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Hi, I am Leah from USA. Been a vegan for about 10 months now. I love it but I do feel like I am always thinking about food. I pack my lunch for work and and bring a smoothie for a morning snack. My problem is I am a hairdresser and when there are clients waiting I can't take a lunch break. Some days are slow so I can eat all day and feel fine. But, most days we are busy any I can not take a lunch break till 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I feel like I need to eat every 3 hours or so. Is that normal?  My ideal day would be to eat at 7am smoothie, another smoothie at 9 or 10 am. Then a lunch around 1 or 2 pm.  Then a snack at 4pm then dinner at 7pm....Is this too much? I only feel good when I eat all day. On the days I have to go 6-7 hours with out food I feel horrible, angry, tired, can't think straight. My co workers never complain about not getting food breaks, so I feel like I should not complain either. But it just seems unhealthy to go 7 hours with out food. 

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Hi!! I need to eat every 3 hours and I now eat between 3500-4000 calories a day. The more i eat the better i feel.

You have the right to a lunch break and just because others around you don't complain doesn't mean you don't deserve to eat when you're hungry. I'm sure your work is easier when carbed up :)

Even though we all should have a right to a lunch break many jobs won't be able to offer it at an ideal time. Service jobs like a hairdresser or waiter are busiest during the hours other people are on their lunch break.

I used to work as a cook and what worked for me was making smoothies before my shift and bringing them along. That way when I got hungry and had a minute I could chug down some. Obviously not ideal but when you need the energy it's better this way than nothing.

Thanks for the reply, yes I need to eat often! If I don't eat, I think I get hypoglycemic. I know I have a right to a lunch break but that doesn't mean they will give me on. Sometimes I don't get a break till the end of my shift. I go in at 9am and get a lunch at 4pm this sucks and I end up feeling horrible the next day as well. 

Some people do need to eat fairly often, especially at first. Try and get your body used to eating more at meals so you can go longer between them.

I think the problem is my job. I don't get a set time for a meal. Breaks are whenever we are not busy. So dinner is never at dinner time and lunch is never at lunch time. My body is used to snacking all day. 

If you feel you need that amount to feel your best then it is completely fine.. There is nothing wrong with eating that often unless the food before the last meal is not digested. Go with how you feel and if it feels right DO IT!

I have to eat every 3. hour. Sometimes every 4th, if I had a enough the last meal. I also get so irritable and angry if I go longer time without food.

so i am not alone. Thought I was going crazy. I see my co workers go all day with out food or water, it makes me wonder what am i doing wrong.

yes, i feel horrible and then eat too much when i get home. I can even feel it the next day, like i am hung over or something. 

Keep a cooler of 4 big bottles of OJ, smoothie or datorade and take half of each one between clients, swish the first swig or two around your mouth to prepare your digestion, then swig the rest in 5 minutes.

I think eating every 3 hours is totally fine. Your health should come first.

And it is mate, totally unhealthy. We are designed to be grazers, eating a little often. I suffer from low blood sugar meaning I cannot go more than 3 hours without food in my stomach when I am active - especially if I had to stand on my feet all day like you do with your wings up in the air, clipping hair.

Hairdressing is one of the most physically demanding jobs around.

When you say you are forced to go 7 hours without food and it makes you feel horrible, angry and tired, you are actually describing classic low blood sugar symptoms. Look up Hypoglycaemic.

Doesn't mean you are diabetic or that you need to get tested. Probably you would test within normal range, but in actual fact what you have is a small 'Fuel Tank' trying to run a big high performance motor.

Like you I use to wonder what was wrong with me because to not feel like I was dying, weak, shaky and wanting to either kill someone or myself, I have to eat at least every 3 hours, meanwhile everyone else I worked with didn't seem to eat at all, all day. Except they filled up on coffee or tea or went out for smoke breaks all time.

I use to be so livid that others could get away without eating, but I am not anymore because I have learnt since that these are the very types that end up with diabetes later on in life.

Sometimes when I am caught out like you I simply say, do you mind I just have to nip to the loo for a sec, and on my way there I pull out something like dates or nuts and smash them down otherwise I'd faint. And that ain't good for business.

You know what I would do, I would tell you boss that you have been diagnosed with low blood sugar and that you do need to eat every three hours. Just take 5 or 10 mins but don't put your health at risk by trying to struggle on for 7 hours straight.   



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