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I've seen some discussion here about the Anastasia book series written by Vladimir Megre, but I wanted to start an in depth talk about these wonderful books. 


I discovered the Anastasia series last summer and have since read through the books twice. I was instantly captivated by the beautiful picture that Anastasia paints for our future here on earth. I have heard others mention that they thought the books were promoting products like cedar oil, but this is not only blatantly untrue, it also takes away from the extremely important message that Anastasia is trying to convey. 


At first I was a bit skeptical and quite critical of Megre's writing style, viewing it as childish and unrefined. It was not until I reached the 3rd book that the magic began. There is a quote on the back of each book "The more you read them, the better you feel." Quite a claim to make. I can attest to this now. 


Some who read Anastasia are disconnected and see the series as too fantastical. Those that are connected to their own abilities, knowing that there exist no coincidences, feel a pull in their heart like never before. 


Anastasia has turned my entire world upside-down. It's as if I hadn't learned to feel true love prior to reading the series. My views on life, food, children, society, schooling and just about everything else have changed for the better. She delves into a world of love, showcasing our right and desire to live in a natural world, provided for by the source of our very being. These books combine vast intelligence, emotion, and a realization that we are meant to live a life of joy and abundance. We are the only ones responsible for our problems today. The responsibility lays on our shoulders. She includes phenomenal parables, stories from the past that give us an understanding of our current predicament. 


Some say that Anastasia is merely an idea, a consciousness that awoke within Vladimir, causing him to create a book series based on a new approach towards our earth. I can honestly say that I have no doubt in my mind that she does indeed exist. I have felt her at my very core and have her to thank for my new conscious awareness. 


She brings about ideas such as:

-Owning a family domain; One Hectare of land on which to create a beautiful paradise to provide for generations to come. 

-Respecting all creatures that we come into contact with. 

-Challenging our current wedding rites and comparing them to old Vedic culture. Easily blasting though the facade, the fake and material world that now dominates our relationships. 

-Bringing us the realization that we are the creators. Her dream of an earthly paradise easily translates into our own, providing us with inspiration. 


Some wonderful quotes by Anastasia:

"There is a law in the Universe that says: A single creator inspired by love is stronger than all of the sciences combined, which are deprived of love."


"The Universe itself is a thought, a thought from which was born a dream, which is partially visible as matter. You are infinite, you are eternal, within you are your dreams of creation."


"In the book you are about to write, Vladimir, there will be unobtrusive combinations, formulas made up with letters, and they will arouse in the majority of people good an radiant feelings. These feelings are capable of overcoming ailments of the body and soul, and will facilitate the birth of a new awareness inherent in people of the future. Believe me, this is not mysticism - it is in accord with the laws of the Universe."



Anastasia took an entrepreneur, one with no writing experience, and through him created the most transforming and inspiring books that I have ever read. For those of you skeptics, I challenge you to read through the entire series, because until you do, you cannot possibly understand the power of these books.  


Have you read these amazing books? What were your thoughts? Did they pull at your heartstrings? Were you inspired? 


*Disclaimer: Many religious teachings are not aligned with what Anastasia has to say. Many religions nowadays teach that you have to praise the source and offer sacrifice, often times at your own expense. Anastasia teaches that paradise is here in nature, not in the afterlife. 

This is NOT a religious discussion. I ask you to please keep your religious views from this thread. 

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For those interested in reading the series you can find the books here: http://www.ringingcedars.com/

I have read only the first Anastasia book, and while I thought some of the ideas were interesting, I also found it childish and idealistic, and anthrocentric.  I suppose I am one of the "disconnected" ones, whatever you intend to imply by that word.

If Anastasia were real, how could she survive naked in Siberia? There are hardly any fruits, other than a few summer berries. She can't live on raw, unprocessed acorns, as these contain toxins. If she is truly living  raw vegan in Siberia, she must be surviving on nuts. Unless the animals simply lie down before her and ask to be eaten...

If Anastasia is so enlightened, why hasn't she moved to the tropics yet?

Also, for what reason do the animals bring her food? Love? Suppose that there was an actual population of people living like Anastasia, how many squirrels carrying nuts would be required to feed them? At that point it begins to sound like enslavement of another species - or the typical Western idea that all other species are created to aid the superior human.

Lindsay, all of this is explained in the subsequent 8 books of the series. 

The disconnect is something that Vladimir explains. 

There is absolutely no exploitation at all. The humans and animals work together within the eco-system. It is not so far fetched. Perhaps you have seen a hobby farm operate? It's quite the same and can be explained on a very simple level. 


Surely you can understand that humans acclimatize to their surroundings. I have friends that participate in the "polar dip" swim in mid January, while the temperature is -30 celsius and find it invigorating, not cold at all. It's hardly reasonable to place every human in the same category. And anyways, this thread is not here to discuss how Anastasia does or does not live. This is about the inspirational ideas she has put forth.


Had you read the other 8 books you wouldn't be asking all of these questions. I created this thread for those who have taken the time to read through the books instead of casting them aside as nonsense after the very first book. It's like reading the first chapter of 80/10/10 and stating that it's all nonsensical drivel, doesn't provide enough protein, and "anyways, Doug's aging too fast". 


I find it bizarre that those who appose the books or do not agree with them seem to take quite an offense to talking about them. Why do you feel so threatened? 

Why do you feel threatened that I don't believe Anastasia to be a real person?


I like the message of the book, but find the need to believe in Anastasia as a real person and not as a means of communication unnecessary, akin to the need of some Christians to take the Bible literally. Did Noah really exist exactly the way Genesis says? Does it matter?


You haven't answered my question about what foods Anastasia could survive on. I didn't ask whether or not humans can withstand the cold; this much has been proven. Does Vladimir ever address what Anastasia eats?  Regardless of whether humans can acclimatize to temperatures, the 801010 diet assumes a 1 species, in that all humans regardless of location fare the best on a fruit-based, low fat diet. I simply can't imagine someone sustaining such a diet in Siberia.

I'm not at all threatened. I simply don't believe that you should judge until you've read the books. 


It doesn't matter to me if anyone "believes" in Anastasia. I prefer to focus on the inspirational ideas set forth in the book. If you were to delve a little deeper you'd probably find that you're on par with quite a few of them. No one need believe in her existence, it's just my personal opinion after reading the books. 


Anastasia claims to survive on berries, dried mushrooms, greens, nuts, seeds, and their mylks. Obviously I'm not in a position to prove or disprove this theory, as I've never been to Russia. Of course I believe that a low fat raw vegan diet is optimal. I in no way intend to eat the way she claims to. She advises that we grow our own food and sustain ourselves on ecologically clean produce, namely fruits and greens. 


It can be hard to imagine, but I find that it's also hard to imagine how the majority of humans survive while eating an extremely SAD diet also. 


Anyone is welcome to take what they like from the series and leave the rest. After all, we don't always agree with everything in every situation, but we can still gain valuable insight from this series.

Tarah, I think we must have had a miscommunication, that each one of us believed the other to be defensive/threatened!


I actually enjoyed the Anastasia book, it came to me in a magical way and I treasure it for that alone.


I do feel bothered by the somewhat cultish attitude that many seem to take about the Anastasia books.


But you are right, I haven't read all the books - I had heard a lot about the series, and was disappointed with the first, but it sounds like they improve :)

I think we did! It's hard to tell over the internet. It lends well to misinterpretation! I'm sorry about that. 


I'm glad to hear that. If you ever feel compelled to finish the series, please do! I was not at all impressed with the first book, but oh my...Once you reach the 3rd and 4th, they're so beautiful and inspiring! 


I just wanted to share this with everyone. There are so many different views about the books, but no one has to agree with every idea within. 

I agree Earthheart. I wasn't convinced until the 3rd book. 


I also feel this way. Isn't it beautiful? I've been lending the books to some 811 friends and they just started the 4th book. Can't wait to hear what they have to say! We have our paradise in the making right now. Possibly Ecuador/British Columbia. 


I'm glad to hear you have been enjoying the series. There was one part about religion that I couldn't get into in the 7th book, but you'll absolutely love 8.1 & 8.2. She goes into full detail about Radomir and Lubomila. It's unbelievably beautiful. I was tearing up while reading it. 

We're currently looking at Vilcabamba simply because of the access to fertile land with already established fruit trees and a general like minded consciousness. We've been on the lookout on this website. Some great properties with natural flowing water, available electricity, road access and fruit such as avocados, cacao fruit, mangos, papayas...etc. 


I'm with you in regards to mountains. We live on Vancouver Island and we absolutely love the mountains. The andes mountains in Ecuador are wonderful and offer the benefit of being able to grow a wide variety of produce. We're thinking much the same as you. 


The search is going well. It seems that most properties in that region range from $10,000-80,000 USD depending on what their attributes are and the amount of acerage. Extremely reasonable. 


We absolutely want to be around others who share a common goal. We have been creating this idea with two wonderful 811'ers here on Vancouver Island. You can't help but become inspired in a group of like minded individuals!

Enjoy your hike! Would love to stay in touch also!
Great video!

Wow, excellent video!  Absolutely love it!  Wonderful how the audience reacts too! :)


Roseanne is a beautiful person indeed!  Aware and smart!

I was so impressed to see that she spoke at a mind control event.




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