30 Bananas a Day!

I started the high carb raw vegan diet 5 days ago and I'm already so sick of bananas!  The most I can have is 5 at a time, I get sick of the taste and I get full.  So  couple hours later I'll try again and then I can maybe get down 3.  

Am I going to get over this beginning period of being sick of bananas?  I was never sick of them before.  How long does it take to be able to get down 15-20 at a time?  I'm a petite, thin woman.

Thank you!!

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I'm still transitioning and I give myself around an hour to eat each banana meal. If I try and eat (or drink) all of the bananas too fast I'll end up feeling like I have to force them down too, and then I won't want to eat any bananas later on. This especially happens on days I pretty much only eat bananas.

My advice would be to take your time eating them and to have a meal of another fruit whenever possible! For me, bananas become appealing again very quickly after having eaten a bunch of another fruit. Mangos and dates are great options :) 

i never force myself to eat anything.. 

i get 8+ bananas down in a smoothie in the morning,  but i dont eat 25 a day, i eat other fruits as well :)

I also have a 7+ banana smoothie in the morning, it's a great breakfast (I'll usually have some melon or oranges an hour or so before). Whole bananas, though, I can only eat about 3 at a time.

You don't have to eat bananas all the time. :)
Just eat enough of a fruit (or mixed fruits with good food combining) until you're full. Like 7 mangoes, or a few pounds of grapes, a watermelon, a few cantaloupe, dates and apples, etc. Eat bananas when you want bananas. :)

I just read this part of the 80/10/10 again haha..

Doug Graham says to eat as much as you care for.. So, just eat however much you'd like! If you're sick of bananas, go for other fruits that you can combine! (Be careful about your fruit combinations also!) He said that as long as you keep eating as much as you care for, you can make it a goal to eat like say.. 3 more bites.. Or 4 more bites.. And gradually your stomach stretches and gets used to it.. Making room for the proper calorie intake. :) Don't gorge yourself but don't hold back either. You got this. (I'm actually kind of undergoing this situation as well.. I substitute with tons o' dates and I drown bananas with other fruits in my smoothies until I'm ready to experiment with copious amounts of other fruits.)

Firstly. You don't have to eat bananas if you bored with them. Although, when I get good quality organic bananas I'm all over that.

A lot of people suggest banana island when starting this lifestyle. Banana island simply meaning just eating bananas for a few weeks or so to ease yourself into eating the large volume and sufficient calories that comes with this lifestyle.

You will be able to eat higher volumes of fruit. Your stomach will stretch. It took me two weeks to stretch my stomach and eat enough fruit for myself.

If you simply don't like bananas right now then eat some other fruit that you really love. Explore, experiment, and find that fruit you can't live without and eat until you are truly satisfied.

You'll get there AJ.

Eat as much as you want. If you find you can live at the life intensity you want, start eating more.

I do force down each meal I eat. I get so involved with daily life its easy to forget to eat enough and then you just fade and get listless. Same with sleep, I could get by on 2 hours a sleep a night but I know I would eventually crash and burn. I go for 10 so my body can get all the growth hormone and recovery properly each night. I feel the best then aswell.

So how many pounds of fruit per meal? Whatever works for you. You will soon find a carb intake template that lets you live the hardcore life. :)


Thank you so much for your honest reply.  It helps to hear you say that you do have to force down your meals.  I am a busy mom so I do forget to eat in general.  But I will be more conscious to get more fruit in my body that I can handle.

I have a question: So mono-meals are best, correct?  But combine if I need to, and would it be alright to blend bananas with celery or with a bit of lime juice (I read on another thread that this changes the taste of bananas significantly) just to get down those valuable banana nutrients?

I'm training myself and my children to eat this way now so when we go to the Woodstock Fruit Festival this August we will be ready!  Look forward to meeting you and your lovely Banana Girl.





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