30 Bananas a Day!

I am...


113 lbs = 51 kg

39 yrs



Based on the food intake below... am I eating too much? 


I ask because I have been aiming for 3k calories/day and... in the example in the image...


1) I cannot get the 8/1/1 ratio...

2) Even with 1 entire avocado, my fat intake is still only 8.9% (when I remove it it is minuscle...)

3) I've seen people say 1 avocado is too much for this one huge athlete guy on this forum

4) I am above the 10 gm of carb / kg of body weight rule

5) Even Victoria Boutenko doesn't advocate over 2 lbs in greens, and even with that I cannot get over 5.6% of protein


My main concern is not about too much food per se, or that I am not loosing weight/body fat (although I am not). Rather, it is this: how much of a factor is getting the appropriate ratios? What I want to avoid basically:


1-cravings and falling off the "diet"

2-not having energy to work out and recover (I am a non-athlete right now who wants to run a marathon in 11/2012)


I've notice that my brain might not be working so well, and worry that I might need a higher percentage of fat? For example, I have impecable spelling, but have been having gross lapses since I started 811 (or rather, lfrv, since I can't manage to get to 811...)


IF the ratio is very important... how do I get it? 


If you look at the second image, you will see that I cut the avocado in half, and brought down the carbs to the 10 gm of carb / kg of body weight rule, still 2 lbs of greens (dark greens at that...) and still don't get the ration right.


I'll appreciate any input. 




2nd IMG:




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I am new to low fat raw vegan diet and I don't really check how much I eat I just eat as much as I want but this month I do fat free, so I eat everything els as much as I want :P But you don't need to eat that much fat, or you can't live with out it right now? I think you should just eat as long as you are hungry :) but I would eat less fat. I would eat more fruit!! and everybody I know or whose videos I have checked they say a same things, to beat the cravings and to stay happy you have to eat enough fruit:) and I think Freelee recommends to eat 3000 calories on this diet anyway :)

10% fat is supposed to be the upper limit! It's not the target :)


I think it's probably good to get at least 5% though.


I wouldn't worry too much about whether you eat an avocado or not lol - if you feel happier being closer to the 10% mark, then eat it, but if you're happier going lower, then do!

LIKE. :)

It's at LEAST 80% carbs, at MOST 10% fat and protein each.

NO SUCH THING AS EATING TOO MUCH :) In this society we're conditioned to believe we're fat pigs for eating enough our body needs. If you have a food scale, it would be optimal to weigh out your food. Since going by length isn't the most accurate measure, you could be getting less food than you think. I ate 6 bananas the other day for breakfast that totaled 1,000 calories. Then the other day I ate 17 bananas that totaled 1,000 calories, huge difference there.

80% Carbohydrates is the minimum.
10% Fat & Protein is the absolute max. I think it's pretty impossible to go over 8% protein doing this diet correctly. Which isn't a bad thing.

Good luck :)

Hm.. very good tip, I hadn't seen this one before. I will buy a new battery for my scale pronto and try it out. Thanks!


So, I suppose 5% is the absolute minimum for fat and protein? I have spent the last month reading this forum and haven't seen any talk about the minimum and maximum until now (other than the minimum carb). I will re-read the book though, I'm feeling the need now.

There are no minimums, if you are eating enough calories you will get your needed fat and protein.

uu.. I forgot to add that I notice my concentration is pretty bad right now too when I do my morning meditation but I think its because our bodies are cleansing from toxins and so on.. so body is focusing on healing more right now and in matter of time it will pass :)
Love :)
Yes i agree with that point entirely :)

Interesting perspective. How long have you been detoxing?


This is actually very interesting because... I spent almost two years drinking a lot of organic iced tea to keep up with my work up to about two months ago. Now that I am off caffeine and on lfrv (when I don't fall off the wagon :) ), I notice that I don't recall some memories that I formed during that time. I feel though that the memories that I am forming now I have no problem recalling. It is as if I just have to be patient and let my brain rewire. This is all gut feeling though, I have nothing concrete as far as evidence, and could be totally wrong. :)

read some posts and also the 811 book so you understand it before posting questions like that :) its minimum 80% carbs, max 10% protein and fat so do whatever inside of that you feel like
Hiya Peach,

Wow. Relax. Your goal is to eat an abundance of gorgeous fruit and leafy greens everyday. You can supplement with nuts, seeds and fatty fruits (avocado, durian) if you wish, but don't go overboard. That's it! (smile)

If you eat no overt fats, your caloronutrient ratio on average will automatically fall in the 9/5/5 range.

If you add overts, like a couple ounces of nuts or seeds, an avocado, etc. it will fall within the 8/1/1 range. Pretty simple, eh?

And remember, it's the caloronutrient range is something that should average 8/1/1 over the week, month, and year. It's not about a perfect score every single day.

30 BAD recommends a female eat in the neighborhood of 2500 calories; for guys it's 3000 calories.

Drink plenty of water.

Get plenty of rest.

Choose happiness everyday.

Choose excellence over perfection everyday.

Do this and things will work out beautifully. Then go out and have some fun! Good luck! ......ana xxoo

Hi Ana,


Thank you for this input. If 8/1/1 is the limit, I understand it now. But if it is an average to be met over a period of time, it would never happen if in none of the days I am making it. Just how averages work. So, this bit was confusing.


But I hear you! Love.



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