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Recently I've become worried that I'm eating TOO much, i know freelee and most other people promoting rawtill4 advise to eat a minimum of 2500; i eat around 3000 most days. I seem to be slowly gaining weight still on this calorie level, it could be my perception or it could be real i don't know. Coming from a restrictive eating past i kind of expected that i would gain weight initially but its been 2-3 months on rawtill4 low fat vegan, and I'm still gaining D:

I exercise by running 30 mins 3x a week and do 2 short weight training sessions on top of that. I also cycle everywhere since i don't have a car, probably about 1-2 hours total each week and I'm a student so i use a lot of brain power aha! (i can't do any more than this because i have weakened bones and its too painful) -- This is kind of my justification for eating as much as i do but i am worried about the weight gain - the bigger i get the louder the voices from my eating disordered past get, in other words the more i feel like restricting. So is this normal or am i doing something wrong?

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it´s your ed 

i was anorexic some month ago two and i listened to some wrong raw foodist who told me to focus on low calorie etc. 

then i did that and my ed got worse than i started to ctfu i mena really i ate around 5000 kcal a day (which is needed to reminearal and vitamin the starved body i fasted for 3 month... and my activity level 1-2 hours of biking a day + 6-9 hours of school+ a young horse i m training....

i would say your brain still is under carbed now im eating proper amount of cals and i seriously give a f*ck about the way i look when it kind of gets to me i know that im getting undercarbed!

carbs don´t make you fat exept of you´re having metabolic damage and your body utilises fat and stores carbs (form of ketosis) but the only way to heal your body is to eat those carbs.

maybe you have a kind of bodydismorphi whichoften comes coupled with an ed and being undercarbed.

did you experience any benefits yet?

maybe you have to gain weight i mean it possbly is muscle and i mean whats wrong with habing muscles they are heavy yes but who cares :P....

if it only are a few pounds your glycogen stores might grow again and you might be hydrated again.

how much did you gain yet? how long have you had your ed ?

how tall are you

how much do you sleep daily dont stress yourself out stress raises cortisol levels and can lead to a defense mechanism which makes you gain weight 

 í gained over 15 kg (weight 36 at 5´4 now 53 kg) but its all lean tissue and some water( did a dexa scan ) i look a lil floppy but it ll get away when my body is ready and when my detox is finished. this lifestyle saved my life im soooo happy all the time, energetic,love life........!!!!!

so enjoy this way of eating eat as much as you want the more you eat the better your body ll be able to heal

ps. ex anorexics ( if youve been anorectic have an elevated metabolism so i think you may just need that much :) )

hope that helped 

DONT GIVE UP  ;) !!!!!!

Thanks for your reply, it's great to have someone with similar experiences :)

I'm just over a year into recovery and the same time since becoming vegan (pescatarian for 2 years before that) so my body has had a lot of time to recover - not that it's finished yet and I'm not sure if it will any time soon.

I have had a lot of benefits: more energy, more confident, better skin, hair, nails etc. and just feeling a lot better in myself.

I do have a bit of muscle already because i did strength training about 4 hours a week for a year :)

Also i don't weigh myself (triggering) so i don't know how much I've gained, i think I'm around 60kg though, which is over a healthy weight slightly - this is likely to be accurate because i can see myself like really am (body dysmorphia has improved lot) and i had an eating disorder for 3 years.

Im 5"2

oh and maybe your body is trying to stabilize your bones thus it needs way more calories and bone density increasement can also be a reason for weight (not fat!) gain 



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