person attacks when they hear about 8-1-1. 4) He claims we are all 30 year old and will burn out but forgets to mention anything about Dr. Graham who has been thriving for nearly 30 years on the lifestyle.

5)He says fruit is only composed of water/vitC/sugar/Potassium which any "intellectual" researcher that is well versed in nutrition knows is a complete lie.

6)He makes it seem like we don't eat greens?!?!

7) Fruit is not a fast burn thing, and quoting Bladerunner as a main argument is laughable, especially when you can see how deep and profound he thinks he is being.

8) Again, he thinks his diet is great, but he has to take all kinds of supplements.

9) He says it is so important to be happy, but he never smiles/laughs and looks miserable.

10) And I'm sorry to hear about his ED, but my sex drive is just as thriving as ever, but I've always been a thoughtful conciderate person and was never out to simply "get some"... i would say now, I am even more conscious of actually connecting with a lover (who is definitely not ever going to be a smelly meat eater)

DR won't save the world by running or biking. BUT it's an awesome tool to reach out to sport people and it's like a hobby he's having by running. I have my intrests too, and he's combining his intrests with his own health and spreading the word around.
Great, Zak is getting 811 critics from the local methadone clinic. What next?

He is another stoner stone thrower. Another crack addict giving crack about bananas and saying 'I was doing it man!'

Zak, where do you get these guys from! LMFAO!!

I'm tired of knocking people all the time on here.  Why not concentrate on why this diet is GREAT!


He is kind of rambling, haven't finished the whole thing, however I do agree that you can't measure a diet by how well its followers perform athletically.  There are many AMAZING athletes that think pasta is a good source of  carbs. I have witnessed 811 increasing my athletic performance, however, like I said there are many great athletes that eat crap!


I think 811 is the best diet because when I'm eating this way I'm calm, emotionally even, happy, loving, energetic, and more open to my spiritual side AND I feel like moving my body.



You're right Erin, there's no need to attack this guy personally. I think he's just misguided, and has come to value the wrong things. He seems obsessed with athleticism being unimportant, but I don't think anyone here thinks that is the most important thing. Health and happiness are the foundation of everything, becoming athletic is just a natural result of living a healthy lifestyle.


I think you have to ask yourself, does this guy look happy, or fullfilled in what he says? Does his vibrance and glow make you want to follow what he says? Then just listen to the part where he idolises David Wolfe

lol, what are those bottles behind him?! In some other vid, he said that he did weed with a friend of his. In another, he claims coconut flesh (high fat) is ESSENTIAL because it stimulated sex drive and has omega 3's...wtf?!

Either he is high during those vids or has a chronically damaged brain from marijuana. People, get advice from someone who is getting the results you desire, like Arnstein's Doug Graham, and Durianrider, and many people on this site who have been 811 and THRIVING.

All the best :)  -Eli

I've been listening to him for a few minutes already and I have no clue what is he trying to say?



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