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Hi! I just starting to get into more aerobic exercise recently and I am out of shape from being seriously ill for the past four years. I have done a lot of daily walking, but nothing that got my cardio to a training level, or reaching my max heart rate. Now when I do this, via a bike trainer for now.......sometimes I get the ammonia smell after exercising. In the opinion of the fit people on this group - is that a sign that I am overdoing it? Should I back off to where I don't have this happen? I am still kind of fragile, and trying to walk the line between getting fit, and not over stressing my body, esp. brain and nervous system. Thanks!

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Hey there,

I'm not exactly sure why but it could mean your running on ketones. How many calories are you having daily? Also are you eating an exclusively raw diet?
How much water do you drink? Have you had a history with medication or currently on any? you can answer me privately if you choose :)
Hey, thanks for responding. I am eating all raw, and my calories vary some - 1500 to 2000 daily depending on my activity level. No medications, nothing even over the counter for 15 years. I am starting to think I need more fruit before working out, more water, and then to work out for a shorter period so this doesn't happen. I saw some on this forum working out before meals, but apparently that isn't a good idea for me. I must be burning aminos and not carbs? My liver and kidney tests are normal. When I googled this, it came up quite a bit and the answers were varied. I was hoping someone on the 811 might have thoughts on this, and how to adjust the diet. Thanks!
Hey there,

What specifically have you been eating recently?

Take care

Adam x
pears, apples, lettuce, tomatoes, grapefruit, carrots, yams, celery.

the ammonia thing has been happening on and off for years. i'm starting to think it is my body burning aminos for fuel, and also working too hard. My liver has also been through a lot, many years ago......when I was doing the conventional medicine thing. Tons of drugs, but now nothing for 15 years.
If you dont eat enough, especially when exercising, your body will always use some muscle protein, as well as some of the protein from your diet to convert to sugar for fuel, rather than using carbs.

All of those foods are pretty low in calories. The yams are abit higher but would have to be consumed in some quantity to meet your nutrient needs. Perhaps it is related to this...

Take care

Adam x
Thanks Adam! I'll have to work on this.
Yes thanks Adam.

Jnanda Sounds like you may be in a state of Ketosis ( u may not be getting as many calories as u think) or you are eliminated the old medication. I wouldn't lower your exercise intensity but up your calories and water intake, the water will assist in diluting any pollution to manageable levels which may help eliminate the smell.

Happy day of birth lovely lady!
Thanks for the help, and the bday wishes! I'll work on the calories and water for sure - and keep my fitness up. I don't want to lose ground on that either.
No worries. Happy birthday btw!

It may be more helpful to focus on some higher calorie fruits like melons, mangoes, bananas. Fruits and veggies contain alot of water and fibre which fill us up, so we might feel that we have eaten enough for our bodies needs because our stretch receptors in our stomach are telling us we have consumed a enough, but our bodies needs for fuel may still not be met if we have filled ourselves up on low calorie foods.

Take care and keep us posted.

Adam x
I often smell ammonia too, really strong after exercising. I've smelled it for as long as long as I can remember. I never knew this happened to anyone else. I wonder why......



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