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Paul sent me a message saying he didn't recommend the bananas. He said he worried I was eating too many and said it was very dangerous because of sugar/fermentation. He said if I'm feeling better it's probably because I've been eating less than I ever have before (which is true).

I'm sort of alarmed because so far everyone's told me a banana mono-diet was great to heal colitis. I know I'm feeling better, and I can tell I'm healing when I go to the bathroom.

Paul recommended that I eat blended salads, drink nut milk, use a probiotic and take enzymes a half hour before eating anything. I could just as easily do this regimen as bananas.

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Nice to hear Ken is doing a good job.

What was the typical client like they try to make the meals according to the desire or was it set in stone?
brian clement talks about how he eats and recomends cooked food in his recent interview on www.rawveganradio.com

i dont feel that someone eating cooked can diss fruit..lol!
i dont feel that someone selling enzymes, stimulants, cleanses, probiotics etc to their patients cos of the toxic, indigestable foods that they recomend their patients eat, is the right thing to do...

ive seen crew get well on water fasts, juice fasts etc. but what are they gonna eat and how they gonna live after the retreat is over? thats why 811 is the be all and end all. its mother natures design. it aint a hollywood diet fad. its not a feast, fast, cleanse we do and then go back to eating and living crap the rest of the year and then repeat the cleanse, fast, feast cycle again..its the real raw deal, all the way to composting that banana peel..

i used to fast after potlucks. id skip breakfast after a heavy or late dinner. then one day i woke up and asked myself 'harley, what are you trying to achieve here mate!??'

i stopped the nonsense and started to make sense in a world of crew talk'n nonsense to make cents..
its no secret that the clements eat cooked, that they serve cooked. thats not what bother me, rather its the fact that they say cooked grains are better for health than fresh fruit!

fruit will give you cancer, rice and beans is ok..

im all for the cooked vegan lifestyle if thats what crew want, but for brian clement to say cooked food is better than raw food, well thats gets me driven to clarify that confusion.
YOu have to remember they are taking someone from a SAD diet so the comfort food needs to be there otherwise they would have closed shop many moons ago.

Like the marketing adage goes "feed the hungry market that is willing to pay".
BigG working so hard to get a little info bro lol. I feel your pain. I'm dying to know too. Sometimes the waiting process is a killer. Interesting what you said about the comfort food...need...more...info...argh. Just for curiosity's sake though, not so I can go eat it:)

tick tock tick tock tick tock
I will have to find it. I remember reading this awhile back.

I hope I didn't throw it out or eat it for fibre. :-)

Will check for you.
From: Dr. Doug Graham (DrGraham.vegsource.com)
Subject: Re: DR. G. On Modern Day Natural Hygiene re: TC Fry etc.
Date: December 16, 2008 at 2:39 am PST

In Reply to: DR. G. On Modern Day Natural Hygiene re: TC Fry etc. posted by George on December 15, 2008 at 5:48 pm:

Good questions.

Hygiene hasn't changed, but our understanding of it has become more
complete. Emotional Hygiene is the hot topic the the 21st century
hygienic leaders, since the physical part was scrutinized totally in the
20th. My guess is that Spiritual Hygiene will be next, as it has already
come to light.

No one is perfect, and neither Shelton nor Fry had good starts in life.
That is important. Still, Shelton was amazingly powerful, energetic,
and brilliant for many many decades, until getting kicked in the head
by a horse. I am told the blow would likely have killed most men. T.C.
Fry got a new lease on life through Hygiene. He lived 25 years after
the doctors had prepared him to die. At least 20 of those years were
his best, of any part of his life, according to him. I jogged with him
when he was in his 60's, and he had boundless energy.

If I didn't find that there were things missing, I would not be adding
to the wealth of Hygiene information that already exists. What would
be the point? Hopefully, my work will remain valuable for a long time
to come.

From: Dr. Doug Graham (DrGraham.vegsource.com)
Subject: Conventions
Date: April 24, 2007 at 1:07 am PST

In Reply to: Who is a good example for Natural Hygiene? posted by IG on April 23, 2007 at 2:47 pm:

I attended Hygiene conventions for several decades. During those
years I have met dozens and dozens of "very" senior citizens whose
lives had been saved by implementing Hygiene into their lifestyles.

There are many factors to consider regarding your comments, of

A: Most people who have made the switch to Hygiene did so
because their health had seriously deteriorated. They tried Hygiene
as a last ditch effort.

B: Fry was told he would be dead in a few weeks, at age 45, before
he changed his life. He lived vibrantly for another 25 years...

C: Shelton was a powerhouse of a man until well into his 70's,
when he was kicked in the head by a horse and developed the
symptoms of Parkinson's. He lived until 90.

D: The dozens of people that I have met personally who were past
their 90's and the 10 or more that I have met who were over 100
were not professionals, they were just people. Their lives had
changed for the better due to Hygiene, but let's remember that
they weren't raised hygienically, and had a lot of health issues to

E: I, for example, am thriving on Hygiene. But I lived for longer
than two decades on a relatively standard western lifestyle. If I get
sick later in life ( I haven't had a sick day since Dec. 1980) will
people blame it on Hygiene, or on my first two decades of life?

Dr D

My guess is that Spiritual Hygiene will be next, as it has already
come to light.


when will spiritual hygiene come in fashion, I wonder

YOu know what I can's seem to find this. I do recall reading it on a tribute to his life.

I trashed so much stuff I had and now that I think about it would of been nice to keep it.

Probably best to talk to Dr. Vertrano or DR. G on this.

You can buy the book right from DR. Vertranos site.

Always good to support the people for the people.

no problemo.

I went to the local mall to cruise around.

I entered the book store and found Pauls Book can't remember the name but the latest version.

I skimmed through it and had a good laugh.

He mentioned the suguar is suguar no different from a pear and pepsi. lol

I wish I can quote it exactley.
ok so i watched the latest vid i could of paul from 6 months ago. NO WAY HE IS 100% RAW VEGAN! lol!

unless paul is drinking the agave, yacon syrup and other refined sugar products he sells on his site, he is getting his cals from cooked starches. paul works for hippocrates. hippocrates recomends '20% of diet coming from cooked starches'

so paul says 'sweet fruit is bad, i dont eat ANY sugar now!' BUT HE IS SELLING SUCKERS REFINED SUGAR IN A BOTTLE (AGAVE, YACON ETC) and selling em stevia powder to try and fool their body into thinking its recieving simple sugars to nourish the cells.

great way to market product paul, starve em off sweet fruits and onto your refined sugars. what next, vitamin tablets made from fruit? lol! PAUL ACTUALLY SELLS VITAMIN TABLETS MADE FROM FRUITS..and enzymes, and cleanses etc.

PAUL NISON,your sell'n out bro. from durian king to pills and potion king...



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