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Almond Butter? Brown bread? Pasta? Some guidance required!

Hello everyone! Any help would be much appreciated!

I'm trying out a HCLF vegan lifestyle, and I'm excited to start the journey, but I'm confused about a few things!

Firstly- Almond butter- yes or no? I usually have it on brown bread, which leads me to my next question- is brown bread good or not so much?

And pasta- I bought some gluten free pasta today, is that the best pasta I can be eating on this lifestyle? 

I also eat granola and porridge (with almond milk), the granola has sugar added and the porridge sometimes does too, depending on what flavour I choose, any advice on this? Are these foods recommended or should I cut back? What's the deal with refined sugar- a no go or not as bad as people think?

Thank you to anyone who takes time out to give me some much needed guidance and advice! You have my utmost gratitude!


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Are you following the 80/10/10 guidelines eating this food? If so then if it's vegan it should be fine.

A great place to start is to go through all the literature which are provided below, and many more throughout this website. Use cronometer to make sure you are truly eating 80/10/10 and hitting all the nutrients to thrive.


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Thank you Bananamomma, your help is much appreciated! X

As the above says as long as it vegan your good to go. Focus on high carb staples fruits/ grains then allow room for well whatever you want. For instance i eat processed crisps, refined sugar, nut butters, bread and whatever junk food takes my fancy. as long as you don't overdo with these foods you will still feel great providing you get the whole foods in.

Thanks very much Buddah Dylan!

Almond butter is extremely high in fat, so it's not really advisable, but a tiny bit occasionally would be fine, but I'd avoid it if you have anything else fatty during the day.
Brown bread, as it's a bread, unless you're making it (which is extremely hard to do without salt) yourself, it'll be loaded with salt, just as most white breads, so it's not ideal, as table salt is literally toxic, but it's better than having too much fat in my opinion, especially if you're active and drink enough water & get enough potassium otherwise.

Pasta, it really depends, although most people find gluten-free (corn typically) pasta to digest the best (and feel the "lightest" on it), as well as many prefer it for taste. Personally I prefer it because I can eat more of it and it feels the lightest on me after eating a big meal of it. Plus it has lower proteins, and better amino ratios, which I prefer because I eat so many calories.

Added sugar is not ideal, as fruit-sugar would be better, however it's probably third best behind starches. Honestly I don't really worry about it as long as it's not on it's own. I'll pour coconut sugar in oatmeal or into cereal until I like how it tastes with no regard for how much I'm using.
The main problem with it is that it's "empty calories," but if you're eating unlimited calories and don't restrict based off it, you'll easily get your nutrients on top of it.

With all the above being said, as long as it's vegan and it makes you feel good, it's likely fine to do, just don't over-do it. If you don't like gluten free pasta, don't use it. If you want almond butter daily, do it, although I'd recommend keeping low-fat the rest of the day. If you want buckets of sugar, have buckets of sugar.
Personally I ate white bread till I just found it unappetizing with spaghetti, and I never craved, or even liked the taste of things with that, although I've never tried any of the nut-butters outside peanut, which I don't really like.

Thank you "Sweet Thing"! :D

Granola and bread would count as "cooked food" wouldn't it? I think bananagirl's concern with not having cooked foods until 4 is not because of anything against cooked foods, but because if you mix in the same "take" cooked with uncooked you might bloat a lot.

Fat can only make up to 10% of your total calories, so go easy on the nut butters.

And sugar is all in!

I came from a years long vegan/vegetarian/off the wagon cycle into this 10 days ago just, but it feels different to anything else I had ever tried, I feel properly nourished, sort of "high" on carbs!

I just started eating shit loads of fruit from breakfast til 4 PM, then a high carb dinner around 6:30 PM. You won't crave anything as long as you eat enough fruit.

Good luck!

Thank you Marie76! =)

This was really good advice...I will follow this advice as well, I am an " off the wagon" cycle gal myself and getting back on track looking to keep seeking advice to stay on track. This inspired me. Thank you.



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