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Hi Beautiful Ppl...

Soo... It's been 1.5 years since I'm a proud vegan. I'm getting my frist shots and my bloodtestresults r fine apart from B12 and I feel great again. I started to feel depressed and tired all the time, and I think B12 was an indicator for feeling weak.

Since I stopped the pill in December 2014 I have been having my period regularly, sometimes stronger and longer than I was used to.

But it's like the 4th period where I sense none of it actually happening, no pain and very little blood and very short time. I think it's fine that way even if I don't need to use any tampons right now coz the bloodloss is really small.

I feel aweseome and it seems like I finally made some changes? After gaining almost 10-15 kgs on my vegan journey (round 7 instantly after stopping the pill) I accepted that I need some time to recover and I will not rush it even if I feel gross sometimes (guess it's the sodium some days) and I'm prolly doing stuff wrong. I should work out more and drink more. I try to stick with Raw Till 4 but lately I just concentrate on HCLF no matter if it's cooked or nah. Fruit season is mostly over and it got cold, a warm meal sounds so much better atm. My skin broke out like it never did in my life for the first time bout two weeks ago and a lot of hair growth on my face like more eyebrow hair and the road from my bellybutton to south (lol). I thought it's the coconutoil I use which is why I stopped and it helped, my skin got kinda back to normal and I don't feel like having a dry face after showering anymore so I just don't use it anymore. But I think it might be testosterone?

Question of the day:

Is that hormones balancing out or does this sound weird? I can feel my body changing for sure, my boobs got bigger too and my legs are not so swollen anymore from my lipedema and I don't feel any pain about it since I stopped the pill.

Any answer would be apreciated, thx in advice


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I do not know anything about the hair growth but I know that many ladies here experienced lighter menstruations and bigger boops after starting to eat high carb.

Kind of the same thing happened to me. I lost my period due to restriction about two years ago and didn't experience it for a year. It came back whe I regained the weight. Starting high carb lifestyle my hormones were balancing out like crazy: heavy period, terrible night sweats, breasts hurt and got swollen each cycle a lot, skin broke out right before the period. Now, after more than a year, everything became better. No more night sweats, a lot less blood during the period and it lasts for 4 days, breasts still hurt but not as much as before. I also had swollen legs but it gets better now.

I also can tell now when I am ovulating and when the period is coming, got increadibly in touch with my body.

Dear YanasBananas,

I'm feeling with you!

When I stopped taking the pill, I had similar symptoms: My period came 4 months after being off the pill a little stronger than before, which luckily faded. But my acne became as bad as it has never been before and I noticed that my hair grew faster (yeahh:D) but unfortunately as well did my hairs... :/

The increased hair growth is due to the increased amount of testosterone, which is natural (being off the pill) and the skin problems are caused by the hormonal changes in your body. Meaning the skin problems vanish after some time, which I experienced after like 2-3 months and my skin cleared up even more than when I was on the pill. So be patient!

But after half a year to 9 months (I didn't keep track), I went back on the pill because I had not found a suitable alternative contraception. I really do not want to get these hormones into my body anymore, but using condoms is a non-negiotable contraceptive for my boyfriend after trying for some time as well as diaphragm does not work for me because it feels kind of unsafe... Because I'm a young woman I do not want an IUD hurting my womb. How do you contracept now or are you planning to become pregnant?

Hopefully I could help you a little and I'd be very glad, if you replied :)

I'm here to update this discussion. A lot of things still are the same, weight goes up and down between 1-3kg I really don't weigh myself no more it only gets fustrated. Body changed, for sure. My boobs are huge. Even if I know I'm too heavy I kind of just deal with it until i regained my bodys trust. My periods are far from regular, I think that first year when I was off, was just some echo of the pill because I had one real period last month after skipping one, for 15 days. n it's 6 weeks ago since it ended n my new cycle hasn't begun yet, so metabolic damage is real, hormonal issues from bad nutrition and pill accompained with acne are all real. I didn't wanna face it, thought its easy, once I become vegan everything is going to be alright but actually, it's not even my second year being vegan and I doubt I will ever lose weight but I still have hope. N everyone who struggles with that should know that we pay for the mistakes we make, and one day we hopefully will be forgiven and lose weight, and have a happier life but until then we should accept ourselves the way we are and make the best out of it, even if we only sometimes feel sexy instead of everyday, like freelee.

for most people, it takes 3-5 years to start seeing results in relation to weight loss. there is a lot of damage to be repaired. I calorie restricted since i was about 9 or 10 years old!!! and here i am now, 19 years old, been Raw Till 4 for about 2 years now and I have not seen results in my weight. I am expecting it to take me more than 5 years to start seeing results since I restricted my calories for soooo many years. its all good though. i feel great, i eat a lot of really good food. just keep the salt very low (do not add it to your food), drink at least 12 cups of water a day, and exercise for an hour at least 4 times a week with something you like doing. the weight loss will come. Freelee was fat for like 3 years when she first started this lifestyle. try to stay Raw Till 4 as it will make you the leanest, apart from full-time fruitarian. 



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