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Hi everyone,


Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Jase - from Adelaide, SA, Australia, but currently living here in Whistler, BC, Canada.


I first met DR when I was probably 18 or 19. I'd just got my license, cars were the most important thing in the world to me, and being my fathers' son, meat and drinking was a big part of my life. At the time I thought DR was a nutjob (still do really haha), he was talking to my mum about diet and cycling - my mum has been cycling for around 15 years now - commuting to work, going on long weekend rides, and often long distance fundraising rides too (she is currently half way between Melbourne and Adelaide raising money for a new cancer research centre in Adelaide).


Anyway, I've always been active. I did athletics as a kid, and you couldn't stop me from riding a bike since I was about 2-3 years old. Over the last six or so years I've tried a few things diet wise - I did the low carb high protein beefcake thing, and failed miserably. Now I realise why. I ate "clean" - chicken salads, that sort of thing. But I'm the sort of person that is always reading and researching on the internet (what can I say, I have a government job in Australia, I have some spare time on my hands...)


I am a relatively healthy person as far as those eating SAD are concerned. I would get sick maybe once every three years, however I haven't been satisfied with my energy levels over the last few years, and I don't know if I'm prone to them or something but I have had mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember.


I used to get quite bad hayfever. I quit dairy a few years ago to see if it would make any difference. In my research to quit dairy I found a whole host of things that dairy is bad for, and in truly quitting dairy I realised just how many products dairy is included in!


After seeing DR spam links about The China Study on his Facebook profile I decided to give it a read. In my typical style I skipped through it but got the general gist of it pretty quickly. It was like I already knew what the book was telling me from all the other research I'd done - it was just that I didn't want to hear it.


I got married early last year to a beautiful, incredibly supportive woman. We're both 26. For our honeymoon we spent 4 months backpacking, mainly Europe, and then arrived here in Whistler and began a new life in Canada, mainly for the mountain biking - and the views. During this time we've continued to eat meat and ultimately try and forget the things that I've learnt - so much else has been going on that it was possible to not accept the reality and keep living in a dream world for a while.


Almost 12 months on from living in Canada and day to day life has some normality again - my brain is thinking like it used to, and it's time to make some changes.


Two things have helped me to change -

1. Watching a vid of Doug Graham telling me that if I'm not happy with myself, who cares if others accept me - I hate myself! - As soon as I saw that video, I finally became a vegan. Well, no, I don't like to label myself - I no longer eat animal products. This was about 2-3 months ago. Prior to this we would eat meat maybe once a week. We haven't had meat in our house for over 3 years now, but our weekend meal would usually include meat. Not anymore!

2. I went out for drinks the other night, and in my typical fashion "just three drinks" turned into "I can't remember". I had a 2 day hangover, the entire time telling myself "life's too short to ever feel this way again". I am quitting the booze.


My wife is fully supportive of us going vegan. She's never been much of a cook but has been learning recipes to try something new, but she knows that I want to go raw and he is so supportive that she wants to do it too - both for herself but because she knows how much I beat myself up about things.


In the last couple of weeks I've discovered Datorade. It's like cheating. Ever since I've been a kid my mum and I have been right into sweets - Datorade is like pouring water into a jar of brown sugar and drinking it, without the guilt! I've been counting my calories, but I have SUCH a long way to go. I've never been a big fruit eater, I don't love bananas, but I've been trying to have a fruit smoothie every morning - usually something simple like strawberries and pineapple or banana and strawberries. Whenever I buy lunch at work nowadays it's vegetable sushi - red capsicum (bell pepper), cucumber, avocado, carrot and rice.


I've been reading this forum for a while and know there are some good threads around in regards to transition, but if anyone had any tips on cooked food that will help me towards the goal of 811rv, I'd appreciate it. The general consensus appears to be that if you can have a big fruit brekky, big fruit lunch and then a cooked dinner to top up, you're doing well.


Anyway I'm sure I missed a lot of info but I figure it's a start. Thanks for having me! :)

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Welcome ! You're making me jealous. I spent a winter in Whistler but had to leave as the daffodils, crocuses AND snowdrops (really weird) bloomed. 

Let me know how you (and your wife) get on.


Thanks Kaz,


After spending a Summer here and a Winter here I can safely say that Summer is where it's at! Summer people are happy, people are doing yoga in the park, the nudie dock at the lake is thriving and life is good! In Winter it's all about high fat meals, drinking, cigar smoke everywhere and grumpy people.


It's been an experience, but I now realise how good life is in sunny Australia!

WOW! I always heard there were more people in the summer; It's great they are happy and smiley too. Winter in Whistler can give you cabin fever. I do yearn for a bit of good sushi though.

The nudie dock sounds a laugh! 

What do you two do to be living there year round?

I was a mountain bike instructor last Summer, and worked in IT over Winter. The IT work is nice and guaranteed, and during Winter allows me to go and "work" on the mountain - snowboarding from place to place, but in Summer it will be more indoors... something I'm not too keen on. :) So I might end up going back to being an instructor for Summer again.


My wife's mainly doing nanny work. For 6 months she worked with one 2 year old boy - the days were basically getting him dressed, feeding him, and then taking him out for a couple of hours on his balance bike. Sounded like a lot of fun to be honest haha.


Whistler has a real hippy subculture. You just need to see through the bar and grills, the cigar shops, and the schmucks that just come here to get wasted every second night. :)

Yes, I was living with those 'Schmucks', not my scene as I don't drink, well apart from the 9 vodka and limes one desperate evening and to all I offended, I apologise LOL.

There are plenty of Aussies there I think and the French Canadians are a real laugh.

Have fun!!!



The real fun begins when the snow melts and the biking start happening again. Thanks for the welcome Kaz!
Thanks :)



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