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Paul sent me a message saying he didn't recommend the bananas. He said he worried I was eating too many and said it was very dangerous because of sugar/fermentation. He said if I'm feeling better it's probably because I've been eating less than I ever have before (which is true).

I'm sort of alarmed because so far everyone's told me a banana mono-diet was great to heal colitis. I know I'm feeling better, and I can tell I'm healing when I go to the bathroom.

Paul recommended that I eat blended salads, drink nut milk, use a probiotic and take enzymes a half hour before eating anything. I could just as easily do this regimen as bananas.

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I just wanted to add a couple of things. I do not wish to rag on others but only report facts. I also contacted Mr. Bisci during my big flare several years ago. He was very kind to take my calls and even made some recommendations. He recommended to use a product called Soni or Suny which was primarily made from bentonite clay. It is certainly not a food nor should it ever be ingested by a human sick or healthy. I did try it a while and it caused me to get much sicker.

He seems to believe in the alopathic methods that every MD and naturaopath doctor believes in. There may be nothing wrong with this but it is not much different to use harsh chemical medicines from a pharmacy as it is to use the bentonite clay that I tried. It makes much more logical sense to me to allow my body to heal naturally by removing the causes. This is my belief and my experience agrees with it.

Definitely both Paul and Fred are selling many supplements, powders, superfoods, etc. on their websites. Doug sells nothing but consultations and his retreats and books. Judge for yourself who has something to gain by promoting highly processed herbs, supplements, and the like.

Lastly, I posted an entry on Doug's forum last year showing what a typical daily menu is like for HHI. It is here ( for tanawana):


It is pretty obvious what is going on.
Hi all, I have spent allot of time at HHI over the years. I started going there 20 some years ago, just to lose a few pounds and detox. What HHI was twenty years ago is very different than what it is now. Brian used to be very strict about what was on the buffet that they served for lunch and dinner. Breakfast was always juice, watermelon or green, depending on your health situation. Green juice was offered three times a day. Now there are allot more choices at breakfast and the lunch and dinner buffets.What they teach is that people with a health issue should stay away from the nut loaves and seed crackers ect. until they are well. Try enforcing that to a person who has just been told that all their favorite foods are no longer allowed. Guests are allowed to make their own choices, and from what I have observed, don't always make the wisest ones, myself included. But it is still better than most of the food that the average person eats on a daily basis. Brian and Anna Maria are not bad people, they are just spread too thin. There are not enough quality people working at HHI to handle the amount of ill health that they have to deal with on a regular basis. I have always felt better after a stay there, yet found it impossible to live an ideal HHI lifestyle when returning home. The post that Ian put on Doug's website about the HHI diet was not accurate, from what I have experienced there. But they are far from 811. They are filling an obvious need, or they wouldn't be in business.
I'm going through that transition now Moth. I tried some cacao and the comedown was not pleasant. I ate some sushi rolls the other day and the cooked rice ruined me for a whole day (I was astonished how bad it was). I put regular dressing on a salad and it didn't sit as well or feel as energizing. As soon as I get a craving for processed junk, it's immediately followed by a reminder of how crummy I'll feel after eating it.

I still don't know how I'll transition off of sushi and cooked salmon though. Sorry guys...I guess it's not a popular thing for me to bring up. I was clear about it though when I started. I said hey, I'm new to this, and these are the things I think I'll have trouble with. The truth is, (besides that damned cooked rice in the sushi roll) everything I've eaten for the last 2 weeks has been raw vegan. (The sushi rolls didn't have fish, to my initial dismay). Anyway, I really want some cooked salmon. I'm thinking maybe I should have some and if I feel ill, the same way I did with the cooked rice, then it'll be easy for me. I only have those 2 barriers to going full 811. I mean I know I'd never eat cooked rice again, and I used to love it.

Part of me is also thinking that I maybe should've joined this community after fully transitioning, since people obviously don't like talking about certain things. When I joined, I wasn't familiar with all of the labels and parameters, and now that I am, I'm finding that I'm apparently going to fit into some to be embraced. I don't like thinking that way though. This site has really helped me heal and you guys are like a family to me.

Helping people transition may actually be a more important thing we can do than just reciprocating each others' "already developed" conclusions. I guess I expect the community's assistance with my transition (even if controversial topics come up), the same way I would help others. What's a foregone conclusion to the more experienced raw fooder is part of the learning curve for someone like me.

So. HELP ME. I've always thought salmon was good for you. Now that I know the topic is sensitive, help me (and others that need to know), what the issue is. Is it an ethical issue, a health issue, or both?

And should I start a discussion on this? I don't want to stir up a shitstorm here. I just want knowledge. Anyone that's gonna be nasty, please don't bother responding. I assure you I can be 10x the jerk but it's totally unproductive and I'm all about the love man...the love;)

Goshdarn loving cancers lol
hey CC.. i don't want to speak for everyone, but i think it's fairly safe to say that you are welcome here, as you see the errors in consuming certain things and have set raw vegan as a goal that you are consciously working towards

as far as the salmon goes, it is similar to any flesh foods as you are contributing towards the killing of other creatures for your own sustenance.. also, the flesh of that creature rots and putrefies in your body as it moves through your long, non-carnivorous-like digestive tract extremely slowly (even more so than other meats because of the very high fat content) and plagues the body with toxins
I think I'm going to take some time to digest that Ryan (so to speak lol). Thanks for considering me welcome here. I really like the environment and the positivity we all share.

For me, it's such a mindbender thinking salmon is unhealthy. I'm gonna do more research and go from there. The best thing really would be to the same thing I did with the rice. That would set me straight. I'd never considered the ethical aspects of it until now.

I think it is interesting that we're over-fishing the planet's oceans to consume fish and that fish will be extinct by 2050. It makes me wonder what mechanisms Mother Nature will use to clean the oceans after that.

Plus, there's the recent discovery that Prozac, Zoloft, estrogen and other drugs are now being found in our water supply. This freaks me out. It may be mostly a U.S. thing though. We are the SAD/MED capital of the universe, to everyone else's chagrin and constant head-nodding. Well deserved anyway I'd say, it's our own bloody fault.

Anyway, the CDC has admitted that they don't yet know how to filter this stuff out of the water when they recycle and "purify" it, so it gets into our water supply. What doesn't get recycled gets drained into our lakes and rivers, which lead to our oceans. They've found male fish with female organs because of the estrogen, and literally Prozac in fish muscle. If anything, this gives me pause.

People taking meds aren't just destroying their own bodies, they're destroying wildlife and other peoples' bodies by contaminating the food and water supply. If these elements cannot be filtered out, they continue to accrue until gov't agencies have to step in. Of course by that time it's always too late.

I probably sound like the thickest dunce in the world saying that I need more reasons to stay away from fish...or maybe I just need to meditate on the reasons I already have. Either way, I believe the transition has begun though...
if salmon was fit for us to eat, we would be lick'n our lips when we smelt a salmon in the sun. put a piece of fruit in your pocket, put a piece of salmon. what you reckon people are gonna think of you after 5 days? the cats will like you..lol!

ever been to a pet shop and just snacked on goldfish? ever been in the yard and just snacked on fruits? then you ate so many that you actually satisfied your caloric needs. you ate enough so you werent starving yourself back to rice and dead animals?

rice is STARVATION food.
animal products are STARVATION food.
as long as we continue to starve ourselves of sufficient fruit calories, both of these foods will eventually be on the menu at some point. rice being the first...

look at the labour that involves rice. look at the blood, guts, stench, scales and spines that involves fish. look at the ease, sweet taste, pleasent fragrance etc of fruits and veg.

i drop you off in a rice paddy, salmon stream or fruit orchard. whats gonna support your health? whats gonna have you thriv'n. whats gonna kill you first?

grains are deficient in vitamin c.
animal products are deficient in vitamin c.
vitamin c therapy is used to treat cancer..
diets deficient in vitamin c are linked to cancer..
cancer killed 27.5 million crew last year.
linus pauling recomended around 500mg of vitamin c a day. thats around 30 large ripe bananas..lol!

i help out in an organic shop, the toddlers are always grabbing some fruit. ive never seen a toddler try and tip over a fish tank to put the fish in its mouth..

does that help salmon free crab?
that's so true Mark. My folks are on Weight Watchers. I don't preach to them about raw food. They've always known I like to chomp on raw stuff. They eat it with me. Their whole mentality is SAD based though.

I mean, I'm happy for them. They're pretty fit and they've lost the pounds, but it's all about counting points and trimming pounds...it's never about the damage processed crap does to our bodies. It's never about how they have 10 times as much stuff in their pantry as in their fridge.

Weight Watchers works because it's mainstream and people follow what's popular, not what's right. That's why the Twinkie cookbook is a top seller lol. Paul actually mentioned this in one of his videos...I can agree with him on that if nothing else.
Indeed...check this out. The funny thing is the newscaster states that she stopped eating crud cuz the sugar was killing her teeth. lol. These guys are TWINKIE CHEFS man! K you watch this, I'm gonna go barf...

"What IS a twinkie?"

Crabby, I wouldn't recommend supplements, but maybe he has more experience. I'm not so sure what he says about fermentation either. The banana fiber might actually be good for your intestines to make their own probiotics. His salads might be good. Do what your body tells you, and talk to other people who have healed their colitis by eating raw. Nothing wrong IMO with eating less in the beginning, giving your body a break, if that's what it feels like it needs, but that's just my limited opinion.
Thanks and I've actually seen that before.
Trouble is, what the heck is in some of those recipes such as Grain crisps, cauliflower loaf, etc.??
Wow, I kinda hate to admit this, but I have worked in their kitchen as a volunteer, and I will say that almost 100% of what they use at the present, is organic, and just typical raw recipes. It wasn't always that way. Ken, the chef there now, has allot of integrity, and really cares about the guests. There are some good things about the place.



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