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I'm just wandering what others think about alcohol and the social life. I used to like having a beer with friends and neighbors, nothing radical, just in a social way with neighbors of all different ages. We lived on the beach and the community was really beautiful, young and old all friends. But it was generally accepted that the Men would share a beer and the women a wine. By 10PM we would all be in bed so we were not into it for partying or drunkeness, just a social thing.

ATM I live remote in the wilderness so do not have the temptation, but I'm wandering what others feel about alcohol? Is it OK to have a few on the odd occasion considering the health impacts? Do others here follow LFRV and occasionally drink alcohol? Do some of you who follow this lifestyle eat totally healthy, but on occasion go out and party? I'm sure because our bodies are very clean and sensitive having too much would be very easy, and the hangovers insane. But as a social thing in Australia atleast, having a few with your mates is as common and accepted as a Frenchman riding his bike to the Hot bread shop in the morning. I know too in Spain where my sister lives alcohol is a common accompaniment to meals (albeit cooked meals) and nightly meetups, so do we avoid these gatherings, or do we bend with the bamboo, or stick with water and juice?

So be honest, share your truth, I'm sure it will help many of us realise many things about living so healthy amongst a society that is not so.

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I'm not quite agree with you here. People often drink to celebrate something. Wether we approve or not the way they do it. We can always join them and express our feelings in other way.  :D

I don't drink alcohol anymore. My body and mind just don't like it. It sometimes make people around me a little bit nervous but I just beam. No big deal. =) 

I definitely party but don't bring alcohol in the mix to do so. That's one of the many social norms I won't be a part of or conform to

No. That culture is too shallow, depressing, and synthetic for me.

I party the same as I used to :) 

I know this seams hipocritical, but just because society does it, doesn't mean that you can't live a bountiful, friend-filled life without it. i completely abstain from drugs an alcohol. I will occasionally go out to a dance club and stay out til 4 am. but that is the extent of it.

Yep I'm right with you Krislyn,

I cringe at the thought of going to noisy drunken drugged up night clubs, especially when I was younger, there was smoke in the air too.. I would only do it when I was really drunk and only enjoy it because I was, basically I would loose myself and become an idiot to enjoy myself and to blend into the madness.. The music alone was mind numbing chaos, always reminds me of the experiments of playing different music to plants. But yea there are so many other things I would rather be doing and being :) Good on you for choosing your healthy path in such an atmosphere :)

Drinking and smoking pot habitually is a lazy mans way to get high. 

the buzz of a group of people gathering together to laugh, play music,  to be present to each other and feel fully awake and alive in your very own body and feel your OWN life force is the greatest high you will ever have. a conscious surfer will know this feeling, a dancer, a singer , an super clean athlete will know too.    to feel ALIVE is the greatest high.  Ecstatic conscious dance in a body full of 100% raw is the BEST HIGH EVER..   besides making love and merging two super high natural bodies full of clean life force.

the wind on your face, the rush of riding a  wave, the dive off a cliff, the taste of sweet fruit, the touch of your lovers hand.  the adrenaline of pushing your edges, the rush of meeting a wild animal, the joy of a belly laugh.    Wahooooooooooooooo! 

All traditional culture sang and danced with their feet on the earth . potions were only used in ceremony with the elders guiding. habitual imbibing is dumb ass.

drinking is undulging in death. kills brain cells, period . the accepted norms for drinking in Australia are atrocious and testament to its convict origins.  there is nothing conscious about it.

and Alcohol is a distortion of previously healthful fermented drinks in all food cultures - alcholic content was increased as the industrial age kicked in and it was done purposely by the "System" to "ease the suffering of the poor" as the industrial age robbed people of life, liberty, connection to nature and their gardens and alcohol to numb them down enough  to be good little workers and get a bit of a high at the end of the working week. (Hence: TGI FRIDAY piss ups in Australia)

we lose too many young people who grow up knowing no different to this model created by adults and soooo many beautiful relationships and families are destroyed due to addiction.

Thanks Billa, yea there is so much to life beyond drinking, I think your looking at the extreme end of it here though which like eating too many mangoes as I found out once is just as bad. Ever had "Mango Boils"? Moderation I see is the key, even for those that do want to have a wine, and socializing with people who drink just a couple when we choose not to is much more enjoyable, conversations are flowing and easy, but if they get too drunk the convo gets draining and really highlights why drinking too much is for the brain dead.. Thanks for your thoughts :)

Right on Jacob, like you I still have many friends who eat meat or drink alcohol and yes "they're good people, and i wouldn't want to miss out on the fun we have just cause i don't drink or smoke anything". Sure we can turf these people out of our lives and get new ones as Billa suggests, but friends are friends and they hold beautiful spaces in our hearts that go far beyond our perceptions of right/wrong, dualistic thinking.

I said "find new friends" - means "Add" ..  no one has to be turfed out..  

you dont need to drink with each other to be friends. 

right on



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