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My name is Blake, i am 23 and I am new to 30BAD. I have been vegetarian for 3 years and vegan for 2 and full on high carb fruit bat for about a year. It's nothing short of amazing as many of you may already know.

I am looking to connect with like minded fruit bats world wide but particularly from hawaii at the moment as that is where I am living. I am currently on a 7 acre fruit and vege farm in the Puna area of the big island and enjoying it to the fullest. Life off the grid is wonderful. Please let me know if you are local, not local, needing a friend, needing a virtual hug or good vibes and I will be at your service.

Peace friends, look forward to meeting you here and/or one day along the trail...


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Haha awesome man, I lived in Puna for a while, I WWOOF'ed all around Hilo/Puna area. What farm are you on Ive most likely been there lol.  Craziest place ever Big Island hawaii lol, meet so many characters all over that island.  So beautiful there, I had a great time there and will definitely be back in the future.  Btw you prob already know but you can go to the farmers market in hilo around 4pm on saturdays and get madddddd cheap fruit from people there.  And also just getting free fruit all over from trees etc.  

Ryan thanks for the quick reply brother and you been in my neck of the woods! wow that was fast! I am not WWOOFing but am doing a little work living trade that I managed to set up by meeting a nice women on another health forum I follow. Things really just fell into place and we were a great match. I really don't have to work much more that 14-16 hours a week and I have my own house. The farm I am on does not have a name as it is really just a private property with two amazing elderly but super fit people living on it. I am there to help save their backs, elbows and wrists from any more years of heavy farm work.

I have been frequenting the Hilo Farmers Market but I did not know about the deals around 4pm...Is it like better deals then earlier in the day? Thx for the head up on that, I will surely go scope that out this week.

If you don't mind me asking did you have a favorite foraging spot?

Haha yeah I just came on the site and seen your post of big island and am that always gets my attention lol.  Sounds like you got a great deal goin on there.  I ended up doing something similar.  I was WWOOFing all around just doing as much as I could then ended up meeting this old hilarious guy who had this beautiful 7 acre farm ironically and he had some young people livin on it helping him because he couldnt realy do much.  It was a blast and we hardly worked, 2 hours a day 14 hours a week, sometimes less then that.  And pretty much just enjoyed life lol.  

Ya dude deals then are definitely better.  Its when they are closing down on saturdays.  Wednesdays and saturdays are the big farmer market days, so they all bring a lot and then when things are winding down Id go and scoop up tons.. get to know the people the old ladies there will hook ya up if you get to know them.. I was always extra nice and friendly with them and theyd just be pretty much givin fruit away to me lol.  And as time went on I just knew so many people that i got super cheap fruit from all over the place.  Hilo/puna is small dont know how long ya have been there.. but its the kind of place where everyone knows each other ya know.. ya see the same faces in puna all the time.  

Favorite spots definitely.  Me and my buddy who actually looks kinda like you we'd go around to some awesome kind of secret places.  We found endless amounts of bananas and papayas that no one or very few people even know about.  The old man knew the entire island like the back of his hand and knew where to go.. he'd drive the truck and me and my friend would go in and gets cases and cases.. it was endless we pretty much just grabbed until we were tired.  and a bunch of coconuts and avocados as well which you just have to go looking for they are all over.. but watch out, dont be pickin anyones fruit that is obviously theres ya know.. hawaiians get mad pissed about that lol.  

I'm 22 years old btw I did all this when I was 20-21.  I just left there like 6 months ago, came back to the mainland to make some more money to go venture around the world again lol.  How ya likin it man?  Go to any pot lucks or drum circles?  Theres some real cool hippie parties goin on almost all the time.. I used to go to pot lucks like 2-3 a week and the drum circle every sunday at kalapana.  Hilo on saturday for the market and do stuff around that area.  Its real simple living in hawaii.  Good and bad just like every other place on earth.  I liked the simple living a lot though, kind of guy I am.. my friend got impatient and wanted the city life again after a while.  But yeah ill stop now this is a pretty long post lol.

Dude I wish you kept going on! Haha awesome info... I need to go find thos banana forests you speak of!

I 23. I've only been here awhile so I am for sure gonna keep cultivating those relationships at the market. I can't thank you enough for the insight. I have hit up a few pot lucks but mostly greesy meat potlucks. I need a fruit pot luck lol....

Anyways, I'm sure I could talk to you for hours, sounds like we have a lot in common. When you make it back to the island we'll have to sit down over some bananas. Thank you again for the info and I will possibly reach out to you in the future if I have a question that I think you might have the answer to as you seem pretty knowledgable about things that interest me.

Sounds good bud :)  Haha yeah Im sure we'd be friends bro, and apple bananas are the best arent they?!  Haha people who havent had them dont know what they are missing.. and there are a bunch of vegetarian pot lucks around, sure you'll meet more people and find em out etc.. I knew some girls who were raw vegan, and gradually met more people who were into eating really healthy.  Hit me up whenever, best of luck to ya, peace!

Seriously, I hope it's a long time before I eat another cavendish

Raw vegan girls!? Wait, what! Lol.... I'll let you know when I find a Raw vegan girl and take her on a secret banana forest forage. Haha


I loooooooove your energy Blake! :) I look forward to seeing you around the forum! Hawaii absolutely seems like a dream come true! I have been thinking about planning a trip out that way for some time. It is always so great seeing people like you thriving and living this beautiful lifestyle in paradise. Keep on shining your brilliant light Blake! 

Namaste, friendly fruit bat! <3

I've been here about an hour and I cannot read fast enough to keep up with the awesomeness! After reading your perspective on fasting I can tell you are a fascinating soul.

You know, your kind words are more powerful than you may know. I find it fascinating and empowering that from thousands of miles away your compliment gives me the shivers. Now, whats exiting is, the infectious nature of your compliment will likely cause me to go on a loving spree (my term for paying it forward). Ooh the power of love. Thank you for being awesome Kelly, I too look forward to seeing you around the forum.

Ps. When you do get over to the islands please contact me so I can give you your first bunch of apple bananas :)




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