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Do you share your fruit with others?

with the prices I pay for my fruit I find myself in the situation where I cannot afford to share with others.

especially my delicious smoothies.

So here is the scenario. I whip up this delicious fruity juicy colourful breakfast. My blender is not really that big, I think it only holds like 1.25l or something, but i fill it to the top.

My dad always comments on it, that it looks good so naturally I have to give him some, but i hate giving him some because then I will not have enough for me. What he usually does is have some of my breakfast then makes eggs or some other kind of sad rubbish. But what he doesnt understand is that my breakfast even though it may look very very big and could feed the whole family, it really isnt... it is like somebody having only 1 sausage and then having to cut that sausage to share with someone else.

I feel so guilty, like this morning my dad was there sitting watching tv and that is where i usually sit when I am drinking my smoothy so today I stood in the kitchen hiding lol I didnt wanna share my beautiful delicious smoothy@@@!!!!!!! how greedy and selfish am i:P

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yeah i do because to give is to receive

how selfish am I? ;)

I have had moments like this when guests come over.  The adults will be making fun of my kitchen for looking like a fruit shop.  But then children are naturally attracted to colorful ripe fruit and prefer to eat my fruit.  I bite the financial bullet on this though and keep quiet as I hope it helps educate the children and or encourages them to seek out a high fruit diet in the future.  

Sometimes I want to scream at the parents to buy their own fruit for their kids though.  

Peace, PK

My smoothies cost me about 20 dollars a pop, but to add to this, they taste amazing, it really takes will power to share lol

The way i see it & the thing that puts my guilt at ease is when you watch lions and the way they eat.

They dont kinda like to share right? I mean I am pretty sure i have seen the lion attack the others if they touch their food??

Lions are pack animals and they only share with their pack otherwise known as their pride.  I could be remembering the animal wrong here and it might not be lions but I am pretty sure it is.

OH and by the way I don't think you are a horrible person or selfish or anything.  It is always easier to share when you have plenty.  But if it is you whole meal I can see why you wouldn't want to share.  And besides it is hard to share fruit whether you have more then enough or just enough :-)

$20 dolllars for one smoothie! are you kidding me?! i have never had a $20 smoothie...ever. could you give me an example of what a $20 smoothie consists of? how much does it cost you to eat per day?
i would have a hard time sharing if fruit was that expensive. but in this case its your dad, the person who has probably worked his ass off to provide you a good life. i think it makes sense to hook your dad up with as much smoothie as he wants so he can be healthy and carbed up for the day,especially if youre livin under his roof.. catch my drift.
i wish i could get my parents to carb up! i try so hard to get them to eat ANY source of carbs so their emotions would stabilize and our relationship could start healing, but they continue on the ups and downs of the SAD and refuse to see how their diet affects every aspect of their lives. 

to put it simply when your sharing your smoothie with your dad, your really investing in your relationship (carbed up=emotionally stable=best potential for healthy relationship), and your dads health, plus your showing gratitude for everything he has done for you, and youre inspiring him to eat healthy.

I was going to make a post about this. My roommates are always asking for some of my bananas, or whatever I have at the time. Usually in my room there is about 40-80lbs of bananas and occasionally they will even admit to going in my room and stealing them.

Even though I have a lot of bananas, I often am waiting for them to be perfectly ripe and it takes patience and planning to keep a ripe stock. I also ride my bike with a trailer in the heat about 5 miles to get a case.

Sometimes it just gets to me that they feel so entitled to my bananas, especially since they eat SAD and have tried to argue over my diet in the past.

But in the end I think it is worth it to share.

The thing is Sean, I spend like 2-3 hours a day shopping for the perfect fruit, and like you, it takes alot of effort and time to gather and ripen our food. If you are fussy like me with your fruit then sharing becomes even more difficult especially if you are not rich.

Ben & fruit you are absolutely right about having abundance.

Example last night I bought loads of apples, more than enough for my dinner so I didnt ask anyone if they wanted, I forced them to have, i cut them all up and forced it down their throats.

That is not the issue, my issue is mainly my smoothies because that is where I have very very limited and super expensive fruit so I can no way in the world buy abudance.

Does anybody have a solution for me? you think I should make a boring average smoothy for my dad? although time is also a factor in the mornings as I am really pressed for time.

yesterday at lunch a work client actually took 1 of my mandarins without asking me. Granted, I had like 15 of them on my desk:P but i needed all 15 of them to fill me up:P but I can imagine what they are thinking because I still remember my old sad frame of mind - 15 mandarins would last a family the whole week!! and I was giving dirty looks to this guy who only took 1 from my lunch lol

They probably thought of it as like when some people leave out a bowl of sweets on their desk for their clients or the kids of their clients to help themselves.  They probably thought it was a nice gesture on your part.

I find it difficult as well, especially with people who supplement sad food with it. I try to feel like I am helping them but I can't shake the feeling like I am wasting it on them (negative). I do feel guilty at these times especially when I have *just enough* from the last of my stock that I've brought to a social event and there is zero food for me to eat other than what I brought.. I've thought if I should just go hungry for the sake of handing out my fruit (everyone thinks Ive brought a platter as a group snack dish or something) but then at the same time I Always get the 'You must be Starving.. All you eat is fruit, are you sure you don't want some _____???'
-"if you'd stop eating my food I wouldn't be starving..."


I think I need a fresh mindset on this, I'd like to be more inviting but it is hard to sacrifice my nutrition in the hope that I'm getting through to stubborn sad eaters.

I understand what you are feeling.  its not wrong nor right. its just how you feel. you wanna drink all of the smoothie because thats all you eat. 

I dont mind giving meat eaters some fruit expect when they give me lectures on how its not healthy and natural, whilst eating my fruit :/

Why not ask your father if you can do the food shopping for him? maybe he will give you the money to buy fruit for him as well?

+1  makes shifts find strategies that work for each parties  needs.



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