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I've seen some discussion here about the Anastasia book series written by Vladimir Megre, but I wanted to start an in depth talk about these wonderful books. 


I discovered the Anastasia series last summer and have since read through the books twice. I was instantly captivated by the beautiful picture that Anastasia paints for our future here on earth. I have heard others mention that they thought the books were promoting products like cedar oil, but this is not only blatantly untrue, it also takes away from the extremely important message that Anastasia is trying to convey. 


At first I was a bit skeptical and quite critical of Megre's writing style, viewing it as childish and unrefined. It was not until I reached the 3rd book that the magic began. There is a quote on the back of each book "The more you read them, the better you feel." Quite a claim to make. I can attest to this now. 


Some who read Anastasia are disconnected and see the series as too fantastical. Those that are connected to their own abilities, knowing that there exist no coincidences, feel a pull in their heart like never before. 


Anastasia has turned my entire world upside-down. It's as if I hadn't learned to feel true love prior to reading the series. My views on life, food, children, society, schooling and just about everything else have changed for the better. She delves into a world of love, showcasing our right and desire to live in a natural world, provided for by the source of our very being. These books combine vast intelligence, emotion, and a realization that we are meant to live a life of joy and abundance. We are the only ones responsible for our problems today. The responsibility lays on our shoulders. She includes phenomenal parables, stories from the past that give us an understanding of our current predicament. 


Some say that Anastasia is merely an idea, a consciousness that awoke within Vladimir, causing him to create a book series based on a new approach towards our earth. I can honestly say that I have no doubt in my mind that she does indeed exist. I have felt her at my very core and have her to thank for my new conscious awareness. 


She brings about ideas such as:

-Owning a family domain; One Hectare of land on which to create a beautiful paradise to provide for generations to come. 

-Respecting all creatures that we come into contact with. 

-Challenging our current wedding rites and comparing them to old Vedic culture. Easily blasting though the facade, the fake and material world that now dominates our relationships. 

-Bringing us the realization that we are the creators. Her dream of an earthly paradise easily translates into our own, providing us with inspiration. 


Some wonderful quotes by Anastasia:

"There is a law in the Universe that says: A single creator inspired by love is stronger than all of the sciences combined, which are deprived of love."


"The Universe itself is a thought, a thought from which was born a dream, which is partially visible as matter. You are infinite, you are eternal, within you are your dreams of creation."


"In the book you are about to write, Vladimir, there will be unobtrusive combinations, formulas made up with letters, and they will arouse in the majority of people good an radiant feelings. These feelings are capable of overcoming ailments of the body and soul, and will facilitate the birth of a new awareness inherent in people of the future. Believe me, this is not mysticism - it is in accord with the laws of the Universe."



Anastasia took an entrepreneur, one with no writing experience, and through him created the most transforming and inspiring books that I have ever read. For those of you skeptics, I challenge you to read through the entire series, because until you do, you cannot possibly understand the power of these books.  


Have you read these amazing books? What were your thoughts? Did they pull at your heartstrings? Were you inspired? 


*Disclaimer: Many religious teachings are not aligned with what Anastasia has to say. Many religions nowadays teach that you have to praise the source and offer sacrifice, often times at your own expense. Anastasia teaches that paradise is here in nature, not in the afterlife. 

This is NOT a religious discussion. I ask you to please keep your religious views from this thread. 

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This vid is great!

They haven't changed my views about having children myself or the current over population predicament that we've gotten ourselves into, but I've began to feel a little hope. If each child born was raised within their own space in nature, surrounded by fruit permaculture and taught to respect all living beings, there is potential for a larger shift in consciousness. 


I attribute a lot of our world's problems to over population of humans, but the ideas that Anastasia sets forth offer a solution, creating children that will hopefully create a better future. I believe if individuals are going to continue having children, then having conscious children who respect nature is a much better option than the alternative. 

Aeri, they're a good read since you're pregnant.

Also, you'll love Primal Mothering by Hygaea Halfmoon...she's a fruitarian, homebirthing, homeschooling mum from Hawaii...good book.

I read the Anastasia series a few years ago and really enjoyed most of the messages it was presenting.
Definitely. The information about birth and childcare is invaluable.
We really loved the Anastasia series and feel the Native American people used to live in nature very much like she does.. We will be back to nature soon...
I read the first book a few months ago and really loved it. I got half way through the second book but lost interest for some reason. I will probably begin to read the series again in the future. :)

I read all 8 or 9 of the books a while back and believe me when I say that book 2 was the only one I didn't enjoy.  (If I remember right it wasn't even about Anastasia, but rather it was about the author and what he went through to get the first book published.) After reading the second book I had pretty much no interest at all in reading the 3rd one but one day I decided to go ahead and read the 3rd one and I'm happy that I did.  There are lots and lots of interesting and thought provoking ideas in books 3 - 8.  


I instintly feel good when I think back to when I was sitting outside in the summer and reading those books for the first time.

I agree Jared. 

I didn't really enjoy the second either. 

I believe 8.2 was the most inspiring for me...


I love those books.  Even read the whole series. Some incredible insights, no matter who's ideas they are. The books are full of claims that I disagree with ( the earth is designed specifically for humans and all other species are here for us) and/or see no way of proving (the sun is a reflection of human love, george w bush saved america by going on vacation lol) , but I still enjoy them because the overall message is so positive. It's world-saving, soul-saving stuff.
Absolutely. There are certainly ideas that I don't agree with, namely the things you've mentioned. But everyone can take what they like from the series.
I'm definitely interested, I'll look into it! Thanks! :)
Tarah, Jared and all, thanks for speaking about the rest of the series, I read book one and then lost interest at the end.  It sounds worth reading the rest.



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