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I'm just wandering what others think about alcohol and the social life. I used to like having a beer with friends and neighbors, nothing radical, just in a social way with neighbors of all different ages. We lived on the beach and the community was really beautiful, young and old all friends. But it was generally accepted that the Men would share a beer and the women a wine. By 10PM we would all be in bed so we were not into it for partying or drunkeness, just a social thing.

ATM I live remote in the wilderness so do not have the temptation, but I'm wandering what others feel about alcohol? Is it OK to have a few on the odd occasion considering the health impacts? Do others here follow LFRV and occasionally drink alcohol? Do some of you who follow this lifestyle eat totally healthy, but on occasion go out and party? I'm sure because our bodies are very clean and sensitive having too much would be very easy, and the hangovers insane. But as a social thing in Australia atleast, having a few with your mates is as common and accepted as a Frenchman riding his bike to the Hot bread shop in the morning. I know too in Spain where my sister lives alcohol is a common accompaniment to meals (albeit cooked meals) and nightly meetups, so do we avoid these gatherings, or do we bend with the bamboo, or stick with water and juice?

So be honest, share your truth, I'm sure it will help many of us realise many things about living so healthy amongst a society that is not so.

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Respectfully - Starbeings dont drink alcohol.

Sounds like what you really loved about that time was the connection with others and the feeling of belonging, familiarity, community. the very thing the industrial age pulled apart and introduced alcoholism to humanity.

The body memory retains association of good and bad feelings from our experiences over time - and our habits try to re-stimulate those feelings..  

might be time to open up to some new ways of being high and connecting with tribe that is more in alignement with health and star-being values..    to do that you have to brave and let go of the old and travel to new unknown shores..      find new friends..    new highs.. 

RaWsome Reply! Totally how I see it too now, there is so much freedom and expansion in being super fit, the creativity and high that is accessible blows the mind numbing effects of alcohol right out the door.. Too me much of society is just naturally and daily impoverished with routine and mediocrity, being super healthy allows me to float through, shine and share without feeling the low vibe... :) I ain't going to join dem!

i wont lie, i tried it after i became vegan and the feeling i got afterwards was so friggin crappy i couldnt believe it. I also thought "hey since im eating healthier, i can probably do this on occassion without having to deal with the bad" but for me it seemed to make it worse.  I think it is the sensitivity now that my body is eating more delicate foods.  but before i was vegan i never had hangovers ever.  so now when my friends go to drink i decline, because i will feel really bad afterwards.  this is your personal journey, so find out what is right for you.  Just remember, even if its wine, its still alcohol :/ beer is even worse. i dont want you to get a beer belly :(


I love your comment. i feel the same way and I love that Dr. Seuss Quote. It's the quote I've stolen and use it for my life.

You're amazing!



I have been a vegan now for almost 4 months and I abstain from it no alcohol no drugs. Life is too beautiful to wanna take away from that. This actor and comedian Jim CArey has a very good point even if you don't bealive in spirituality. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfWN5EW5eo4 I used to on ocassion because friends were doing it and didnt hold my ground and my tolerance was very low becasue I didnt do it that often. I never did well with the headaches etc the next morning and I don't like to dull the senses and I like to be in control of my actions. Thats something I had to reliaze  I was living a contridiction. I have been an avid runner and then I used to smoke cigs and worked out but drank and stayed up late many times, tryed to stay healthy by avoiding fast food but ate red meat etc and rice and wondering why I wasn't trimming up or feeling healthy. I say do what works for you but I found its not condusive to a true healthy lifestyle, It affects our organs, our minds & actions, and accelerates aging. I still at times might stay up late talking to family or friends or have no problem going out being social I just abstain from the alchol etc If people don't support u then my belif their not real friends.

That was a good video... Jim Carey seems alot deeper than I thought..

I though so too. He's alot more than just actor than we know.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrpRrhFk61c&feature=related.

I don't drink but I go out to the bars and parties with my friends all the time!!  They totally respect the fact that I don't drink and it's nice to hang out with them.  Granted I'm insane so no one notices I'm sober anyways :)

parties are surprisingly fun when everyone around you is drunk and you're sober…speaking from experience here. i know it sounds weird but i don't mind not drinking at parties. plus, it's a lot easier to dance at clubs etc when sober.
lfrv doesn't limit your social experiences, believe me:) 

This thread fills me with so much joy! Now I know I am not the only one who doesn't drink.

I haven't had any alcohol in over a year and coincidentally I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I do enjoy going out to dance and socialize, but I don't need to drink to enjoy it. Instead of relying on alcohol I can rely on my confidence.

I actually know quite a few 'High Functioning Alcoholics' ie people who go out and get absolutely bombed every weekend, rely on alcohol to have fun and still think that it's the 'cool' thing to do. However I've noticed the most mood swings and unhappiness in these people long term.  Come to think of it, they usually a very low energy /aura that surrounds them. Has anyone else noticed this?

I don't mind when people drink, but I do mind when people start asking too many questions about why you don't drink, or try to get you into the mindset of 'let's all get drunk together!' I really rebel against that the most, that everyone 'has' to do it to be cool.

Things that feel better than getting drunk: A very cold shower after a sauna/steam room, meditating after a bikrams yoga class, waking up from a restful sleep, the feeling when you have finished a great workout, finishing an organic fruit meal, being in nature when it's very warm and being with the people you love:)

Also not to mention that alcohol is a poison!!! At some point you have to realize it tastes horrible and it is very tough on our bodies. Do we want to have health problems when we are older or do we want to be healthy and vibrant?

Before I was r/v I had what I considered to be an impressive tolerance.  Now I can hold as much liquor as a 6 year old girl, so I don't try.

Hell to the no.

Sometimes I stay up and out with friends but I really don't like to stay up later than 7pm.

When I do I'll just have water or bottled juice. No biggie.



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